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Inclement Weather Cancellation Policies for Group Classes and Workshops

snow catIn case of inclement weather or other unforseen situation, classes will be cancelled no later then 4:00pm on the day of the class. To find out if your class has been cancelled, first check Sapphire's Facebook page and our Web page. Additionally, cancellations may be noted on our voicemail message or sent out by email.

Even if your classes are canceled on their regular night, don't worry. We want you to get all the lessons you signed up for, and will schedule a make-up time that works best for the class members. Please feel free to call us with questions or concerns at 540-382-8782 or 540-808-7960 (c).

In most cases, school closings are not the determining factor. We welcome you to notify us of road conditions in your area, which can help us make the best decision.

In the case of other unforeseen (and rare) circumstances that merit cancellation, please be sure your instructor is aware of the best way to contact you.

Cancellation for Private Lessons

Cancellation for Private Lessons is generally based on agreement between Student and Instructor. We encourage you to make contact early when you think weather might be a concern, if only to start the conversation. Emailing or contacting your instructor directly is usally the best way to discuss bad weather situations, but feel free to call Sapphire Ballroom at 540-382-8782 or 540-808-7960 (c) if we can assist. Keep in mind that if conditions are bad, we may not be able to make it into the studio to answer phone calls either.

Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice for non-weather related reasons may result in the student being charged for that lesson. Repetitive cancellation for any reason may also result in charges.


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