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Sapphire Dance News - April 2017

Ahhh, April….how we love thee! (No foolin’!) You bring warmer weather, put some extra “spring” in our steps, and sprout so many fresh opportunities to dance. This month, Sapphire has an exciting line-up of beginner friendly, Level 1 group classes in Blacksburg, perfect if you are looking to try something new. Plus several intermediate/advanced group classes are also available to push you into new, higher levels. Add in a fun dance party and a guest instructor, and this month has dancing popping up everywhere.

There is never a better time than the present time to start dancing!

  Good Luck

  1. Last call for Nightclub 2-Step Floored: begins Monday 4/3 at 7:00 - read more
  2. Blacksburg Group Classes start this week! Find selections for both for beginner and experienced dancers - read more
  3. Spring Fling Dance Party - Saturday, April 8 - read more
  4. Blacksburg West Coast Swing Hosts Allyssa Gillispie at Sapphire on Saturday, April 8 - read more
  5. Tween’s class continues this month, Fridays at 5:00 starting April 21 - read more
  6. Latin styles hit the Upper Level Workshop scene in May - read more
  7. The song should have said, “Do the 3-Count Hustle!” - read more

Calendar GraphicDates to remember:

Spring is here and good fortune is in the air - it's time to make plans!

Monday, April 3 - Nightclub Floored begins
Tuesday & Wednesday, April 4 & 5- Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Friday, April 7- Friday Night Beginner Workshops this and every Friday this month
Saturday, April 8 - Spring Fling Dance Party with West Coast Swing Lesson
Saturday, April 8 - Alyssa Gillespie Workshops
Friday, April 21 - Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire Tween Dance Class begins
Monday, May 1 - Latin Styles featured in ULWs
Monday, May 1 - 3-Count Hustle begins
Saturday, May 13 - Vinyl Vibe Dance Party with Hustle Lesson
Tuesday, May 23 - Summer Sampler at the Blacksburg Community Center
Friday, May 26 - Friday Night Beginner Workshops canceled for Memorial Day

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1 - Last call for Nightclub 2-Step Floored

The new Nightclub Floored class starts this Monday, April 3 at 7:00 pm - Don't miss it!

If you’re not sure about this class because you were not part of the routine class...then get out that pen and mark your calendar because this class is for anyone with Level 3 Nightclub experience. While the class is most definitely inspired by moves in the routine, each sequence will be taught step by step, in a totally social form. The "Photograph" routine was full of interesting and beautiful moves, waiting to be used on the dance floor.  We plan to pull out some favorites and teach you how to easily apply them to your "regular" dancing.

So, last call! Join us this Monday at 7pm to start the 4-week class where we “floor” the Nightclub routine.

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2 - Blacksburg Group Classes start this week! Find excellent options for both for beginner and experienced dancers

Group ClassesThe start a new set of 4-Week Group Classes is always exciting. It means we get to meet new students as well as welcome those who are coming back to get their next dance fix. Almost every class has a marvelous mix of both.

For April, we have quite a selection of both beginner friendly classes and classes for those who have more experience under their belt.

FRankFirst, the beginner friendly selections. If you are looking for an introduction to the wild and wonderful world of partner dancing, look at Polka, Salsa & Merengue, Carolina Shag, and Rumba.

The most approachable would be Rumba...a slow Latin Style that can be danced to almost any genre of music. Its basic box step will get you moving comfortably on the floor in no time.

If you want approachable but would rather put a little more pep in your step, you’ve got to try Polka! We dare you to not smile while dancing this energetic, adaptable dance.

SalsaSalsa and Merengue, combined into one class, are also quite beginner friendly. Salsa will prove more challenging, with fast steps and a complex rhythm, but it's balenced by the more straightforward and fun-filled Merengue. Best of both worlds!

Carolina ShagCarolina Shag is a moderately challenging Swing style that will get you in gear for summer festivals and concerts. If you love beach music, then this class is for you.  If you've never danced before, this class might be a challenge, but the Sapphire instructor will take it slow and easy, so that anyone is welcome to join in. 

For upper level group classes, we have a Level 3 West Coast Swing and a Level 2 Viennese Waltz. Both of these classes started at Level 1 and have progressed onward and upward, filling our “Class By Request” slots for the last few months. If you would like to try either of these classes, and you have the needed experience, we would love to have you join in - there's always room for more dancers.

Check our website to find dates and times of the class(es) you plan to take: While you're there, you can also see what group classes will be available this summer.

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3 - Spring Fling Dance Party - Saturday, April 8

Dance PartiesAll Sapphire Dance Parties are special… They provide a warm and fun place for students and their friends to let loose and just dance, to take the skills that they have been honing and put them on the dance floor. Dance Parties are also a great opportunity to meet new dancers, or to bring a friend who wants to try dancing for the first time. There is always a lesson to start the night, and Sapphire Staff is on hand all evening, ready to give you a crash course in a new dance to help you get out there and have more fun.

Spring FlingThis month, the Sapphire Spring Fling will kick off with a West Coast Swing lesson at 7:30 that will start beginner and build into something fun and interesting for everyone. Whether you already West Coast Swing or not, this lesson will cater to you. Then, we will then turn the lights down, turn the music up, and dance 'til we can’t dance any more to a mix of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing music.

We are hoping to have an extra strong Westie showing at the Spring Fling because Blacksburg West Coast Swing is hosting a guest instructor at Sapphire earlier on that day (see more details below) and everyone is invited to join us that evening. If you are a diehard Westie, don’t worry: we are carefully choosing songs that are Rumbas, Cha Chas, Fox Trots, etc, that also make excellent West Coast Swings.

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4 - Blacksburg West Coast Swing Hosts Allyssa Gillispie at Sapphire on Saturday, April 8

Allyssa GillespieBlacksburg West Coast Swing, a social/learning/dancing club founded by Katy Frei (, is super excited to be hosting guest instructor, Alyssa Gillespie, at Sapphire Ballroom on Saturday, April 8.

Alyssa is a fantastic instructor and well versed in West Coast and other styles of dance. She will be offering West Coast Swing workshops at 3:30pm and 4:30pm as well as teaching private lessons. If you want to purchase tickets or find out more go to

Previous knowledge of basic West Coast is expected at these workshops. Check the link above or email for details.

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5 - Tween’s class continues this month, Fridays at 5:00 starting April 21

Young dancersWhile they may be small in years and small in numbers, Sapphires Tween’s class is BIG in heart. The current class is having a blast and all set to continue for another 4 weeks. We are starting fresh, ready to try something new, so if you know a tween that would like to join us, bring them in! Also, this class will finish up just in time for the Junior Ballroom Dance Party where teens and tweens alike come out with family and friends to kick up their heels to some fun tunes.

The next session is Fridays at 5:00-6:00pm, running April 21 through May 19, skipping April 28. Cost for the Tweens class is $40 per child, or $36 if they have a sibling enrolled in a Sapphire Junior Ballroom class.

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6 - Latin styles hit the Upper Level Workshop scene in May

Dance PartiesThe temperature isn’t the only thing heating up this Spring….our dance floor will be smokin’ hot in May when we unleash all of our Latin favorites for our Upper-Level, One-Night, Awesome-filled workshops!

Starting Monday, May 1 at 7pm, this spicy Latin heat wave with kick off with Cha Cha...and keep cookin’ with Rumba, Bachata, and that order! Find details coming soon at

These workshops will be held right beside a cucumber-cool 4-week 3-Count Hustle class. Read on to see more about that!

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7 - The song should have said, “Do the 3-Count Hustle!”

Disco Rules!Want to take your Hustle up a notch….want to be able to dance Hustle to some slower, smoother songs….want to spend 4 weeks improving your connection, posture, and turn techniques? If you answered yes to any of these questions then plan to come out Monday, May 1 at 8pm to see what 3-Count Hustle is all about!

If you have Level 3 experience in 4-Count “regular” Hustle you are perfect for this class. Even if you have seen 3-Count Hustle before, you know that there is always room for improvement and this class will give you a fun chance to polish those push steps.

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Thanks for reading, we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!


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