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Sapphires & Diamonds

Sapphires & Diamonds

Showcase ~ 3:30 pm
- Performances by your friends and Fellow students, Mini-Lessons, and other entertainments

Dance Party ~ 7:30 pm
- 1/2 Hour Beginner Lesson, Social Dancing (at 8:00pm), People's Choice Performance, and Awards

$18 General /$8 Full Time Student
Showcase Spectator and Dance Party

$15 General /$5 Full Time Student
Just Showcase

$15 General /$5 Full Time Student
Just Dance

Tickets on sale starting July 11.
Showcase seating is limited - early purchasing is recommended.

A Showcase is the partner-dance world's version of a recital, and so much more.

For the performers, it’s a chance to polish their dancing, stretch their abilities, and get the rush of dancing in front of an enthusiastic crowd. For their fellow dance students, it's a chance to support the love of dance, get inspired, and be entertained by their friends.  For non-dancers, it's a great chance to see what partner dancing is all about, cheer on friends or family, learn a little, and see an exciting show.

For Sapphire Ballroom, it's our chance to celebrate 10 years of being part to the New River Valley Dance Community. That's 10 years of dance parties and dance lessons, shy first-time students and saucy long-time students, costumes, performances, laughs, groans, and most of all fun!

10 years also brought babies, graduations, new jobs, and unfortunately a few injuries and illnesses - all of which took students and teachers away from the dance floor for periods (long and short) or for good. We are always sad to say good-bye, maybe that's why we value those of you who keep coming back so very much.

Are you a member of the Sapphire family? What's your first memory of Sapphire? Linda teaching at a dance party? Debbi learning how to Samba? Lane back before she was better than the rest of us at West Coast? How about Dennis - he was here before Sapphire had a home on Main Street. Or maybe Liz coming over to chat at a dance party. Comment on our facebook page - let us know what your first memory of Sapphire is and we might use your contribution in the Sapphires & Diamonds Showcase Program.



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