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Sapphire Dance News - JULY 2013

Jumpin' Jeepers, it's July!

As the Summer heats up, so is the dancing at Sapphire.  Check below to find all your upcoming dance opportunities and read the story of one of our newly devoted students.

- Group Classes in B'burg
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- Summer Sizzle Dance Party
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- Salsa "Crazy Cool Cross Body Leads"
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- ULWs: Waltz & Hustle
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- Out on the Town:  Blacksburg Country Club & Mountain Lake Lodge
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- “Taking That First Timid Step” by Brian, a Sapphire student
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Group Classes in Blacksburg

Another fun-packed set of group classes are scheduled to take off Tuesday & Wednesday, July 9 & 10, at the Blacksburg Community Center. Latin, Swing, Ballroom.....we've got it all! Find the full line-up for July and August at

We have two new, hot off the press, classes to add to already fabulous line-up. Our Tuesday "Class-by-Request" slot, 6:15p starting July 9, is a Level 2 Argentine Tango. If you have a little experience come join us to go a little deeper into this dynamic dance style.

Also, by request, we are adding an 8pm class on Wednesdays, starting July 10: Level 3 Lindy Hop! If you have questions about these or any other classes, give us a call at 540-382-8782 or email

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Summer Sizzle Dance Party

Literally the hottest Dance Party of the year, our Summer Sizzle, is Saturday, July 13. As the sun goes down, we’ll be heating up the dance floor with hot latin rhythms mixed with summertime favorites. We’re going to start the night off with a smokin’ Bachata lesson from 7:30-8:30pm and follow it with as much fiery fun as possible without calling the Fire Department. To add to the fun, we're hoping that some of the students from our recent Awesome Angles Bachata class will be there to treat you to a performance! Be sure to grab them to try out this fun Latin dance style. : )

For a complete list of upcoming dances and events, go to

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Salsa "Crazy Cool Cross Body Leads"

We were sad to see Debbi's Bachata class end (we had 18 people, how awesome is that!) but are excited to welcome in the next in our Summer Latin Series: Salsa "Crazy Cool Cross Body Leads" with Lane. Come get crazy with us as we learn some cool variations to one of the most essential moves to Salsa, the Cross Body Lead. You won't believe the amount of potential this move has! If you have had Level 1 or equivalent experience, join us starting Monday, July 8, at 8pm for 4 weeks,

And don’t miss our Summer Latin Series grand finale in August: Merengue Smokin’ Circle Patterns.

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ULWs: Waltz & Hustle

Whether you gracefully Waltz your way here or Hustle on want to be here on Monday nights for our Upper Level Workshops. We are featuring the contrasting styles of the smooth Waltz and the rhythmic Hustle. The Waltz will start at a low, approachable level, while Hustle will be looking at 3-Count. Check out the full line up and details at

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Out on the Town: Blacksburg Country Club & Mountain Lake Lodge

We love getting invited to be a part of events and parties all over the NRV! We are sending Debbi and Liz to the Blacksburg Country Club this month to teach some Swing for a 20's themed party they are hosting.

Also, the rest of our team will be headed up to the recently renovated Mountain Lake Lodge for the first Dirty Dancing Weekend of the summer. They’re going to have "the time of [their] lives"!

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“Taking That First Timid Step” by Brian, a Sapphire student

In February of 2012, I decided to face a social fear of mine – dancing. I had taken some swing dance lessons during undergrad and ballroom lessons in grad school, but I simply could not understand how people were able to move to a rhythm, let alone look good doing it. I liked the idea of dancing, but honestly, was simply ashamed of my inability to hear the beat let alone move to it.

As a way to challenge myself to be a better person, I wanted to face my fear head on.
I was referred to Sapphire Ballroom and decided on a new-dancer package of four private lessons. I planned on doing these lessons, then maybe taking another at some point in the future – I had no intentions of continuing to dance. I figured I’d give it a shot, then when I failed (as I expected), I could say that at least I had tried.

The first time I walked through the door I was terrified. I had no idea what to expect, but Lane met me with a warm greeting and a smile. I told her that I had no idea what I was doing or how to hear the beat let alone count music. She had me counting music within 15 minutes!

After finishing up the four private lessons, I felt better, but still hesitant to attend any kind of group lesson (or even worse: the dreaded social dance). I eventually faced that fear, too. And now, a year and a half later, I look forward to my group classes, and I love going out to social dances! I’ve met several people, who are some of my best friends, through dance and I wouldn’t have had any other reason to talk to them before!

Great new friends, a fun hobby, and a social life – who could have thought that taking that first timid step into the doors of Sapphire Ballroom would have had such a profound impact on my life?


Do you want to share your story with Sapphire’s on-line community? Let us know! Just e-mail us at and you might get featured in our next E-Newsletter.

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