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Sapphire Dance News - October 2016

It’s Fall, y’all, and we are sending out our October Newsletter a little early to help you get the jump on the season’s dancing. Polka seems to be the theme this month: there are no less than FOUR opportunities to learn Polka during October. It’s almost like there’s a tradition linking Polka with October celebrations… ;) There are also several other “you don’t want to miss it” announcements, so make sure you read those now! And I hope you get this in time to be useful. As always, we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor this month!

  1. Group Classes begin this week in Blacksburg….what to choose? - read more

  2. “Cheaper-Than-A-Movie” Friday Night Beginner Workshop Liven Up Fall Fridays - read more

  3. Monster Bash Dance Party, Saturday, October 8 - read more

  4. Beyond the Routine: Night Club 2 Step - read more

  5. Upper Level Workshops feature Country Two-Step, Quickstep, and Dancers’ Choice - read more

  6. Sapphire Out & About: It’s all about the Fall - read more
    - Giles Mountain Harvest Fest
    - Mountain Lake Lodge - Oktoberfest
    - Smithfield Plantation Harvest Festival
    - Ballroom Dance @Virginia Tech

  7. Karen & Tate, and their visit to Sapphire - a recap - read more


Calendar GraphicDates to remember:

Grab a pen and take notes - there's always lots going on!

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 27 & 28 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Sunday, October 2 - Polka at Giles Mountain Vineyard and Winery
Monday, October 3 - Beyond the Routine: Nightclub 2-Step begins
Saturday, Oct 8 - Monster Bash Dance Party with Polka Lesson
Friday & Saturday, October 28 & 29, Oktoberfest at Mountain Lake
Tuesday & Wednesday, October 25 & 26 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Saturday, November 12 - Gobbler's Gala Dance Party with Fox Trot Lesson

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1 - Group Classes begin in Blacksburg... what to choose?

Choices, choices... always so many choices! Are you excited by all the different classes starting this week on September 27 and 28, but not sure which one to choose? First off, you should know that all of the classes offered in Blacksburg this session are perfect for beginners... so you can’t go wrong! Secondly, think about what kind of music and atmosphere you are in the mood for.

If you are feeling like a steady beat and a fast pace, Hustle will give you the simplicity of a steady rhythm with speed and spins to spice it up. If you like dance club music, either disco or the modern equivalent, this is the class for you.

Is classic, big band, or jazzy music more your style? Want to swagger across the floor at an easy pace? The Fox Trot will provide both! This ballroom style will have you moving across the floor like Fred Astaire.

ChA cHACha Cha is the class for you if you are looking for a flirty Latin style with lots of rhythm and movement. Don’t be fooled by it being a Latin dance... you can still dance Cha Cha to lots of country and popular music!

If you are looking for a slow dance perfect for the love songs played at almost every wedding and event, you should try Nightclub 2-Step. This will give you a much more exciting option to the “hold and sway” we know all too well!

Getting geared up for Oktoberfest? Then the Polka is your dance! Actually, this is the perfect dance for ANY party. The happy Polka will make you feel light on your feet as you swirl around the floor.

SwingLast but not least, our Swing class would give you not one, but two styles to use to those upbeat songs you hear that make you want to clap you hands. Since we will look at both single and triple time swings, you'll be ready to dance to all kinds of tempos and music.

The next session of Group Classes starts October 25 and 26, with even more fantastic choices, including American Tango, Rumba, Waltz, and West Coast Swing. As always, if you want help deciding, the friendly Sapphire Staff is just a phone call or email away. We would love to hear from you!

Check out all the details of each class at

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2 - “Cheaper-Than-A-Movie” Friday Night Beginner Workshops Liven Up Fall Fridays


Two very wonderful things collided last Friday…..dancing and food! Downtown Christiansburg Inc. hosted their Food Truck Rodeo which always brings out some people in search of delicous food before coming in for dynomyte dancing at “Cheaper-Than-A-Movie” beginner workshop.

And come in they did! Liz taught beginner lessons in Carolina Shag, Merengue, and just a touch of Rumba to an enthusiastic group of new (and some not so new) dancers.

This week, Debbi will keep the dance info coming in Rumba and Carolina Shag, with a special peek at Nightclub 2-Step. Next week, Lane will have the pleasure of teaching Rumba, Nightclub 2-Step, and a bit of Bachata. And following that, we have two Fridays in a row taught by the new kids on the Sapphire Staff - Katy and Jen (so come out an give them lots of support - it's hard being the new kids).

Hopefully, all of our teachers will get to enjoy a group of beginner students just as awesome, charming, and fun as Liz’s was.

If you have been thinking about trying out dancing, there is no reason to wait. Join Sapphire this Friday to learn something new that is sure to add joy to your life.

More details are available at

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3 - Monster Bash Dance Party, Saturday, October 8, 7:30pm

Pumpkin Dancing ManI was working at the Studio, late one night,
When my eyes beheld a delightful sight:
My partner from her chair, began to rise,
And suddenly to my surprise,
She did a Polka…

Wait. What? That doesn't rhyme!

But really, you know the song, right? (Monster Mash, by Bobby Pickett.) You know the season. You know it's gonna be a “Dead Man’s Party” (Oingo Boingo) at Sapphire to celebrate.

All that's left is you! Either in costume or not, join us for a high-energy, low-pressure Halloween Bash sure to get you in the spirit for dancing. And I wasn't kidding about Polka. For the pre-dance lesson, Debbi will get you skipping and spinning across the floor in this wildly popular, very festive, worldly dance. It will be a “Thriller” (Michael Jackson) evening.

Check out more Sapphire events at

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4 - Beyond the Routine: Nightclub 2-Step

We’ve been talking about it for months and now it is upon us! The 8-week, Beyond the Routine, group class starts October 3rd. Using Nightclub 2-Step as our dance, we are going to teach a routine that will strike a balance between approachable and achievable as well as challenging and unique. With only 8 weeks to learn and practice, we won’t make it too hard, but we also want you to walk away feeling like you learned something new about Nightclub 2-Step! You will not only have a routine at the end of the 8 weeks but a better understanding of the dance and new moves to bust out on the social floor.

With the class quickly approaching, if you have questions about the class, now is the time to ask!

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5 - Upper Level Workshops feature Country Two-Step, Quickstep, and Dancers’ Choice

UL MondayThe title almost says it all! Our one-night, upper-level, awesome-amazing workshops will be featuring these dances and the dance of your choice.

Country Two-Step is all "Wrapped Up" in the good things. Dive into this cool, spin-filled dance using moves that are the best way to get wrapped - Cuddle, Hammerlock, and more ways to wrap, unwrap and keep dancing.

Quickstep is in on "Lockdown" for dangerously fun behavour. Get your sites locked on Lock Steps - forward, back, and how to string them together. We will lock in these these patterns and lock-step down the floor.

And Dancers' Choice - well it's got problems. Right now, there is a 4-way tie for the Dance du Jour in this month's Dancers' Choice workshop, so we need a tie-breaker! Just one couple voting by being there can tip the scales, so come on out this Monday or the next, or the one after that...

Details available at

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6 - Sapphire Out & About: It’s all about the Fall

Giles Mtn WineryGiles Mountain Vineyard & Winery Harvest Fest, Sunday October 2
Sapphire is thrilled to be partnering with Giles Mountain Vineyard & Winery for another event this Sunday. Lane has already climbed Giles Mountain twice recently: first for an Argentine Tango lesson to help celebrate the debut of their wine “Tango” and just this last Saturday for a Carolina Shag lesson and Wine Tasting.

This Sunday, October 2, you will get another chance to dance with us on the Mountain for GMW’s Harvest Fest! We will be teaching Polka, one of the world's most festive dances.

Taking in the fantastic scenery, checking out the Vineyard’s offerings, and trying this fun, playful dance is the perfect way to celebrate Fall. Join us on the mountain to delight in the fruits of our harvest with wine and dancing, Sunday at 5pm.

Oktoberfest at Mountain Lake Lodge, Friday and Saturday, October 28 and 29
This is Polka opportunity number four in our Polka-filled month. Mountain Lake Lodge has asked us to be a part of their Oktoberfest for the third year in a row. Debbi, Dennis, and Liz will be joining ranks with the Polka Brothers, a fantastic polka band from New York (how often do you hear that phrase: “a fantastic polka band from New York”?) who play lovely original music and hilarious polka-ified covers, kind of like Weird Al, but more dance-able. Oktoberfest at Mountain Lake also features food from their Harvest Restaurant, making it an awesome evening of music, food, and Dennis in lederhosen.

Historic Dance at SmithfieldHarvest Festival at Smithfield Plantation, Sunday, October 16
Taking a little trip down memory (history?) lane, Debbi will be leading dances from the 18th and 19th centuries at Smithfield Plantation on Sunday, Oct 16. Everyone is welcome, including children, and many dances will be taught. It’s not Polka, but it will still be fun!

Ballroom Dance @ Virginia Tech, Saturday, October 29
The Ballroom Dance Club at Virginia Tech has invited Sapphire to teach at their October dance party. If you have never hung out with this group of Hokies, you have missed out. Details are still brewing for what is sure to be an enchanting dance, so watch their Facebook page for more information:!

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7 - Karen & Tate, and their visit to Sapphire - a recap

It is hard to put into words how wonderful it is to have coaches come to our studio and give our dance community the benefit of their knowledge, energy, and skills. But I am going to try. : )

Karen and TateHaving worked with Karen Jaffe in the past, we knew what a treat it would be to have her back. Tate Di Chiazza, was unknown to us until this past weekend, but lived up to his reputation of being a a high-caliber dancer and an excellent teacher, as well. He was easy and friendly to work with and was able to stretch our understanding of Argentine Tango, and dancing itself, further than we ever thought! Thank you to Karen and Tate for giving Sapphire such an enjoyable weekend!

If you have ever come out when we host events like these, you know that it can be stretching, intimidating, and inspiring all at the same time. You walk away from the workshops and private lessons feeling overwhelmed by new material, and yet also refreshed and excited.

We have been truly fortunate to have high-quality coaches come to Sapphire several times throughout the year to keep our dancing skills sharp and our vision for our dance fresh, all while having a great time learning and growing together with our fellow dancers. Thank you to everyone who came out for the Argentine Tango weekend. Thank you to everyone who will make plans to participate in the next big weekend event. You make it all possible!

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