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Sapphire Dance News - JUNE 2013
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Do you know about our “Super 7s, Awesome 8s” deal?  It happens when the stars align to allow us to have a Dance JAM on the 7th of the month and a Dance Party on 8th.  Two awesome social dances, two nights in a row! If you join us on the 7th for the JAM, you get entered into a drawing to win a prize at the Party on the 8th.  The catch is you have to be at the Party on the 8th.  Pretty cool - get rewarded for having fun two nights in a row!

Check out more details about our Ballroom Dance JAM on the 7th of June and our Vinyl Vibe Dance Party on the 8th below or at

We have some cool stuff for the start of summer, so keep reading for more information:

  1. Group Classes - in Blacksburg, in Christiansburg, and a new class added: Lindy Hop!
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  2. Dance JAMs and the Vinyl Vibe Dance Party - June is groovy, Man.
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  3. Upper Level Workshops - Country 2 Step and Hustle
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  4. If you are looking for Salsa, look no further!
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  5. Share your wedding dance photos, win a prize!
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Group Classes - in Blacksburg, in Christiansburg, and a new class added: Lindy Hop!

Blacksburg Summer Group classes are being kicked off Tuesday and Wednesday, June 4 and 5, at the Blacksburg Community Center.  What an exciting line-up we have for you!  There are Beginner friendly Ballroom, Latin and Swing styles in each session (June, July, & August) allowing you to pick a theme and get the benefits of sticking with one group of dances throughout the summer.  For example, try a Ballroom focus by taking Waltz, Tango, and Fox Trot.  Or, if you want, mix and match to your heart’s desire and experience a variety of styles as eclectic as you wish.

Check out the whole line up at

In addition to the variety of classes already being offered in Blacksburg we are adding a Level 2 Lindy Hop on Wednesdays, 6/5-6/26, at 8:00pm.  If you have some experience in Lindy, please join Jae and the group of enthusiastic dancers that inspired this class!

Also, “Bachata: Awesome Angles,” a variations class at our studio in Christiansburg, that’s going to be, ….well.....awesome is Mondays at 7:00pm (6/3-6/24). This class will get you moving around floor as we experiment with “Awesome” patterns that break out of the linear mold. Sign up, check out details and find prerequisites at

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Dance JAMs and the Vinyl Vibe Dance Party - June is groovy, Man.

As other venues wind down for the summer, we’re cranking up the tunes for a rockin’ fun month!

To get started, we’ve got our Ballroom Dance JAM on Friday, June 7, at 8:30pm. We’ll be playing ballroom style dance classics all night including the standards (Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango) and some of the more adventurous dances like Argentine Tango and Viennese Waltz.

The very next night, Saturday, June 8, we’ll be striking Juke Box Gold at the Vinyl Vibe Dance Party.  One of the most popular themes, it’s one of the grooviest dances we host! Sampling from Motown, Classic Rock, New Wave, 80’s Pop, and maybe even as far back at (gasp) Elvis! It’s a great night of dancing, so as they say, “Be there or be [ _ ]”

If you come to both of these dances (June 7 and 8) you’re eligible to win a super spiffy door prize.  What’s the prize? That’s a sur-prize!  Get more information on all our rewards and discounts at

Rounding out the June program, we’ve got another swinging night at our Swing Dance JAM on June 21. East Coast or West, Single Time or Triple, 3-Count or 4, we’ve got swings and more swing.  So join in and we’ll get this joint a-jumping!

For a complete list of upcoming dances and events, go to

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Upper Level Workshops - Country 2-Step and Hustle

For all of June and spilling into July you will see two dances being featured on Monday nights.  We will be alternating between two smooth, spin-filled favorites: Country 2 Step and Hustle.  Check out what will be covered in each workshop at

The first Hustle is a Level 2/3 which means you only need to be familiar with Level 1 Hustle (approximately Level 2 Essential Swing)...pretty approachable don’t you think?!  If you want to give Upper Level Workshops a try, this is a great one to start with.

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If you are looking for Salsa, look no further!

It’s almost Summer and the Salsa fever tends to hit about this time.  We have “Salsa: Crazy Cool Cross Body Leads” to satisfy your cravings, Mondays at 8:00pm, 7/8-7/29 (part of our Summer Latin Series that includes Bachata and Merengue too).  The class expects you to have Level 1 experience, so if you need to be introduced to this style or brush up on some of the foundations, we have a Level 1 Salsa class on Wednesdays at 6:00pm, 6/5-6/26 to help you do that.  Check out both classes at

So, if it’s Salsa you want, it’s Salsa you get!

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Share your wedding dance photos, win a prize!

Summer is here and wedding season is in full swing! At Sapphire, it’s really is “in Swing,” and Waltz, and Rumba, and almost any other style of dance we teach. This time of year, we have many brides and grooms cross our threshold looking to do something more interesting than the “stand and sway” in their First Dance As Husband and Wife.  

Did you take lessons at Sapphire to prepare for your wedding?

Was your First Dance wonderful? Silly and fun? Sweet and special? All those things?

Tell us about it, and share some pictures, too!

If you prepared for your big day with us, send us a photo or two of you dancing at your wedding along with the permission for us to plaster it on our website, use it in one of our advertisements, or jazz up our studio brochures.  In return, we’ll try to get you back on the dance floor with a $15 gift certificate toward any of our group classes, workshops, private lessons or events.

Send photos to

Please submit pictures free of copyright restrictions only.

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