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Sapphire Ballroom and Dance Center
Blacksburg Community Center

Sapphire Ballroom & Dance Center

View Classes Offered at this location. Directions.

4-Week Group Classes:    $42/person (4-week class)

Wedding Series and Sweetheart Classes: $72/couple (4-week class)

Beyond the Routine: $115/person (8-week class, plus 1 private lesson)

            Single Workshop: $9/person or $15/couple
            6-Workshop Pack: $45/person or $82/couple

Intermediate & Advanced Workshops: $14/person or
            $42/person for 4 workshops

Registration Options:

1) Submit your Group Class registration on-line here.
     Submit Workshop registration here.

2) Call us at 540-382-8782 and leave your name, partner's name (if applicable), parent's name (if under 18), e-mail, phone number, and which class/workshop you're interested in.

Fees will be due at the first class: cash or check payable to Sapphire Ballroom.

Blacksburg Community Center

View Classes Offered at this location.   Directions.

Fees* (all classes are four-week sessions, meeting 1-hour per week):
$36/person due at first class by cash or check payable to Sapphire Ballroom, plus registration fee (in advance) to town: $8/resident or $12/non-resident

*updated 9/19/2018

Registration Options:

1. On-line Registration: visit the Blacksburg Parks and Recreation Website to register on-line. Every family has to have a user name and passcode before using this feature.

2. "Mail-in" Registration: the perfect method for those who decide early which class to take (i.e. before the town officially begins registration), or those coming from out of town. Download appropriate forms from the town's website:

3. "Walk-In" Registration: great for locals and those wanting to pay with cash. Check and Credit Card also accepted. Each program season (i.e. Winter/Spring, Summer, Fall) has its own "opening day" of registration, and is advertised in "The Recreator" and the Parks and Recreation website.
The Parks and Recreation Main Office is Open during normal business hours, Mon-Fri. See the following link for Community Center hours:

4. "Call-In" or "Fax-In" Registration: great for those can't get away from the office during the week and want to pay the registration fee with credit card. Call 961-1149 or fax the registration forms to 540-951-8313.


540-382-8782 -