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The Bridal Package:
10+ hrs of dance lessons & 14 hrs of fun.


Preparing for that special dance? We have just the ensemble that will sweep you off your feet:

For $400 you'll get

  • 8 Private Lessons
    Where you'll get to learn to lead or follow the dance that fits your song, dance extensively to your song, plan your entrance and exit, and have fun with your sweetheart
  • 2 Dance Party admissions
    JAMs are the perfect place to practice, meet other dancers, and have fun!
  • Couple’s admission to our Friday Night Beginner Workshops
    Where you can review the basics of your dance and sample some of the other fun styles we teach

You can use your lessons to focus directly on your First Dance or learn a second style, just for kicks.

When should you start? That's really up to you. You can schedule your lessons as frequently as suits your schedule. Figure how many times a week (1 or 2 is typical) and how many lessons you would like, add a week to deal with surprises, and that's your time frame.

When should you call to schedule your lessons? The earlier the better! When we can, we are always happy to schedule last-minute lessons. But to ensure that you get a time and day that suits you, we appreciate 1-2 weeks notice. If you have a challenging schedule, more time may be appropriate.

You don't have to know what song you're dancing to before calling. It is helpful when you do know, but don't let it stop you from getting started if that decision hasn't happened. We can even help you with your choice, if you'd like, by showing you what styles go with a certain song or by evaluating how difficult a song might be to dance to.

Feel like you might want more lessons? You can always add more lessons, either individually or in packages of 2, 6, 12 or 18 (prices and details). We'll dance with you for as long as you want!

Does your Wedding Party need our help, too? Get them involved with group classes or workshops, a series of Semi-Private Lessons, or their own package of Private Lessons. We've got lots of options, lots of ways to help.

Have more Questions? Check out our First Dance FAQs Brochure or give us a call/drop us an e-mail: 540-382-8782 or We can't wait to hear from you!

Boring but necessary details about Private Lessons:

A lesson hour is 50 minutes of instruction, with a 10 minute buffer for break, review, and scheduling. They are held at our studio in Christiansburg, and can be scheduled, according to your schedule and the instructor's availability on weekdays and weekends, mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Maximizing the use of our facilities is one way we can keep prices down for you. Therefore, we appreciate any professional courtesy you can extend, and reserve the right to charge for any lesson canceled within 24 hours of the appointed time.


Pearl and Jonathon

Rex and Erin

Sarah and Hunter



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