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Sapphire Dance News - June 2018

The weather is heating up and so is our summer schedule! We have cooked up a whole new set of classes for you in Blacksburg, got the sultry Latin styles being featured in Monday Night Upper Level Workshops, and a Beach Blanket Dance Party for you this month. Keep reading to find details on all of these things and more.

We look forward to dancing with you this summer!

  1. Latin Upper Level Workshops: Hot stuff this month - read more
  2. Summer Group Classes in Blacksburg start Tuesday, June 5, and Wednesday, June 6 - read more
  3. Beach Blanket Dance Party, Catch the wave on Saturday, June 9 - read more
  4. High Powered Quickstep - a superhero of smooth-style dancing - coming June 18 - read more
Summer Sampler    

Calendar GraphicDates to Remember:

Monday, June 4 - Latin Styles start in Monday Night Workshops
Tuesday & Wednesday, June 5 & 6 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Saturday, June 9 - Beach Bash Dance Party with Carolina Shag Lesson
Friday, June 15 - Monthly Milonga
Monday, June 18 - Quickstep begins

Monday, July 2 - Monday night classes canceled
Monday, July 9 - Swing Styles start in Monday Night Workshops
Tuesday & Wednesday, July 10 & 11 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Saturday, July 14 - Night Groove Dance Party with Nightclub 2-Step Lesson
Friday, July 20 - Monthly Milonga
Monday, July 23 - Quickstep begins

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Icon1 - Latin Upper Level Workshops: Hot stuff this month

Not much gets hotter than the Salsa, Bachata, and Cha Cha….all showing up on our Monday night schedule at 7pm this month!

Jen and Katying Dancing Cha ChaKick the summer off with a Salsa: Wicked Wraps workshop on Monday, June 4, at 7:00pm. Wraps are always fun in any dance style, but in Salsa with the speed and energy necessary for that dance, wraps are extra exciting. Ryan will introduce you to some some basic wrap variations and then get you “all wrapped up” with more complex patterns by the end!

Following Salsa, June 11 will feature “Bachata: Radical Rotations,” all about rotating with your partner and the many doors that opens up. Cha Cha is on tap for the third Monday of June with a workshop all about “Turning Together.” And the series finishes by revisiting Salsa, this time looking at “Spinning on the Spot.”

Next up in July... Swing styles! You can find the June and July (and soon August) schedule on our website at

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Icon2 - Summer Group Classes in Blacksburg start Tuesday, June 5, and Wednesday, June 6

Couples dancing in Blacksburg Community CenterDon’t get too caught up in your summer gardening, vacationing, and relaxing to take that dance class you have always wanted to take. You know - dance classes don’t cancel because of rain (unless it’s reallllllllly extreme).

We are starting a new season with a new set of classes offered each month this summer. Each class runs for 4 weeks… short enough to squeeze into your summer schedule, but long enough to learn some cool moves.

For June, choose from Hustle, Fox Trot, Cha Cha, and Carolina Shag. Every one of these classes will be Level 1, perfect for beginners, and a great place to start your dancing journey!

Blacksburg Group ClassesHustle is a Swing style great for weddings, events, and random dancing on the street.

Fox Trot is the quintessential Ballroom dance: think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers.

Cha Cha will get your feet moving to beat with Latin style to pop, country, and Latin music, as well as retro hits.

Carolina Shag is the perfect summertime dance to get you dancing in the sand to classic beach music.

The Wednesday night Class-By-Request (CBR) is Level 3 Hustle - open to everyone ready to take their Hustle further!

You can find the whole summer schedule at Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to talk about which class(es) is best for you.

If a 4 week class just won’t fit into your summer schedule, you’ve gotta check out our “Cheaper-Than-Movie-Workshops”....always one night, always 3 dances, and always a blast!

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Icon3 - Beach Blanket Dance Party, Catch the wave on Saturday, June 9

Summer SamplerYou will hear the waves in the background and feel the warm beach air blowing on Saturday, June 9, at the Beach Blanket Dance Party… even if it is just in your imagination. With all the fun summertime beach music we will be playing for you, you won’t have to drive miles to get therapeutic dose of the beach! And you won’t have to deal with sand in all your luggage either!

We will kick our mini-vacay off with a lesson in Carolina Shag at 7:30. As always, we will start our lesson with the basics, so you don’t have to know ANYthing to join us. However, about half way through we will kick it up a notch so if you do know some Shag, we plan to give you a little bit of a challenge by the end.

Beach Bash 2017Be sure to bring a snack to share to possibly win some dance dollars. The most popular snack by popular votes wins! The delicious goodies you all bring are much appreciated. recyclingAnd, think about bringing your own water bottle or cup to use during the dance. We are making a more concerted effort to decrease the use of plastic cups at Sapphire and at recycling the cups that are used.

Also, we hope to have an encore performance from our Rumba Routine class at the 9:30 break, so if you missed it in May, make sure you come out and cheer on your fellow dancers this time!

We look forward to dancing with you at this and future dance parties:

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Icon4 - High Powered Quickstep - a superhero of smooth-style dancing - coming June 18!

Quickstep ManYou frequently hear Quickstep described as “Fox Trot on steroids” or on speed, but that implies that there’s something unnatural about the high you get from this dance. And that’s just not right. So let’s say Quickstep is a superhero of smooth-style dancing: able to fly about the dance floor and leap reasonably sized obstacles. :) Just - no capes, ok? They are dangerous.

This summer we are going to go deep with two High Powered Quickstep classes. Both classes expect previous experience in Quickstep: basic steps, plus the ability to confidently travel the dance floor.

The first class starts Monday, June 18, and will focus on Turns: Natural and Otherwise. So, think pivots, chasse turns, and such.

The second class starts Monday, July 23, and is all about moves with lots of quicks. So, yes, Tipple Chasse will probably make an appearance, but also moves like Fishtail and Four Quick Runs.

Take either one or both classes, either way, you’ll be one (Quick)step closer to that superhero feeling.

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Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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