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Sapphire Dance News - February 2017

The verdict came in... Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter. But hey, we are okay with that. We will be keeping warm *indoors* and having lot’s of fun dancing.

Look below for multiple awesome, weather-free ways to fill the rest of your winter!


  1. Winter Luau Dance Party - get your Lei on! - this Saturday, February 11 - read more
  2. Valentine's Day Dance Party with Giles Mountain Winery - Tuesday, February 14 - read more
  3. New Group Classes in Blacksburg: Two-Step, Bachata, Swing, & Waltz - read more
  4. Monday Night Workshops Feature Smooth Ballroom Styles - read more
  5. Lindy Hop Routine Begins February 20 - read more
  6. Spring Session of Junior Ballroom: Teens begin March 3, Tweens begin March 10 - read more

Calendar GraphicDates to remember:

Grab a pen and take notes - there's always lots going on!

Saturday, February 11 - Winter Luau Dance Party with Bachata Lesson
Tuesday, February 14 - Valentine's Day Wine Tasting & Dance Party
Tuesday & Wednesday, February 21 & 22 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Monday, February 20 - Hey! Baby, Lindy Routine Class begins
Friday, March 3 - Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire Teen Dance Class begins
Friday, March 10 - Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire Tween Dance Class begins
Saturday, March 11 - Lucky Draw Dance Party with Fox Trot Lesson

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1 - Winter Luau Dance Party - get your Lei on! - this Saturday, February 11

Peppermint LuauWhere can you wear a flowered shirt and lei in the middle of February... other than Hawaii? Sapphire Ballroom’s Winter Luau, of course!

This Saturday, February 11, start by warming up your evening with a Bachata lesson at 7:30. This hot Latin dance style has gained a lot of popularity because its simple basic step is perfect for lots of fun turns and patterns. After the lesson, we will turn the up volume and dance to lot’s of sultry Latin, steamy Swings, and sassy Ballroom. Who needs a tropical vacation anyway?

Check out a full list of Sapphire Dance Parties and events at

(You don't *have* to wear a Hawaiian shirt, but why not?)


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2 - Valentine's Day Dance Party with Giles Mountain Winery

wineJoin us for an exciting Valentine's Day Dance Party - yes it's actually on Valentine's Day.

Sapphire is thrilled to bring together two great things to make a special evening for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of fun dancing, fine wine, and the company of good friends. In addition to great music and delicious snacks, we have invited Giles Mountain Winery to join us, Registration is required by February 10th so just call (540-382-8782) or email ( and let us know you're coming!

The Party starts at 7:30 and admission is $32/Person or $55/Couple.

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3 - New Group Classes in Blacksburg: Two-Step, Bachata, Swing, & Viennese Waltz

group classCountry Two-Step, Bachata, Swing, and Viennese Waltz are starring in our session of 4-week Group Classes at the Blacksburg Community Center starting February 21st and 22nd! Not to mention a Level 2 West Coast Swing and Level 2 Waltz in the Class-By-Request slots:

If you love Country music, Country Two-Step is a no brainer. But it is also a fabulous dance for anyone who loves to fly around the room and spin! If you want to learn or to improve your turn technique, whether it’s leading or following, Country Two-Step is a great dance for that.

Blacksburg Group ClassSpeaking of flying around and spinning, that description also fits Viennese Waltz to a T. However, this dance will be danced to fast, ¾ time with that classic Ballroom frame. Not for the faint of heart, Viennese Waltz will give you a workout while improving your frame and posture. We do suggest Ballroom Dance experience before giving this one a try.

blacksburg group classesIf you want to work on your cuban hip motion in a fairly simple Latin style, Bachata is perfect for you. But watch out! In higher levels the simple patterns can evolve pretty quickly into complex sequences. Want to check it out first….come to our dance party on February 11 to see Bachata in action!

Blacksburg Group ClassEveryone needs to try Swing at some point! People are drawn to this dance by it’s high energy and fast steps. But just like all of our dances, we start from the very beginning, making a really approachable style for beginners.

Still not sure which class to sign up for?

Bachata and Swing are the most beginner friendly, and both provide a great dance style for parties and clubs.

Country Two-step and Viennese Waltz both involve a lot of fast travel and many spins, but can be tackled by anyone with previous dance experience or a healthy sense of adventure.

BlacksburgPlease get in touch with us if you have questions about which class is right for you or anything else to do with group classes.

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4 - Monday Night Workshops Feature Smooth Ballroom Styles

Upper Level Workshops on Monday nights are all about Ballroom during February, With Quickstep, Waltz, Tango and Viennese Waltz you will be sure to get your fix of elegance and grace….at least for a little while. : )

These workshops will be balancing out things beside the swinging Lindy Hop Routine (see below). Come to one workshop or come to them all! They are $12 each or $36 when you buy 4 to be used at your convenience.

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5 - Lindy Hop Routine Begins!

dirty dancing“Heeeeeey Baby! I wanna know-o-o...will you be my girl?” Recognize that tune? Did you know it was featured in Dirty Dancing? I'll give you a hint - they dance on a log. This song begs you to get out of your seat and dance. We invite you to do just that with a fun, light-hearted, Lindy Hop Routine!

Starting Monday, February 20, we will begin an 8 week class learning an approachable routine start to finish. This routine will be perfect for performing or to give you a good foundation in Lindy Hop to take to the social floor...or both! Designed for people with only East Coast Swing experience, the routine will incorporate quintessential moves and techniques from both East Coast and Lindy.

You do not have to perform to be a part of this class, but if you want to, we plan on dancing as a group at least once, probably at the Vinyl Vibe Dance Party.

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6 - Spring Session of Junior Ballroom: Teens begin March 3, Tweens begin March 10

Junior Ballroom DancersJunior Ballroom @ Sapphire is growing, just like the teens and tweens taking the class! It started a couple of years ago with a fun, energetic group of kids who wanted to learn how to do “something more” on the dance floor. Several of those original dancers are now off to college or other pursuits, but the program is still going strong and growing bigger. Now there are two Junior Ballroom classes at Sapphire - one for dancers 12-18 years old and one for 10-13 years old. And there’s rumors of doing an intermediate/advanced class next year.

Junior Ballroom dancersNo partners are needed, and no experience either.

Both classes meet on Fridays at 5:00pm. The Teens class starts March 3 and runs for 10 weeks. The Tweens start on March 10 and runs for 4 weeks (with the possibility of adding another session before the end of spring).


More details are available on-line at

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Thanks for reading, we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!


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