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Sapphire Dance News - April 2018

Hello to all you dancers!

Some of you have only started to think about dancing and some of you have been doing it for years. Some of you might be considering dance because of an event… or maybe you have been looking for the event that will give you an excuse to dance.

No matter what your situation, all you need in order to be a dancer is a desire to try. We at Sapphire Ballroom love offering opportunities to all different levels in many different styles. Take a look below and see if any of our upcoming events suit your dancing needs! And if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and let us know what you'd like to try. Chances are we can make it happen!

  1. “Cheaper-Than-A-Movie” Friday Night Workshops: the ultimate beginner dance experience! - read more
  2. Monday Night Upper Level Workshops: Swing & Ballroom - read more
  3. New Blacksburg Group Classes begin April 10 and 11 - read more
  4. One more Tweens 4-week Session before taking a break for summer - starts Friday, April 13 - read more
  5. Vinyl Vibe Dance Party - Saturday, April 14 - read more
  6. Milonga Argentine Tango Dance - Friday, April 20 - read more
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Calendar GraphicDates to Remember:

Tuesday & Wednesday, April 10 & 11 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Friday, April 13 - Junior Ballroom TWEEN Session starts
Saturday, April 14 - Vinyl Vibe Dance Party with Hustle Lesson
Friday, April 20 - Monthly Milonga
Monday, April 23 - Smooth Styles start in Monday Night Workshops

Saturday, May 12 - Black & White Ball with Viennese Waltz Lesson
Monday, May 14 - Silver Waltz/Fox Trot begins
Friday, May 18 - Monthly Milonga
Sunday, May 20 - Junior Ballroom Spring Dance Party
Friday, May 25 - CTAM Beginner Workshop cancelled for Memorial Day

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Dance Party1 - “Cheaper-Than-A-Movie” Friday Night Workshops: the ultimate beginner dance experience!

CTAMWant to get started dancing? Or to get your friends into this fun social actiaivity? Friday night beginner workshops are where it’s at!

Friday nights, from 7:00-8:30pm, join friends and fellow beginners for a low-key, friendly workshop featuring 2 dance styles and giving a sneak peak of 3rd - all for less than a cost of a movie. The aptly named “Cheaper-Than-A-Movie” [CTAM] beginner workshops are one of the best date-night, buddy-night, learn-something-new, just-have-fun activities around!

Since they are always taught from the beginning, CTAMs are a great way to try out partner dancing with no commitment. If you keep coming back, the schedule is designed so that you will get to see a dance three weeks in a row, giving you the review and practice you need to have a good foundation in that style.

CTAMThese nights are also perfect for people who know how to dance, but are just a little rusty and want get back in the saddle… or “into the swing of things” might be more appropriate. : )

Whether you come on your own or with a gaggle of friends, these workshops are friendly, fun, and just plain cool.

Even though we are here most Fridays, holidays and special events do occasionally pop up. The next blip in the schedule is Memorial Day weekend on Friday, May 25: no workshop that night.

You can find the complete schedule, plus details on pricing, 6-pack discount, and what dances are being covered at

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Upper Level Mondays2 - Monday Night Upper Level Workshops: Swing & Ballroom

Already have some dance experience under your belt? Come out to on Monday night for Upper Level Workshops this month at 8pm. We will be looking at a variety of both Swing and Ballroom.

SwingOn April 9, kick up your heels with an introduction 30’s Style Charleston. No Charleston experience needed for this workshop, but you do need to be comfortable with East Coast Swing basics, turns, and closed position.

Next up on April 16, with be the fun and peppy East Coast Swing, taking the ever popular tuck turn in new directions.

Then comes the Ballroom...

We will end the month with a workshop on Fox Trot and the world of boxes and then we will rock with American Tango.

Find specific details at

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Group Classes3 - New Blacksburg Group Classes begin April 10 and 11

Our last set of 4 week classes for the Spring starts the second week of April on Tuesday the 10th and Wednesday the 11th. After this session, we will take a short break and pick back up in June to give you lots of choices for your summer!

Speaking of summer, check out Level 1 Carolina Shag to get ready just in time. Although great year-round, this Swing dance goes perfectly with summertime and dancing in the sand. Come learn this smooth-sailing dance as we imagine ourselves with the beach wind in our hair and the sound of waves in the background.

RumbaIf it’s romance you are looking for, we’ve got you covered with the Rumba! This sexy Latin style is super versatile and social, so even if you want to keep it PG, this is a “must learn” dance if you have any weddings, cruises, or social events you want to prepare for.

TangoPassion you say? American Tango has it in spades. This Ballroom style will have you moving around the dance floor in its unique, staccato way and feeling like you own the dance floor. Roses for the mouth are not included. ; )

Looking for light-hearted playfulness while keeping a taste of Latin romance and passion? Bachata, with its fun music, spins for both leads and follows, and Latin technique will give you just that. This Latin style is found along side the other Latin club favorites: Salsa and Merengue.

SwingAll of the dances mentioned above would be a great place to start your dancing journey. We also have two “Class-by-Request” slots that have just been filled. Tuesdays at 7:15 Lane will keep her already hopping swing class in the mood with Level 3 Swing. Wednesdays at 7:15 Debbi will keep the disco inferno burning with another member of the Swing family, this time in the form of Level 2 Hustle. Feel free to join in either class if you have taken the previous levels or have similar experience. Not sure if you’re there yet? Talk to an instructor and see what they have to say.

Find all the dates, times and other details at

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Special Event4 - One more Tweens 4-week Session before taking a break for summer - starts Friday, April 13

Tweens and TeensCalling all Tweens! Our last session before we take a break for the summer is beginning soon, so don’t miss it!

The upcoming Tweens class begins Friday, April 13, at 4pm and runs through May 11, skipping Friday, April 27.

The Spring Dance Party for Teens and Tweens will be Sunday, May 20, 3:00-5:00pm. This is a fun, casual event where everyone from both classes invite their friends and family out for a fun time dancing. If you have a child interested in classes, feel free to bring them out to see what Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire is all about. There is always a beginner lesson and a performance from the class so you will get to learn something as well as be entertained!

TweensWe do hope to incorporate some Teen & Tween oriented workshops over the summer, so stay tuned or get in touch if you want know more.

Check out the website to see more details about this awesome program designed for the next generation of dancers:

And, finally, pictures from the last dance party are on Facebook!

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Special Event5 - Vinyl Vibe Dance Party - Saturday, April 14

Vinyl Vibe“Do You Wanna Dance (and hold my hand)?” Are you ready to “Do the Hustle”? And dance to all those other great music hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s? We are!

Come out Saturday, April 14, for the Vinyl Vibe Dance Party with a pre-dance lesson in, you guessed it, the Hustle, starting at 7:30. Be ready to be taken “Back In Time” with all the fun music waiting for you. We will still play the great mix of dance styles, which means you might not be able to sing along to *every* song... but close to it! So grab that pair of bell bottoms in the back of your closet begging to brought out: we want to see your vintage garb.

Dances are a great place to spend a Saturday night, meeting new people, practicing what you have been learning (even if your only lesson is the one from that night!), and just relaxing and having fun. We get people of all levels and ages coming through our doors, making each Dance Party unique and wonderful. You don’t have to feel like you have figured out social dancing to come do it….you just have to be willing to have a good time!

Check out the details for this dance and other events at

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Special Event6 - Milonga Argentine Tango Dance - Friday, April 20

As the love of Argentine Tango continues to grow in our area, we want to give it more fuel to continue on! While Tango is featured at Sapphire Dance Parties, it is mixed with the many other styles that we dance and you don’t get to experience the unique social dance party structure of a true Milonga.

There are many neat elements to a milonga and you can find a nicely detailed description by Karen Jaffee on the FAQ section on her website,

There will not be a lesson at these events, just social dancing! There will be a staff member there that you can feel free to ask any questions that you have, but in general this will be a place to just dance the Tango that you know and have fun exploring this amazing dance.

The monthly Milongas will be held on the 3rd Friday of the month at 8:30 (after Sapphire’s Friday Night Beginner Workshop) and will last about 2 hours.

They are $5 a person. The next Milonga will be April 20: come see what it’s all about.

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Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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