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Sapphire Dance News - November, 2018
Dance will help you keep your sanity this holiday season!

presentsWith the end of the year approaching, and all the crazy fun and stress that goes along with it, social dancing is here to lend you a helping hand. Don’t underestimate dance’s ability to to take your mind off of your “to-do” lists for an hour, to give your brain and body some nice exercise, and to get you out of the house and mingling with friendly people.

Social dance can also come to the rescue when it comes to your gift-giving needs. Sapphire has several customizable gift packages (many of which are on sale right now!) to help you give someone a really considerate and unique gift this year.

Want to know more about how social dance can help you to do something nice for yourself, or someone else, and help you stay sane this season? Read on!

Speaking of the holidays, make sure to include Sapphire’s last two dance parties of the year on your social calendar: Gobbler’s Gala on Saturday, November 10, and the Peppermint Ball on Saturday, December 8.

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IconDo Something Nice for Yourself - 4-week Group Classes

Blacksburg Group ClassesHave you heard about all the benefits of dancing? Stress reduction, mental exercise, fun physical activity, social outlet are just the beginning. Going into the holiday season, we want to remind you take care of yourself so that you can stay happy and healthy during these hectic times. There are so many ways to dance at Sapphire (just take a gander at the well-packed calendar below!) that it can be hard to choose. But here are some current opportunities that are super easy to jump into, whether you're brand new to dancing or more experienced.

In this session, you will find three different "Level 1" classes, perfect for beginners. The four-week session gives you a nice amount of time to build your foundations, get some follow-up and practice, and review each week while adding a little more, without a big, long-term committment.

Blacksburg Group ClassesLevel 1 Hustle is for the inner Disco Dancer in us all. One of the stars of the Swing world, the Hustle will teach you the foundations of partner dancing while spinning both the lead and follow like you're on the teacups at the county fair!

Try Level 1 Fox Trot for a smooth, elegant, and debonaire dance percent dancing to all the old crooners. This dance will help you learn how to partner in a closed hold, and the thrill of traveling across the floor (as oppposed to the open, spin-filled Hustle).

Level 1 Nightclub 2-Step, sometimes referred to as “That Slow Dance”, will make you feel like you are floating through the clouds dancing to your favorite slow song. While not one of the more traditional ballroom styles, this dance has always been a favorite at Sapphire for its beauty and how well-suited it is for the slow songs you hear today.

Once completed, any of these classes can continue into a "Level 2" (depending on the group), if you want to keep going. Or, if you want to branch out, you can try Friday Night CTAM Workshops, private lessons, or another group class in another style.

Blacksburg Group ClassesInterested in digging a little deeper? Choose from Level 2 Salsa/Merengue, Level 4 Waltz, Level 2 Rumba (held is Christiansburg). Details on all these classes are available at or in the Upcoming Events featured at the end of this email.

4-week group classes are held throughout the year, but this is the last standard set of classes scheduled before we break for the holidays and pick back up mid-January. There are some “Class-by-Request” opportunities in December... but more on that in our next newsletter.

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IconDo Something Nice for Your Friends - 15% off select gift packages!

Blacksburg Group ClassesAll of the reasons dance is such a great thing to do for yourself are the same reasons reasons dance lessons are a wonderful gift for anyone on your list. Having new experiences is more fulfilling than owning new objects. Dance is great physical, social, and emotional exercise: good for the body and mind. And you know you don’t want to buy yet another sweater that likely won’t fit. The list goes on.

This year we have another reason to add to as why the Gift of Dance is such a great idea: gift packages are on sale!

Sapphire Gift Packages are bundles of different types of lessons and events that have been thoughtfully put together to give your loved one a great dance experience. We try to keep our prices down every day, so sales are pretty rare. Don't miss the chance jump on this opportunity! If not as gift for someone else, then maybe you should give the gift to yourself. ; )

As always, if the packages are not exactly what you are looking for we can create a package with just what you want in it. If you are buying for someone who is already into dancing and are unsure what they would like you can always buy “Dance Dollars” that they can use toward anything that we offer... group classes, private lessons, social dances, even dance shoes.

Take a look at all we have to offer and get in touch! We would love to help you choose the perfect gift for those special people in your lives.

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Calendar Graphic

Coming Events:

Events are hosted at the Sapphire Studio on Main Street in Christiansburg unless specified otherwise.


Friday Night Beginner Workshops (CTAM) - Most Fridays this Month, 7:00pm
Come learn the basics of some pretty exciting dances without any commitment, every Friday except Thanksgiving week.

Upper Level

Single Time Swing: Coping with Copa Turns (1-night workshop) - Monday, 11/5, 7:00pm
Learn how to cope with swing copa turns in this fun and challenging hour! Intermediate Level Workshop: level 2 prerequisite required.

Group Classes

Level 1 Hustle (4-week class) - Tuesdays, 11/6, 6:15pm
Get out your sequined shirts, disco’s back! Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Group Classes

Level 2 Salsa & Merengue: formerly Class-By-Request (4-week class) - Tuesdays, 11/6, 7:15pm
Adding tricks to your Salsa and Merengue to make it faster, more exciting, and way hotter. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center

Group Classes

Level 2 Rumba: Just Added! (4-week class) - Tuesdays, 11/6, 8:00pm
Are you ready to Rumba? Let’s take this back to the Studio!

Group Classes

Level 4 Waltz: formerly Class-By-Request (4-week class) - Wednesdays, 11/7, 6:15pm
It’s time to put that Waltz knowledge to work with an advanced waltz class. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Group Classes

Level 1 Foxtrot (4-week class) - Wednesdays, 11/7, 7:15pm
Live your Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers fantasy and learn the foundations to this elegant and jazzy dance. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Group Classes

Level 1 Nightclub 2-Step (4-Week Class) - Wednesdays, 11/7, 8:15pm
Are yoAn elegant dance that will upgrade your slow dancing to a new level of classy romance. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Dance Party

Gobbler’s Gala Dance Party - Saturday, 11/10, 7:30pm
We’ll have a turkey-lurkey time, starting with a Quickstep lesson. If you’ve never danced before, make sure to get there for the beginning so you’ve got a good foundation for later in the lesson.

Upper Level

West Coast Swing: Off the Slot (1-Night Workshop) - Monday, 11/12, 7:00pm
Get ready to think outside the box, or in this case… off the slot ;)
Intermediate Level Workshop: level 2 prerequisite required.

Special Event

Monthly Milonga - Friday, 11/16, 8:30pm
A monthly dance party dedicated solely to Argentine Tango.

Junior Ballroom

Junior Ballroom Dance Party - Sunday, 11/18, 3:00pm
A little demo by the Junior Ballroom Dancers, a little lesson, a little snacking, a lot of fun! Everyone welcome - bring your kids and make an afternoon of it.

Upper Level

Viennese Waltz: Favorite Moves (4-Week Class) - Mondays, 11/26, 8:00pm
Focusing on a few of our favorite moves in all their glittery glory, and the practicalities of fitting them to the dance floor. Intermediate Level Class: level 2 prerequisite required.

Junior Ballroom

Junior Ballroom Teens Edition (Winter Session 10-week class) - Friday, 11/30, 5:00pm
Expose your teens to the finer things in life, like Ballroom Dancing.


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Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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