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Sapphire Dance News - November 2016

I’ve never known anyone yet who doesn’t suffer a certain restlessness when autumn rolls around... We’re all eight years old again and anything is possible.
- Sue Grafton

We hope this email finds you all invigorated by this beautiful season and the all possibilities that lay ahead! With the holidays around the corner, we are looking forward to all the festivities surrounding that. Plus, exciting classes and events are on the way in 2017. Catch the highlights and last “hoorahs” of this year as well as a taste of what the new year has in store for you by reading on.


  1. Gobbler’s Gala Dance Party, this Saturday, November 8 - read more
  2. Blacksburg Group Classes: “Class-by Requests” for December - read more
  3. Upper Level Workshops - Swing-Trotting Through December - read more
  4. Junior Ballroom - Winter 2016-17 - read more
  5. The Gift of Dance - never too naughty, always really nice! - read more
  6. Blacksburg Group Classes: Winter Sampler, Wednesday, January 11 @ 7pm - read more
  7. Valentine’s Day & A Wine Tasting at Sapphire - read more

Calendar GraphicDates to remember:

Grab a pen and take notes - there's always lots going on!

Saturday, November 12 - Gobbler's Gala Dance Party with Fox Trot Lesson and Student Performances
Saturday, November 19 - Country Girls' Night Out at Mountain Lake with Sapphire
Sunday, November 20 - Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire Fall Dance Party
Friday, November 25 - No Friday Night Beginner Workshop
Tuesday & Wednesday, December 6 & 7 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Friday, December 9 - No Friday Night Beginner Workshop
Saturday, December 10 - Peppermint Ball Dance Party with Single Time Swing Lesson and "Beyond The Rountine" Class Performance

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1 - Gobbler’s Gala Dance Party, this Saturday, November 8

ThanksgivingThe Gobbler’s Gala Dance Party celebrates the beginning of the winter holidays. We are gathering to be thankful and to DANCE!

Getting the evening moving, Lane will be teaching a Fox Trot lesson at 7:30. She will begin the lesson with a few basic moves, nice and beginner if you have never tried Fox Trot or dancing before, that’s great! You’ll be right at home in the first half of the lesson.

If you have seen Fox Trot before...that’s great too! Those basic moves will grow and evolve, creating something both challenging and exciting by the end. So, if you are a beginner make sure you are there right at 7:30 and if you are experienced make sure you are there at 7:30 as well. Review and polish is always good. ;)

dancingJust like all our 2nd Saturday Dance Parties, you are welcome bring a snack to share. It can be something simple or elaborate, homemade or bought, but it’s best if it’s easy to snack on between dances. And, just like always, you might win something. We let all the dancers vote on their favorite snack. I must say, the competition has been quite stiff lately, and those homemade treats are always top contenders.

Mike and LindaIn addition to a lesson, great dancing, and wonderful food, you will also get some stellar entertainment at this dance: two special performances by students. The first is a pair of newly-weds who worked who worked with Debbi to prepare for their First Dance. They are performing an encore just for us! The second couple is Mike and Linda, long-time dancers at Sapphire. They are debuting a Waltz routine they choreographed together to that lovely Waltz from Shrek. Both performances will take place at the mid-dance break.

Don’t miss out - come see what awesomeness comes from hard work and practice!

Find more details about Sapphire Dance Parties at


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2 - Blacksburg Group Classes: “Class-by Requests” for December

BlacksburgWith time running out at the end of the year we like to squeeze in one more chance to dance with you guys in Blacksburg. We are having a 2 hour class for 2 weeks….same amount of time and material as our 4 week class, just condensed!

blacksburg fox trotWe have a class at 6:15-8:15 on Tuesdays, December 6 and 13, and another at 6:00-8:00 on Wednesdays, December 7 and 14. Both of these are “Class-by-Requests” which means we are letting you decide. They will likely be Level 2 classes building off of one of the classes this Fall. Some of the ideas include Level 2 Rumba, Level 2 Country Two-Step, and Level 2 Polka. But, if you have anything else in mind, let us know!

Watch for December’s Newsletter for a final decision on both these classes.

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3 - Upper Level Workshops - Swing-Trotting Through December

ULWsMonday Nights at Sapphire present for your dancing pleasure a sweet buffet of upper level treats, sure to please the pickiest of dancers. If you’ve never been to a Monday Night workshop, now is a great time to sample from this smorgasbord of exciting moves and helpful techniques. Most workshops only require Level 2 experience and all of them give you another chance to improve and expand your dancing. Yes, they are challenging, but the end product is worth it, and we’d love to have you join us.

West Coast Swing - Rocking the Anchor will rock your world while teaching you to string moves together seamlessly.
Fox Trot - Round the Bend is all about rounding the corners of this very hip, exquisitely square dance.
East Coast Swing - Continuous Turns will turn her again, and again, and again, because once is never enough. Wait - the leader gets his turn, too.
Quickstep - Doubling Down offers twice the reward with half the risk. What could be better?
Dancers’ Choice invites the style with the highest attendance to come back for an encore performance - stepping up the level and adding new themes. This Dancers’ Choice has contenders from October and November: Country Two-Step, American Tango, Salsa, West Coast, and Fox Trot. Your presence is a vote for your favorite styles, so get up, come out, cast your ballot and reap the rewards!

Find more details at

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4 - Junior Ballroom - Winter 2016-17

Junior BallroomEspecially for youths ages 12 to 18, Junior Ballroom @Sapphire is not only a super fun extracurricular activity, it can also enhance your teen’s physical, emotional, and social health through dance.

For the Winter Session, December 2 - February 17, we will be spending every Friday at 5pm learning 2 different dance styles: Waltz and a variety of Swing. We will be working on social dancing skills as well as preparing a performance at a teen-oriented Dance Party in February. Jr BallroomThe whole session is only $115 with an available sibling discount.

More details available on-line at In the meantime, feel free to ask us any questions you have. Please help us promote this program by sharing the website with friends and family. The children are the future - the future should know how to dance!

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5 - The Gift of Dance - never too naughty, always really nice!

giftWhat is Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus’s favorite dance? The Silent Nightclub 2-Step, of course.

All jokes aside, what dance will your friends, co-workers, or loved ones like the best? You don’t need to know, even if you want to share with them your love of dance. Buy them the Gift of Dance and let them decide!

gift of danceDance lessons can be the perfect gift for all sorts of people. We have gift packages of many different values (packages as low as $27, individual lessons as low as $9) that can be used toward many things like workshops, group classes, private lessons, or even a new pair of dance shoes. Plus, all these options let your friend, associate, or sweetheart determine what they actually get: Rumba or Salsa, Waltz or Country Two-Step, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, high heels or low. With so many possibilities, they are guaranteed to find the perfect fit!

As you start working on gift ideas for this holiday season, be sure to consider a gift certificate from Sapphire - Check out your options at

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6 - Blacksburg Winter Sampler: Wednesday, January 11 @ 7pm

Winter Sampler
With all this talk of LAST opportunities and time running out… you should know that it all begins again next year! Every new semester of classes kicks off with a FREE Sampler to get you excited, show you what we plan to teach, and offer ways to get discounts. What better way to start the year! Join the fun on Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm, to see what the Winter/Spring session has to offer.

Find more details about Sapphire Group Classes at

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7 - Valentine’s Day & A Wine Tasting at Sapphire

Hearts are dancing
Is it too early to talk about Valentine’s Day? Uh - of course not! If you are looking for a special way to celebrate this coming year, you need to mark your calendar for a “Wine Tasting @ Sapphire Ballroom” on Tuesday the 14th of February. Details are still in the works, but Giles Mountain Vineyard and Winery will be joining us at our studio to combine some lovely wine with some sweet dancing. It will be an event for singles and couples alike, providing great music, light snacks, and drinks. What more could you want for an especially memorable Valentine’s day?

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