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Please call us at 540-382-8782 with any questions. 

No partner necessary. Please check the Registration Information page for registration details. Group classes are offered in sessions of 4 lesson hours.  Most classes meet for 1 hour per week.

Prerequisite classes can be replaced by private lessons. Contact us for details or to schedule your private lessons: 540-382-8782,




Get down and boogie - Disco Fever is still raging and there's nothing like Hustle to get you groovin' and movin'. 4-Count Hustle is done to fast music and danced with a steady, driving rhythm. 3-Count Hustle speeds the steps up for slower music and adds some excitement and syncopation to the rhythm. These classes/workshops will cover both styles as well as the turns, turns, and more turns which made the Disco Inferno Hot! (4-week Classes focus more on 4-Count, while workshops address both styles equally.).
Looking for more swingin' styles? Give East Coast Swing or Single Time Swing a spin!


Upper Level Workshop


What’s Next in Hustle (Kind of Level 2)
Hustle, that simple, fun swing style that goes to soooo much modern music, has hidden depths. Join this class to learn more about what Huslte can be, including the benefits of "sports car precision" and an intro to 3-count timing. Taught at Sapphire Studio in Christiansburg.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Hustle. Prerequisite: Varies - See description.

            Monday, 2/17 - 3/16, 7:00pm, Registration Details, Note: No class on March 9

Single Time Swing


Fast and fun for new dancers! Jive and jitterbug to big band swings with this hip, happy dance filled with exciting twists and turns sure to get your toes tapping.
Looking for more swingin' styles? Give East Coast Swing or Hustle a spin!
We offer Levels 1-4 East Coast in group classes and in workshops, but private lessons can continue even further. Don't see the level you're looking for? Check out the Class-By-Request listings.


Upper Level Workshop


Single Time Swing What’s Next Workshop: Sure Got Rhythms
Get ready to jive and wail with some excellent timing variations.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Single-Time Swing Prerequisite: Varies - see below

            Monday, 2/24, 8:00pm, Registration Details

See a list of all the classes currently being offered.


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