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Sapphire Dance News - July 2018

We hope this email finds everyone rested and refreshed after a fun Fourth of July holiday! We also hope you are excited to try something new and out of the ordinary this summer. There are lots of ways to make that happen listed below including TWO flash mob opportunities, yes TWO! Check it all out, stay cool out there, and come dancing with us!

Summer Sampler
  1. Swinging Monday Nights - ULWs in July - read more
  2. New Blacksburg Group Classes starting this Tuesday and Wednesday, July 10 and 11 - read more
  3. Night Groove Dance Party, Saturday, July 14 - read more
  4. International West Coast Swing Rally Class begins Monday, July 30 - read more
  5. Karen & Tate Return, July 22-24 - read more
  6. Christiansburg Community Flash Mob opportunity - perform in August, start practicing July 21 - read more

Calendar GraphicDates to Remember:

Monday, July 9 - Swing Styles start in Monday Night Workshops
Tuesday & Wednesday, July 10 & 11 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Saturday, July 14 - Night Groove Dance Party with Nightclub 2-Step Lesson
Friday, July 20 - Monthly Milonga
Saturday, July 21 - First Farmers' Market Flashmob Practice
Sunday, July 22 - Karen and Tate return
Monday, July 23 - High Powered Quickstep begins
Monday, July 30 - International Rally WCS Class begins

Thursday, August 9 - Farmers' Market Flashmob Perfromance
Saturday, August 11 - Summer Sizzle Dance Party with Salsa Lesson
Tuesday & Wednesday, August 14 & 15 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Friday, August 17 - Monthly Milonga
Monday, August 20 - Country Styles start in Monday Night Workshops

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Icon1 - Swinging Monday Nights - ULWs in July

SwingMonday night Upper Level Workshops (ULWs) in July are just-a-swingin’. And we have the moves to proove it.

Start your month with Hustle this Monday, July 9, with “Perfect Push Steps” at 7pm. Push steps are one of the defining motions of Hustle, giving it the smooth glide that makes it unique amongst the swings.

Monday, July 16, the 7pm time slot will be hopping with East Coast Swing: Working the Walks, a quick trip into moves that will have you strutting your stuff.

Then, on July 23 (also Monday), Intro to 30’s Style Charleston will have you kicking up your heels as you swing seamlessly back and forth between Single Time and Charleston.

After reading about these excellent workshops, I hope you are left with 3 thoughts:
     1. July is a great time to swing by Sapphire!
     2. What’s happening at 8:00 on all these Upper Level Mondays?
     3. And - you forgot West Coast Swing!!! How could you!?!?

And my responses are…
     1. Yes, yes it is!
     2. Quickstep is staking claim to the 8:00 time slot for another 4-week class starting July 23. The theme is “Lots of Quicks,” which seems completely appropriate for a dance like Quickstep. You would be welcome to join the fun if you can travel the floor comfortably in Quickstep.
     3. We didn’t forget WCS! It’s coming in the form of it’s own special class starting Monday, July 30. Check out Article #4 below for details.

You can find the July (and soon August) schedule on our website at

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Icon2 - New Blacksburg Group Classes starting this Tuesday and Wednesday, July 10 and 11

Blacksburg Group ClassesThere is a new, stellar line-up of beginner-friendly classes at Blacksburg Community Center for you to choose from in July. So, grab a pencil and your calendar, and let us tell you your options.

On Tuesdays at 6:15, Level 1 Swing is the class for you if you want to dance to upbeat music that will get your toes tapping, your fingers snapping, and your hands jiving. This class will teach you to do way more than that! By the end of the 4 weeks, you will be groovin’ and spinnin’ to two different Swing rhythms: “Single Time” and “Triple Time”. This class is completely beginner friendly and will give you some really useful skills to show off at your cousin’s wedding or the office holiday party.

RumbaOn the same night at 7:15, you can hit the floor with one of the most romantic and yet versatile dances around in Level 1 Rumba. A slow, Latin style, it's no wonder Rumba has been called “The Dance of Love”. The nice and simple box step makes it useful not only for Latin music, but lots of pop and country, too. Whatever reason draws you to this dance, you won’t be disappointed. Rumba is a great beginner dance: slow enough to be friendly and sweet enough to make your honey swoon.

WaltzSwitching to Wednesday nights at 6:15, the beginner friendly Level 1 Waltz will be adding some glam to the dance floor. Waltzes are danced to music with a 3/4 time signature, has a box step for a basic, and ultimately travels around the floor. But all you really need to know about Waltz is that you will LOVE this beautiful dance!

Wednesday at 7:15 brings you Level 1 Country Two-Step. If you can take two steps forward and like country music, then you need to try this dance! Based on walking steps, this dance will have you traveling around the room spinning your partner as you go. While it a little more complicated than just walking (you knew it couldn’t be that easy!), it is a great dance for anyone with a good sense of adventure to try!

The last class in our line up, Wednesday at 8:15, is a Level 2 Cha Cha (formerly a “Class-by-Request”). If you have some Cha Cha experience and want add some more “Cha” to it, join this Level 2 class.

Whichever class you decide on, mark you calendar and contact us to register: or 540-382-8782. Check out the full line up of group classes at

If a 4 week class just won’t fit into your summer schedule, you’ve gotta check out the Cheaper-Than-Movie-Workshops on Fridays... always one night, always 3 dances, and always a blast!

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Icon3 - Night Groove Dance Party, Saturday, July 14

Summer SamplerThere is nothing better than warm, starry, summer nights! As the sun sets and the day begins to cool into night, it’s the perfect time to come out dancing at the Night Groove Dance party on Saturday, July 14. Nightclub 2-Step is the obvious choice to celebrate the night time! Lane will be starting the lesson at 7:30, beginning slow and easy and then kicking it up a bit by the end.

If you haven’t tried this lovely dance style yet, it’s one you want to add to your library. When other slow styles just won’t do, Nightclub 2-Step’s smooth movements fit the rhythm of many slow ballads. Here is a performance from 2012 (oldie but goodie) if you want to see what this dance looks like,

Night Groove Dance ParyAt 8:30, we will turn the lights down, let the music play, and dance all your favorite styles. If you haven’t been to one of our dances before, you should know that we encourage people to bring water bottle to stay hydrated and if you want to bring a snack to share, you have a good chance of winning some free dance lessons. The snacks are judged by your fellow dancers and the most popular wins a Sapphire gift card. Let me tell you, the snacks have been AH-mazing lately.

Can’t wait to see you there! More details about this dance and other upcoming events can be found at

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Icon4 - International West Coast Swing Rally Class begins Monday, July 30

Some of you West Coast Swing enthusiasts already know about the International West Coast Swing Flash Mob (now called a “Rally”) that happens every year. Maybe you have already started learning it, or you’ve always wanted to try but…

If you haven’t heard of the IWCSR, the idea is that people around the world learn the same routine and then perform it on the same day! Here are the videos from 2016 and 2017: and If you watch, you’ll notice that no one is perfect and yet they all look awesome and like they’re having fun.

Well, this year Sapphire is going share in the fun by breaking the routine down and teaching it to you on Monday nights. The fun begins July 30th and will include 5 weeks worth of instruction. Even if you have no desire to perform, there are some cute moves to be learned and good times to be had learning a routine with a group. You can check out this year’s choreography at

Since this is the first Sapphire has tried a class like this, we are offering a special deal, 5 classes for $50! All you need is some basic foundations in West Coast Swing, access to Youtube, and an adventurous spirit! Talk to an instructor if you are unsure if this class if for you.

Contact us with questions or to register: or 540-382-8782.

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Icon5 - Karen & Tate Return, July 22nd-24th

Tate and KarenAs their tour is winding down, Karen Jaffe and Tate DiChiazza are making one last visit to Christiansburg before Tate heads back to Argentina. As usual, there will be workshop opportunities as well availability for private lessons or groups. What will be a little different is that you will contact Karen directly to sign up or schedule, or 828-215-1177. Don’t miss this opportunity, the last one for a while, to dance with these amazing dancers and teachers.

Here are descriptions and prices provided by Karen:

Group workshops are for dancers with some experience.
If you have a question of whether this workshop is right for you, contact Karen.
Our workshops are designed to start at a fundamental level and progress based on the level and ability of the group, by the end to engage and challenge the most experienced dancers!

Sunday July 22
3p-5p "OCHOS" Exploration of techniques for executing ochos with ease and precision.

Tuesday July 24
7p-9p "BOLEOS" How to create natural, comfortable and dynamic boleos!

Group workshops $25 each or both for $40.
Pay at the door. Cash or check.

Argentine TangoPrivate lessons available July 23/24
Monday: 11a, 12p, 1p, 7p, 8p
Tuesday: 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p
Tate $100/hr, Karen $80, with both $155/hr
SPECIAL 4 hr with Tate $270.

Contact Karen at or 828-215-1177 to schedule.
All lessons and class will be using the Sapphire Ballroom studio.

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Icon6 - Christiansburg Community Flash Mob opportunity - perform in August, start practicing July 21

Farmers' Market Flashmob

New River Stage, the Town of Christiansburg, Christiansburg Farmers’ Market, and Sapphire Ballroom are teaming up to create fun experience for our special community here in Christiansburg: the first ever Flash Mob at the Farmers’ Market!

This flash mob will be for EVERYONE, you need zero experience and definitely don’t need a partner. Sapphire will host two practice sessions lead by Debbi ( to help teach the choreography and work out the kinks. If you can’t make the practices, all the choreography will be posted online for you to learn on your own, but we do need to know if you’re going to participate.

Then, when everything is ready, we will sneak on over to the Farmers Market, our song will play, and we will surprise everyone with our dance!

FlashmobThe Song:
Jason Mraz’s “Back to the Earth” -

Saturday, July 21, 3-5pm
- initial teaching of the choreography at Sapphire Ballroom, Main Street in Christiansburg
Sunday, August 5, 3-5pm - practice, polish, and testing out the venue. We will start at Sapphire Ballroom and walk to Hickok Street by the end to try dancing in the street.

Thursday, August 9, 6:00pm
at the Christiansburg Farmers’ Market on Hickok Street
Even if you don’t want to dance, come out and cheer us on!

If you are interested in participating, watch Facebook (Sapphire's, the Farmers' Market, or the Town of Christiansburg page) for an official event and more information. Or just come by Sapphire on July 21. We need a certain number of people to pull this off, so know that your participation is important and you won’t be doing this alone. : ) Plus all participants get a coupon FREE future workshop at Sapphire Ballroom (beginner or Upper Level - your choice).

What do you have to lose? Join in this awesome, fun, community-building experience; meet new people; and knock the socks off of everyone at the market!

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Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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