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Sapphire Dance News - May 2014

How does ballroom news get spread???

Through the GRAPEVINE! Get it? Or, through our fun, sometimes cheesy, but always informative newsletter. This is where you can find all the important upcoming dates available at-a-glance with our new “Dates to Remember” feature, details on new additions to our already packed schedule, and other interesting tidbits about the dance community.

Oh, and how do hens dance? Chick to Chick of course. Now on to real news : )

1. Summer Sampler: a FREE Intro Lesson and more! - read more

2. Summer Group Classes in Blacksburg, starting Tuesdays & Wednesdays June 3 & 4 - read more

3. Silver Waltz, Mondays in June - read more

4. Carolina Shag & Country 2 Step Upper Level Workshops on Mondays - read more

5. Help us win the Gold Daisy Award for Best Dance Lessons - read more

6. Shaggin’ @ Sapphire, Special Event - read more

7. Sapphire On The Town! - read more

Night GrooveNight Groove this Saturday, May 10

Let the sultry summer nights inspire you to a new groove. We’ll be paying homage to the nighttime, stars, moons, and all the songs that make the night sing! Our lesson? The Night Club Two-Step, of course. This dance starts simple - great for all levels of dancers - but we’ll take it for “a ride across the moon” by the time the lesson is done.


calendar Dates to remember:

Saturday, May 10 - Night Groove Dance Party
Tuesday, May 13 - Summer Sampler
Friday, May 30 - Bachata Debuts in CTAM
Tuesday & Wednesday, June 3 & 4 - Blacksburg Group Classes Start
Saturday, June 7 - Sapphire Dance Center Recital
Monday, June 9 - Silver Waltz
Saturday, June 14 - 80s Explosion Dance Party
Saturday, June 28 - Shaggin’ @ Sapphire
Saturday, July 26 - Sapphires & Diamonds

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1. Summer Sampler: a FREE Intro Lesson and more!

SunGrab a few friends and join Sapphire Staff for a FREE Intro Lesson on Tuesday, May 13, 7:00p, at the Blacksburg Community Center. It’s a great chance for both new and old students to come out and get a “sampling” of what is being offered over the summer. With sample lessons, demos, and an opportunity to get a discount it would be silly not to come out for a little dancing.

Sign up for a summer class from Sapphire that evening and get $6 off!

The last Sampler (January, 2014) was so much fun and so many people showed up! Can’t wait for another hour of “sampling” fun,

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2. Summer Group Classes in Blacksburg, starting Tuesdays & Wednesdays June 3 & 4

BlacksburgYour selection of Group Classes starting in June are nothing short of spectacular. It's a beautiful blend of beginner-friendly classes, some speciality styles, and a few higher levels with the opportunity to add more. Check out the full line up at

Group Classes in Blacksburg are 4 weeks, one hour a week, of organized, fun instruction in one style of dance (if you want to learn more than one style, take a couple of classes - there are no limits). For a level 1 class we start with the basic and add common patterns, some technique, understanding of the music, and teach partnering skills. Not only will you come out of the class with this material but you will have a blast while doing it, and have a new set of friends to boot!

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3. Silver Waltz, Mondays in June

Ahhh, the grace, the elegance….and the challenge! Silver Waltz will take your dance to a whole new level. If you have Level 3 Waltz under your belt, it’s time you gave Silver Waltz a spin around the dance floor. Join Linda for 4 weeks this June for lots of new ideas that will increase your travel, improve your balance, and help you feel amazing on the dance the floor.

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4. Carolina Shag & Country Two-Step Upper Level Workshops on Mondays

A little bit of summertime preparation is coming your way on Monday nights with two of the most light-hearted, sunshine-producing dances around...Carolina Shag and Country 2 Step. These two dances will be featured throughout May along with Bolero, Tango, and Cha Cha (coming in June) in a series of workshops you don’t want to miss. Check out the full Summer line up at

Not sure if these workshops are for you? All the upcoming workshops have a description on our website including the moves you should already be familiar with and a list of moves that you *might* see during the class.

We have quite a few really approachable levels throughout the summer, so if you are new to the Upper Level Workshop scene, check out any of these workshops: they would be a great place to start!

Country Two-Step Technique - May 12
Cha Cha, Level 2-3 - June 9
West Coast, Level 1-2 - June 30

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5. Help us Win the Gold Daisy Award for Best Dance Lessons

Daisy BadgeSapphire Ballroom & Dance Center just received the honor of being named a finalist in the 2014 Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Awards for Best Dance Lessons…. Yay! We are in the top 3 in our catagory and appreciate your vote to help us win. Whether it be for a 3 year old taking ballet, a teenager trying jazz for the first time, a young couple preparing for their wedding, or parents needing a great date night, people in our area need to know about all the programs we offer. Just go to and click the hyperlink that says “vote for the finals.” If you vote in at least 5 categories you will be entered to win overnight accommodations at Mountain Lake Lodge plus 2 passes to Mountain Lake Treetop Adventure Course.

Macaroni Kid ( is a great resource for discovering all that our area has to offer. Yes, the newsletter is geared toward parents with young children, but the information and articles they offer are interesting for the young and young-at-heart. Plus, they love to support our local community and businesses. The annual Gold Daisy Awards does just that!

We appreciate your support. Thanks for taking the time to vote.

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6. Shaggin’ @ Sapphire, Saturday, June 28

shagginHold the phone! Have you heard that there is a special event based around the Swing of the South, Carolina Shag, this June at Sapphire? Hot dog, the rumors are true!

With 5 workshops, both Introductory and Intermediate, an evening dance party with a special guest DJ Doug Woodson, great BBQ from Hethwood Market, a 50/50 Raffle, Dancer’s Mingle, and more, we are setting up a mighty fine event for getting your Carolina Shag fix.

Workshops run from 2:00p - 5:30p, Dancer’s Mingle at 7:30p, and Dance Party at 8:00p.

So, dig out your boogie shoes and get ready for some Shaggin’ @ Sapphire.
(We don't have a webpage for this event yet, but when we do,
it will be at

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7. Sapphire on the Town

Linda taught at Dayspring Christian Acadamey’s Junior/Senior Banquet. They worked on Hustle and to quote Linda, “they busted a groove!” They had great energy and stayed engaged the whole time.

Lane had the pleasure of teaching for Pathway Christian Academy at their “Father, Daughter Dance” last month. She got to teach the Dad’s how to spin and dip their little ones.

John Novak, a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at VT, has invited Sapphire to come on campus and teach Bachata and Merengue to a group of students traveling to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!

Debbi finished up the semester with the Virginia Tech Ballroom Club and had a bittersweet time teaching them Paso Doble. Happy Dancing to all the Tech students as you explore the dance possibilities wherever you travel, work, study, whatever you’re doing this summer!

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