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spacerSam & Denise Miller

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
May 2, 3, & 4, 2014

Always fun, and soooo informative, we are thrilled to welcome them back to Sapphire. Don't miss your chance to learn from these wonderful dancers!
Don't wait - Register today!

Weekend Schedule

Workshop space is limited to 16 leaders and 16 followers.
Please reserve your spaces by Wednesday, April 30, 2014.


5:00 pm &
6:00 pm

Private Lessons

Limited availability - reserve your time today!

7:00 -
8:30 pm

Better Than a Movie:
Cha Cha and Night Club 2-Step

Excellent for ambitious beginners or for experienced dancers to get some review and soak in the details of their championship style of lead and follow. Prior experience with partner dancing recommended.


10:00 am,
11:00 am,
12:00 pm

Private Lessons

Limited availability - reserve your time today!

2:00 -
3:00 pm

Country Two-Step

Get your mind and feet in gear for some spinning, whirling, traveling, Two-Stepping action. This whirlwind workshop is geared toward all two-step fans with solid Level 1 knowledge all the way up through advanced dancers.


3:15 -
4:15 pm

Night Club 2-Step

Sweep and swirl around the dance floor in this smooth flying workshop geared toward all Night Club 2 fans with solid Level 2 knowledge all the way up through advanced dancers.

4:30 &
5:30 pm

Private Lessons

Limited availability - reserve your time today!

7:30 pm

Miller Mania Dance Party *

- With Sam Miller as our Special Guest DJ! Open to everyone ready to dance the night away, both workshopper and not. We'll start the evening with a fun and easy Line Dance (maybe Circle Dance) lesson by Debbi, then starting at 8:30, dance the night away to tunes specially chosen for us by Sam Miller. We know he's a great dancer - do you think he's as great a DJ? I expect so.

Bonus - If you register and pay for 4 weekend workshops, your admission to the dance is free!



10:00 am,
11:00 am,
12:00 pm

Private Lessons

Limited availability - reserve your time today!

2:00 -
3:00 pm


Let your Latin side take over and learn new ways to strut your stuff in this workshop. Excellent for dancers familiar with the Salsa figures in our Level 1 Salsa class as well as Salsa stars.

3:15 -
4:15 pm

West Coast Swing

Swing into a sassy new world with this power-packed workshop, excellent for dancers familiar with the figures in our Level 2 WCS class, all the way up through West Coast "Masters." (Level 2 includes several 6 and 8 count patterns - contact us if unsure of your level.)



Early Registration

Better Than a Movie (Friday) $20/single
1-Hour Workshops (Saturday and Sunday) $15/person $20/person
Private Lessons $80/person or couple N/A
Semi-Private Lessons $20-$25
(Varies by attendance)
Dance Party Admission $12/General & $6/FT Students

The Big Deal!

Register for 4 of the 5 workshops and get free admission* to the Dance Party Saturday night (up to a $12 value).
*Dance Party admission is $6/full-time students & $12/general, and is open to everyone: workshop attendees and general public alike.

Save extra money by preregistering!

Space is limited to 16 leaders and 16 followers.
Please register by Wednesday, April 30, 2014, to receive Early Registration pricing.
Registration available at the door only while space is available

Don't wait - Register today!  


- Semi-Private lessons

We are planning to host 2 Semi-Private, Intermediate to Advanced workshops: Waltz and Argentine Tango. Contact us for details on skill level, pricing, schedule, and availability.

If you would like to organize your own semi-private, go for it! Semi-private lessons let you share the cost (and fun!) with friends while still focusing on exactly what you want to learn. Groups of 3 dancers on up are welcome; pricing determined by participation.

- Private lessons

Sam and Denise are available for private lessons on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Slots are filled on a first-come, first-choice basis - so don't wait to reserve your spot.

The Millers, awesome at every dance they do, would be especially good to work with in the following styles: West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Hustle, Cha Cha, Waltz, Polka, Night Club Two-Step, Country Two-Step, Salsa, Argentine Tango, and more. Or, rather than limiting yourself to one style, work on general movement, turn techniques, lead and follow connection, or (my favorite) posture.

Singles, couples, or small groups of students with similar interests and dance levels are all welcome. While we'd be happy to make suggestions for small groups, we do ask that you organize/coordinate your own partners and groups.

The cost is $80 for a full hour private lesson, made payable to Sapphire Ballroom & Dance Center. Cost of semi-privates is determined by participation.

Please contact Sapphire as soon as possible if interested: or 540-382-8782.

About the Millers' "Mechanics" of Dance

Sam and Denise split their dancing into a few levels, the first, and most important, of which is called "Mechanics." Anyone who has taken lessons with them in past has heard of their revolutionary “Language of Dance” (i.e. dance in place, walk forward, walk back) and gravity connection. No doubt, with practice, you will experience the ease that these techniques add to your dancing.

If you have not heard these concepts at all, we strongly recommend you take the Friday evening “Better-Than-A-Movie” workshop before embarking on the 1-hour workshops given on Saturday or Sunday.

The workshops planned for Saturday and Sunday all address Mechanics concepts and are designed to help you achieve results that follow natural movement and the laws of physics. The wealth of concepts, techniques, and types of patterns at this level include the following:

  • Language (dance in place, walk forward, walk back)
  • Posture, frame, and leading through posture and core movement
  • Rhythm and leading patterns with alternate timing
  • Connection and embrace, dealing with patterns that require more several changes or alter the basic flow of the dance
  • Positioning, focusing on some patterns that require precise, detailed positioning
  • Spacing (personal vs. intimate) and moving in & out of closer body connection or embrace
  • Leading and following direction, distance, and head positions
  • Turning, foot placement, timing weight changes, spotting and head position, open arm versus closed arm, and meeting the lead
  • Leading turns, timing, 4 energy points, turn position with hands, and more
  • Footwork, foot articulation, and other concepts related to the characterization of the dance
  • Vertical preps, linear preps, and contra body preps

Our goal is to rotate through these concepts, adding some new ideas and having some overlap and review with each visit from Sam & Denise. Varying material each time will allow you to apply the familiar concepts in a new context, in addition to mastering each workshops' highlighted concepts.

We hope that you'll come back over and over again: there's always more to learn and room to get better and better.


540-382-8782 -