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Keep your dancing fresh and your skills growing!
Upper Level Mondays:
Workshops & Classes

Upper Level Mondays These workshops and classes are designed to give intermediate and advanced dancers a refresshing blast of information about one particular dance style.

Prerequisites range in difficulty from accomplished beginner to dancers with many years experience. Ask the teacher if unsure of suitability.

Advance Registration requested when possible.

All Upper Level Workshops and Classes are held at the Sapphire Studio at 30 West Main Street in Christiansburg.


        4-Weeks of Viennese Waltz: Favorite Moves
Join us for 4-weeks on this twirly, wonderful dance style. We will spend some time on refining foundations, but will really focus on our favorite moves in all their glittery glory, and the practicalities of fitting them to the dance floor.
Prerequisite: Comfortable with Left and Right Turns, and Half-and-Half combinations.
Mondays, 11/26, 7:00pm, Registration Details
        East Coast Swing
Prerequisite: Level 2 EC Swing
Monday, 12/10, 8:00pm, Registration Details

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