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Sapphire Dance News - March 2015

The weather in March may be unpredictable, but the warm feelings that dancing brings is always a sure thing. As usual, we have fun classes, dances, events and dancing tidbits to keep you going this month. And if you are dreaming of summer time (and we totally understand), you can look forward to a summer special we are cooking up: $10 off all group classes for any full time student! But don’t wait until then to get the dancing started!



Silver Screen Soiree Dance Party: This Saturday! - read more
Country Two-Step: Steppin’ Strong - read more
Monday Night Workshops: Hustle and Tango - read more
Sapphire On The Town - read more
Expert tips for surviving intense dance weekends! - read more


Calendar GraphicDates to remember:

Saturday, March 14 - Silver Screen Soiree Dance Party
Monday, March 16 - Country Two-Step: Steppin’ Strong begins
Tuesday and Wednesday, April 7 & 8 - Last Spring Session in Blacksburg begins
Saturday, April 11 - Fire & Ice Dance Party
Friday-Sunday, April 24-26 - Sam and Denise Miller visit for a weekend of Workshops, Lessons, and Dancing
Wednesday, May 20 - Summer Sampler: Free Intro Lesson
Saturday, May 30 - Sapphire Dance Center’s Spring Recital

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1 - Silver Screen Soiree Dance Party: This Saturday!

Red CarpetJust coming away from all the hype around the Academy awards, it’s a perfect time for our Silver Screen Soiree. Join us for an “award winning” good time on this Saturday, March 14, starting at 7:30 with a “show stopping” American Tango lesson by Lane.

After getting to walk down the red carpet (without the paparazzi), you can look forward to dancing to music from the stage and screen all night long (“I could have danced all, and still have begged for more…”) - there are so many great songs for dancing!

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2 - Country Two-Step: Steppin’ Strong

Yeehaw! Lane is going to be teaching a 4-week Country Two-Step class on Monday nights starting March 16.

Country Two-Step is not just for the Country music lovers - it’s for anyone who loves to travel and spin to light-hearted music!

This class will give you interesting ways to maneuver around your partner as you glide down the floor and give you the control you need to go from one turn to another with ease. Previous Level 2 experience is recommended to get the most out of this class. As with all our Country classes, boots and hats are NOT required, but permitted if you must. : )

Find more information on the Group Class page at

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3 - Monday Night Workshops: Hustle and Tango

Upper Level MondaysMarch 9th is the start of Spring Break so we will be breaking as well. After that we will continue with some more Argentine Tango and Hustle fun.

The next Argentine Tango workshop, March 16, 8pm, is focusing on Giros, which are partner turns. You will learn ways to make magnificent amounts of rotation with your partner as you weave your way down the line of dance.

The next Hustle workshop, March 23, 8pm, is all about push turns. This unique turning style will take your hustle to the next level, pushing right past Groovy all the way to “Far Out.” Even if you are familiar with push turns, there are always radical new ways to use them! And if you haven’t heard of them, well, then it is about time.

Check the whole schedule on-line at and sign up today!

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4 - Sapphire On The Town

Mt Lake LodgeDance is spreading!

We are teaming up with the June Bug Center to offer classes in Floyd County. The first set of classes started March 6 and are focusing on Waltz. These folks are a lively, dedicated group, intent on bringing us out for more lessons after this session finishes up on March 27. Please let us know if you’re interested and what you would like to see next. You can also contact Stacy at the June Bug Center, with thoughts and requests.

We are still heading out to Giles County on the second Friday of the Month. Expect to see us March 13th at Dance Motion in downtown Pearisburg. Our numbers have been small, but it is a determined bunch! We would love to create enough momentum out there to keep coming back. Spread the word to all your Giles friends!

The movie Dirty Dancing lives on! We are back up at Mountain Lake Lodge this year for MORE dancing weekends celebrating the movie, dancing and being at a beautiful mountain getaway!

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5 - Expert tips for surviving intense dance weekends

Have you ever gone to a dance weekend that offers workshops galore, social dancing, and private lessons? With MadJam this month and the Millers coming up in April, we have those jam packed, learning experiences on the brain. If you haven’t tried something like this before, you should. BUT, you should go in knowing what to expect and how to survive! These weekends will inspire you to better dancing, get you connected with other dancers, and fill up your “dancing gas tank”, but they can also be overwhelming if you are not careful. Once you know what you are in for you can relax and have fun.

WaterBring supplies.
You don’t want to be distracted from your learning by the lack of necessities.
Most venues have water, but it’s handy to have a water bottle so you can easily stay hydrated.
Protein-heavy snacks nuts help keep your energy up, even after you've been going for hours.
Bring a notebook. Even if you are not a notetaker, you may want to write down contact information or websites to check out.
A change of shoes is a must! When you are on your feet for hours, a fresh pair of shoes can provide welcome relief.
You may want an extra shirt if you “glow” after dancing for a couple of hours.
Having gum or mints on hand is nice and considerate. : )


PlanPlan to do as much as you can.
You won’t remember everything. Maybe not even half of everything. But when you have the opportunity to take classes from top instructors or opportunities to social dance with a variety of dancers, you want to try to get as much exposure as you can. Sure, you may need an extra day of recovery when it is all said and done, but you don’t want to come away regretting that you missed an opportunity!


Private LEssonTake private lessons.
This could be included in the previous tip, but bears repeating. Private lessons are invaluable for taking your dancing to the next level. Even if you are dedicated student at your local studio, having that same experience with another professional can shed light on new areas in your dancing.

No one person has the key to improving your dance! Unless you frequent big cities your opportunities to work with different people may be slim, so don’t pass on the chance to to really polish those skills. This is also a great place to take your questions from the workshops or what's happening on the social floor.

If the idea of private lessons makes you uncomfortable, enlist a friend to take the lesson with you, sharing the cost and providing friendly support at the same time.

Schedule private lessons in advance if you can, otherwise they will likely be booked or only have odd time slots left.


connectingMake a point to connect with others.
If you are an introvert, you may have to work on this one, but try to meet other dancers. Even if you came with a group, there are so many benefits to fanning out and getting to know other people. This is a social activity, right?

Talking to other people, you may find they picked up something in the class you didn’t or struggled just as hard - in the vary same spot. They may have advice on where to get a good cup of coffee, or directions to the bathroom. It’s also nice to see familiar faces on the social floor.


AskingBe ready to ask people to dance.
In a sea of people you don’t know, it can be intimidating. And if you do it often enough you will likely get turned down a time or two, but that is the only sure way to get out there! Once you actually make out on the dance floor, the likelihood of getting asked to dance yourself increases drastically. But don’t sit around waiting!

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