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SmileArgentine Tango with
Tate & Karen

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
March 16-18, 2017

We are excited to be welcoming Karen Jaffe,, back to Sapphire! Once again, she is bringing her long-time partner and native of Buenos Aires, Tate Di Chiazza. Together they are offering a weekend full of workshops and social dancing designed to develop and build the skills you need to enjoy this wonderful social dance.

Reserve your spot today!

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Bullet Schedule
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Friday, March 16, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Path to Tango - Rock Step Variations

Join us on the journey to Argentine Tango. In "Path" Workshops, we look deeply at the fundamentals - walking, posture, embrace, connection, and musicality - in a relaxed, friendly environment, supportive to newcomers and with plenty of material to challenge more advanced dancers.

During tonight's workshop, Tate and Karen will focus on Rock Step Variations. Rock steps are a useful navigational tool, and fun!

Friday, March 16, 8:30-10:30 pm

Sapphire Ballroom is thrilled to be hosting a monthly Milonga on Friday, March 16. This month we will be enjoying the addition of Tate Di Chiazza and Karen Jaffe at our dance party! They will offer a short lesson on "Social Dance Codes and Etiquette" as well as DJ'ing the dance party, and (best of all) dancing with us.

As the excitement for Argentine Tango grows in this area, we want to give dancers a space to enjoy their dance in a social setting. If you are looking for an introduction to this dance, come out to the "Path to Tango" Workshop, taught by Tate and Karen at 7:00pm (details above).

If you know Argentine Tango, no matter how much, come out for an enjoyable evening of dancing and socializing with other dancers.

Saturday, March 17, 2:30 - 4:00pm
Next Steps in Tango - Turns

Refine and solidify your turning movements, including specific technique and footwork. Learn useful tools for navigating the social dance floor line of dance. Interesting, musical, circular or changes of directions….. never a dull moment! The half hour between workshops, the floor will be open for practice. 

Saturday, March 17, 4:30 - 6:00pm
Next Steps in Tango - Advanced Turns

This higher-level class will progress more deeply into turn vocabulary, using concepts like "Lag Time" and "Spiral Energy." We'll explore footwork and additional options for turning, as well as touching on sacadas, enrosques, etc, in close and open embrace.

There will be a half hour after Saturday workshops for practice.  Karen & Tate will be available to offer feedback and answer your questions about class material and other topics.

Private Lessons

Tate and Karen will be available for private lessons at several different times during the weekend. These sell out fast - talk to a Sapphire instructor to schedule yours now! Prices are listed below.


Sign up by Tuesday, March 13, to get these excellent prices!

Friday Milonga = $5/person

Workshops = $25/person/workshop or take advantage of one of these awesome deals:

- Come to the first two workshops for only $40/person.
- Come to all three workshops for only $50/person (the third workshop is advanced, prior experience is required)

Private lessons with Tate are $100 for 50min.
Private lessons with Karen are $85 for 50min.
If you would like to organize a group private lesson, contact us for pricing.

Sign up by calling 540-382-8782 or emailing with your name and contact information, and what you would like to attend.



Tate Di Chiazza and Karen JaffebulletTate & Karen's Biographies

Tate Di Chiazza

A native of Buenos Aires, Tate has studied under Susana Miller, Osvaldo Zotto, Bariel Angio and Natialia Games, Fabian Salas, Luis Solanas and more. He was an Assistant Choreographer and dancer (in multiple roles) for “Tanguera,” the international touring production, during 2001-2005. He continues to travel the world to teach.

When home, he offers group and private lessons in Buenos Aires, and weekly classes at the famous club, “La Viruta”. Tate also organizes, hosts, and DJs a weekly group class and practica “Garufa” in the popular Palermo neighborhood. You can find pictures and videos at You’ll need to bring your Spanish dictionary, but it's worth it.

Karen Jaffe

Karen began dancing Argentine Tango in 1997 after an extensive history of theatre, gymnastics, and an eclectic mix of dance disciplines. She quickly realized that her love of this dance required a more intense commitment to learning. As a result of working with many very skilled and inspirational teachers over the years, she now greatly values a dance in which the partners coexist in its creation, where the follower's role prioritizes the connection with the leader, but also is active and expresses individual personality and musicality. Being a leader as well as a follower has given Karen a unique and valuable perspective.

Her reputation in both the SE region and wider Argentine Tango community is that of a skilled and engaging partner with well refined technique. Always seeking further education and refinement in the dance, Karen travels annually or more to Buenos Aires, where she works with a variety of skilled practice partners, continuing to study with world renowned teachers.

She enjoys working with a variety of partners, striving to bring new ideas and creativity to the dance itself, as well as to teach in a way that makes the dance accessible and enjoyable to all who are interested. As the owner of Tangogypsies, Karen is committed to share her passion for the social dance. Since 2005, she teaches group and private classes, hosts & DJs social dances, offers private lessons, intensive courses for further study, as well as various performances at home in Asheville, NC and beyond!


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