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Sapphire Dance News - July 2016

It is officially summer! Isn't it funny how by the time it's officially summer, summer feels like it's halfway done? Make the most of your summertime by adding some dancing to it. You can dance some Carolina Shag during your beach trip, do a little Swing at your neighbor's BBQ, or glide around the dance floor with Ballroom style on your cruise. Do you have a bored teenager at home? Send them to one of our Teen Dance Camps. Whatever you do, don’t let the summer heat keep you down: get out and go dancing!

  1. July Group Classes in Blacksburg: Ca Shag, Bachata, and more... - read more

  2. American Made Dance Party, Saturday, July 9 - read more

  3. Silver Waltz begins Monday, July 11 - read more

  4. Upper Level Workshops for July: we're getting down with Swing and Latin! - read more

  5. July Teen Dance Camp, plus August Workshops - read more


Calendar GraphicDates to remember:

Summer doesn't mean "time to let your dancing go" - there's always lots going on!

Tuesday & Wednesday, July 5 & 6 - Group Classes begin in Blacksburg
Saturday, July 9 - American Made Dance Party with Country Two Step Lesson
Monday, July 11 - Silver Waltz begins
Monday-Friday, July 25-29 - Summer Dance Camp for Teens
Tuesday & Wednesday, August 9 & 10 - Group Classes begin in Blacksburg
Saturday, August 13 - Night Groove Dance Party with Night Club 2-Step Lesson
Friday, Sept 2 - CTAM Friday Night Beginner Workshop CANCELED for Labor Day
Tuesday, Sept 6 - Fall Sampler: Free Intro Lesson
Saturday, Sept 10- Vinyl Vibe Dance Party with Hustle Lesson
Friday, Sept 16 - CTAM Friday Night Beginner Workshop CANCELED for Special Event

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1 - July Group Classes in Blacksburg: Ca Shag, Bachata, and more...

SwingGroup classes in Blacksburg are awesome. You get to learn, for a really reasonable price, in a group with other people learning same things. I love the feeling of “we’re doing this together” that comes with group classes. Sharing the jokes, the questions, and (sometimes) the frustrations of learning something new makes the whole experience richer and, sometimes, easier to process.

This month’s group classes are starting up right after Independence Day, so don’t get too sunburnt outside at your BBQs. Save some of your energy for trying something new and super fun this week!

TangoBachata is our Latin representative, with it’s sultry music and saucy spins. The Swing style this month is Carolina Shag. Why you ask? It’s the summer-time favorite, that's why. For Ballroom, you have Waltz and American Tango to choose from: smooth and elegant versus powerful and dramatic. All the options are fun - so choose the one that sounds the best to you.

Wondering what the Class-By-Request will be? Level 2 West Coast Swing, perfect for anyone with previous West Coast experience, ready to level up.

More details available at

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2 - American Made Dance Party, Saturday, July 9

American Peace FlagIn honor of Independence Day, and out of pride for our country, we have made our July Dance Party an “American Made” party. : ) One of the most “American” feeling dances we can think of is the Country 2 Step….and the speed and spinning will surely create fireworks! Dig out your best red, white, and blues, and come celebrate with us.

Check out some of our favorite Two Steppers from back in their competitive days: We do NOT promise to make you look like that, but we do promise you will have fun.

For more information about all of Sapphire’s Special Events and Dance Parties, visit

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3 - Silver Waltz begins Monday, July 11, 8pm

This is not the first time, and it won't be the last time Silver Waltz has starred in Sapphire’s Upper Level Monday schedule. Why? You guys love this stuff! And we do too! In fact, we can’t wait to dive into this classic dance again. Whether you have attended every single Silver Waltz in the past, or you’re just reaching the level where trying silver makes sense, you should join in!

Folks new to Silver will learn foundations and technique as well as a few new patterns. Folks familiar with Silver will learn cool new patterns, lots of technique, and polish their foundations. Hmm - I see a trend there… Either way, if you’ve got Level 4 or more Slow Waltz experience and want to add more shine to your dancing, come out on Mondays in July.

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4 - Upper Level Workshops for July: we're getting down with Swing and Latin!

ULMondaysJuly is a month to celebrate, but after the fireworks, the backyard BBQs, and summer fairs are done, where can you keep the excitement of summer going, and combine it with a nice dose of air conditioning? Upper Level Mondays, of course.
While the 8:00 time slot will be filled by the graceful Silver Waltzers, the 7:00pm time will be partying hard with Swings, Latin, and a bit of Country.

Starting Monday, July 11, East Coast Swing will busta move with Awesome Angles.

Moving on to the next Monday, July 18, Hustle is all about Artful Arms and Sweeping Spins.

Then, on July 25, come out for the debut occurrence of the Dancers’ Choice workshop. The workshops from June duked it out to see which one was the most popular. The one with the highest attendance won an encore workshop, with more awesome information and patterns to help cement your affection. So, who performed the best - Rumba, Fox Trot, Salsa, or Waltz? You got to decide, and your choice was Rumba! (You know, the same thing is gonna happen next month - I can’t wait to see who wins...)

Finally - there’s Country Two-Step sliding in the back door for a little country-style party. Wait...what? Country Two-Step is in August? Oh, well, I guess we can mention it here anyway, just to give you a little heads-up.

Want to know more about the August Schedule? Look for a Blue Rackcard at the studio with all the details about July and August - it’s on the way - or check on-line over the next week or two at

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5 - July Teen Dance Camp, plus August Workshops

Junior Ballroom @ SapphireThe second week of Sapphire Ballroom’s Teen Dance Camp has just wrapped up and it has been a blast! The dancers learned some new things about closed position in Single Time Swing, how to travel and rotate in Slow Waltz, and some sharp moves in American Tango. They got to meet some new friends and learn a few new names. As the week came to an end, we were all looking forward to the next time.

Monday-Friday, July 25-29, Lane will be at Blacksburg Community Center, ready to teach your children the joys of social dance. Have thoughts about which dance styles should be a part of the last week of camp this year? Send them our way.

Want more opportunities for your youth to learn and dance with friends? Well… by request, Friday afternoon classes are starting back up in August. Sort of. The Fall Session of Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire will actually start in September, but if you don’t want to wait that long, we have a treat for you. Every Friday of August, 5-6 pm, will be an independent workshop featuring an awesome dance style that you get to help choose. Because each workshop is independent, you can come to 1, 2, 3, or all 4 without worrying about being behind the class. Each workshop will be $12, or if you sign up for all 4, $36 for the bunch.

Both the camp and the August workshops are geared toward teens and almost teens, to give them a comfortable place to learn along with their peers. Let’s get the next generation dancing!

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