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Sapphire Dance News - December 2017

We are officially in the holiday season where parties are abundant, shopping is a must, and good times and memories are what it’s really all about. At Sapphire, we have planned a holiday party for you packed full of festive cheer, have prepared gift packages to make your shopping EASY, and have so many opportunities to create good memories and have a good time. Whether you’re looking to celebrate or to fill out your gift list, make dance part of your holidays!

Check below to see the many ways you can get on the dance floor this month and next year. Also, read on to hear about all the gift packages we offer ranging from just a taste to a full dose. Packages start at just $28 or go “a ‘la cart” to find the perfect fit.

Autumn Dance                
  1. Holiday Gift Packages: the solution to all your holiday shopping woes - read more

  2. Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire, Winter Sessions begin this Friday (12/1) for Teens and next Friday (12/8) for Tweens - read more

  3. Peppermint Ball Dance Party - Saturday, December 9 - read more

  4. Want to start dancing, as soon as possible? CTAM Beginner Workshop are there for you! - read more

  5. Upper Level Workshops in December: Ending the year with “High Powered” Elegance - read more

  6. West Coast Swing in Twenty Eighteen has a nice ring - read more


Calendar GraphicDates to Remember:

Friday, December 1 - Junior Ballroom TEEN Session starts
Friday, December 8 - Junior Ballroom TWEEN Session starts
Friday, December 8 - CTAM Beginner Workshop CANCELLED for Chrisitiansburg Parade
Saturday, December 9 - Peppermint Ball Dance Party with Single Time Swing Lesson
Tuesday & Wednesday, December 12 & 13 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Sunday, December 17 - Viennese Waltz Workshop with Junior Ballroom Teens
Friday, December 22 - The last day we promise to be available to fulfill Gift Card Orders
Friday, January 5 - CTAM Beginner Workshops resume their regular schedule
Tuesday, January 16 - Winter Sampler for Blacksburg Group Classes
Tuesday & Wednesday, January 30 & 31 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin

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Upper Level Mondays1 - Holiday Gift Packages: the solution to all your holiday shopping woes

PresentsTrying to find that perfect gift for that special someone who already has everything? Or how about that co-worker that you are not quite sure what they will like? Or maybe you are just tired of buying gadgets that will be stuffed away in a drawer come February?

The gift of dance can really be the solution to all your holiday shopping woes! Dancing is a perfect activity for anyone who has a sense of adventure... or maybe needs a little adventure added to their life. Dance Lessons will give them an experience and a chance to learn a skill they can use forever, not another unwanted object taking up space. A Sapphire Gift card is a great gift for singles or couples, young or old, and is available in any dollar amount that you are looking to spend.

Sapphire GiftsWe recommended one of these packages; they combine learning opportunities with social dancing, giving the whole social dance experience: But you can customize any package to fit your needs, or just give Sapphire Dance Dollars, allowing your friend the chance to choose their own lessons.

Once you pick out the perfect package, just get in touch and we will make it easy! Pay over the phone or arrange a time to come by. Pick up the gift card or we can mail it to you or straight to the recipient: whatever you need. If you're requesting that we mail your gift, please get your order in by December 15 to allow for delivery time. If you're picking up you gift, you can order as late as December 22!

Help your friends and loved ones discover the joy of dance!

Check out the many options at

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Group Classes2 - Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire, Winter Sessions begin this Friday (12/1) for Teens and next Friday (12/8) for Tweens

Blacksburg ClassesThese Teens and Tweens are incredible! The enthusiasm is contagious and we are thrilled to be starting yet another session with these wonderful kids. If you know a teen or a tween that needs some dancing in their life - learning an invaluable skill alongside their peers laughing all the way - get in touch! Maybe this would be a good early gift? : )

The Winter Session for Teens begins Friday, December 1, at 5pm and runs for 10 weeks. Even if your tween can’t make the first week (or may have to skip a week) it is still worth joining! With a 10 week session these kids cover a ton of material and, to top it off, they have a fun-filled dance party at the end of the session.

For your Tween, their 4-week session begins next Friday, December 8, at 4pm. The second Winter Session will begin Friday, January 26, if your child wants to join in later or if they want to keep going. And, whether your tween joins the first Winter Session or the second, they (and their friends) are welcome at the big dance party where they will get to show off their newly-won skills, enjoy some snacks, and dance with eachother and the members of the Teens class.

Find more information, including prices, holiday schedule, and dance party details at

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Dance Party3 - Peppermint Ball Dance Party - Saturday, December 9

SwingUndoubtedly the most festive Sapphire Dance Party of the year, the Peppermint Ball is one of those dances where you can get a little more “decked out” to get your holiday cheer on! Start your evening with a sweet Single-Time-Swing lesson at 7:30 and then get ready to dance the night away to some great music (holiday and otherwise).

If you are planning to be one of our “Dancing Chefs” by bringing a delicious snack to share, you should know that this dance brings out some stiff competition! (The dish with the most votes wins a prize for it’s creator.) The benefit of all that competition? It means all the dancers get to delight in all the goodies. : )

PeppermintThe Peppermint Ball is the last dance of the year, so you don’t want to miss this one. Dress in your holiday glam and come out to celebrate the season. And don’t worry, we will have a well crafted playlist with a blend of all your favorite dance and music styles. As always, we welcome requests!

We look forward to seeing you there! Check out what other dance parties are coming in 2018 at

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Junior Ballroom4 - Want to start dancing, as soon as possible? CTAM Beginner Workshop are there for you!

CTAMThis time of year so many programs are taking time off, it can be hard to find something fun to do, especially if you don’t want to worry about planning way ahead. Of course there’s always going to a movie, but … really? Isn’t there some more fun, more social, more unique out there? Yes, yes there is.

“Cheaper Than A Movie” Beginner Workshops at Sapphire are there for you, to get you out the house on a Friday night, introduce you social dancing, and to show you how to dance with your friends, all for less than the cost of a movie!

These workshops are so fun that they become a “go to” for many people and they come back week after week - “Of course we’re going dancing at Sapphire this Friday.” But you don’t have to treat them that way - come when you can, early registration is welcome but not necessary, and don’t worry when you have something else to do.

CTAMIf you’re already a dancer, another awesome benefit of these workshops is the chance to get a refresher in some dance styles you may not remember as well as you used to. Or to get some more practice on leading/following without the pressure of a higher-level class.

So, if you are eager to start dancing as soon as possible, or are an addict of Sapphire Group Classes in Blacksburg and need something to carry you through January, you can get your fix on Friday nights at CTAM Beginner Workshops.

Nothing beats dancing for fun with friends… and nothing beats the price: $9 a person or $15 a couple for an hour and half! Find the schedule and more here:

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Sapphire Upper Level Monday5 - Upper Level Workshops in December: Ending the year with “High Powered” Elegance

Wow! There isn’t much left, but we have packed in some last punches of good dancin’ to finish off the year in style. By the time you read this, Lane will have started a 4-workshop series of “High Powered” Rumba classes on Monday nights at 8pm. If you missed the first week and want to still join in, do it! Each class will be stand-alone, so don't worry about missing one or two: it's not a problem.

Ballroom styles are sweeping the floor at 7pm on Monday evenings: American Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Waltz will help us end the year with grace and elegance!

Additionally, Debbi will be teaching a 2-hour Viennese Waltz Workshop on Sunday, December 17, at 3:00pm for $22. This is a joint venture with the Junior Ballroom Teens, so not only will you get the chance to polish those VWaltz skills, you’ll get to dance and learn with some really awesome youngsters. Advanced registration is beneficial but not required.

The schedule can be found on the Sapphire webpage and be on the lookout for what’s to come in 2018. We’ve had requests for more West Coast Swing (see below). Want to chime in and second that thought or request something else? Get in touch!

Workshops are listed at
And multi-week classes are at

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Sapphire Upper Level Monday6 - West Coast Swing in Twenty Eighteen has a nice ring

Ask and you shall receive! We have had requests to get another upper level West Coast Swing class going and how can we say no? We are looking at Monday nights at 7pm starting January 15 as the next opportunity to work on this incredibly fun and versatile dance. This 4-week class will continue on the theme of styling your basics, but will also pull in some musicality elements and of course some fun patterns to try.

While on the subject of West Coast Swing, if you want to begin your journey in this dance or continue to build up your foundation, we also have a Level 1 class being offered in our first set of 2018 Blacksburg classes, starting Wednesday, January 31. We will be laying out all that is offered in Blacksburg in next month's group mail, but get a head start by checking them out and making plans now,

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Thanks for reading, we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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