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Sapphire Ballroom News - May, 2019
Anniversaries, Shoes, & Lots to Do...

Your busy lifeWell folks, we have another busy month ahead of us.

Another fantastically fun semester of dance classes at the Blacksburg Community Center has just wrapped up, but instead of taking it easy this month, we are packing in more than ever! There are two special dance parties this month: one geared especially towards dancers in their teens and one for dancers 55 and older. The second class in the Sapphire Wedding Series is starting this Saturday at 10:30am; this one focusing on Rumba, one of the most versatile dances around. For this summer only, we are offering Upper Level Workshops on some Thursdays: the first of which is on May 23. A Sweethearts’ Summer class is starting on Wednesday, May 8, for those of you interested in dancing solely with your sweetheart.

And those group classes that just ended? Another batch of them will be starting up the first week of June and the best way to find out about them is at the Summer Sampler on May 21.

With so many options, it can be hard to keep everything straight. This is where Google Calendar can help. Sapphire keeps two calendars on Google: one for events and one for classes. Subscribe to one or both to keep you up to date on what is happening this week, or next. For example, this weekend the Calendar says that we will be at the Downtown Christiansburg Wine & Artisans festival - you should stop in and say hi!

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Happy Birthday Sapphire Ballroom! You’re almost old enough to drive!

Linda dancing with JaeSapphire Ballroom and Dance Center is celebrating its 15th anniversary this summer and we feel the need to celebrate.

In 2004, Linda Stancill decided it was time to dive in and see if the dance community she had been building in Blacksburg and Christiansburg could support a studio. Along with her husband, Dail, Linda found and rented part of the old Leggett’s building in downtown Christiansburg: the same place we love to dance today. She recruited a few teachers (Debbi and Dennis) and opened the doors in late July.

While plans for the birthday party are still being developed, here is the basic idea:
1- There must be a dance party (of course!) and it will be on Saturday, August 10 at 7:30pm, for the usual price of $12/person.
2- Since Sapphire owes its success to the awesome dance community in this area (all of you), we should also have some time to socialize and reminisce. So, let’s gather for a potluck dinner at 5:00. Don’t worry if you can’t bring a dish - there is always plenty to share. As is Sapphire tradition, we’ll give a prize to the most popular dish.
Demo crew3- What would Sapphire be without it’s wonderful instructors? We are inviting as many former Sapphire instructors as we can get in touch with. Not everyone will be able to come, but a few old friends will there to make the really night special.

Finally, we are hoping to have a slide show, some demos, and maybe a bit more entertainment. (Anyone remember Matt and DeDee’s hilarious “History of Linda” at the 10th Anniversary Showcase?)
This is where we really need your help. Do you want to put together a slideshow (we have a ton of pictures you could use)? Do you have something else you’d like to contribute? An idea? A photo of your own? A funny story? How about some time and energy? We would love anything you can offer. Get in touch at

And make plans to be there on August 10, 2019!

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Are Dance Shoes really worth it? Why yes, yes they are.

Two left feetIf you have been coming to dance classes for very long, you either own a pair of dance shoes (maybe several) or have seen fellow dancers change their shoes before dancing and wondered if it’s worth it. Here are a few reasons why they are so very much “worth it.” And then a bit of advice for making do if dance shoes just aren’t going to happen for you, for whatever reason.

shoes1. Flexibility. Your feet really get a workout when you dance and you want your shoes to help, not hinder, their movement. A good dance shoe will not only be durable but will also be light and flexible, allowing your foot to bend the way it’s designed to. A flexible shoe lets you get a full range of motion without fighting with a more structured shoe.

checker2. Traction. Most dance shoes have a thin, suede sole that gives you the perfect amount of traction. Rubber soles are too sticky and will slow you down or put torque on your knees (very bad). Alternatively, some hard soles will slide too much making your waltz feel more like ice skating than dancing.

waiting3. Attachment. Dance shoes attach firmly to your foot. Many slide-on or loafer style shoes have too much play to be good for dancing. If your foot is sliding around inside the shoe, or if the shoe comes away from your foot when you lift it (like with flip flops), you will spend a lot of time and effort keeping your shoes on. The muscles in your feet and legs end up working harder than they should, making all your steps more challenging. All that effort could be better spent getting the hang of that new move. Plus - blisters. Need I say more?

shoes4. Support. Quality dance shoes also provide support for your foot. Some dance shoes provide a lot, some just a little. It’s really your preference which is right for your feet, but the options are there for you to choose from.

Ok - Dance shoes=good, flip flops=bad (at least for dancing). But good shoes are expensive. Do you really need them to try dancing? Not at all.

Look in your closet and find a pair of shoes that laces Spring Shoesup or buckles securely on your foot. Try to find a pair with a fairly thin, flexible sole: avoid running shoes and hiking boots. Then wear them at your next lesson. See how you like dancing in them. Then decide if they will serve.

shoesWhen you’re ready to buy your first (or next) pair of dance shoes, we would be happy to help. There are lots of options including “sneakers,” boots, and sandals. Here at Sapphire, we have a selection of high-quality shoes for sale. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can help you find it on-line. Ultimately, we want you to find the best pair of shoes to fit your style and needs. Schedule some time to talk with an instructor and try on some shoes.

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Calendar Graphic

Coming Events:

Events are hosted at the Sapphire Studio on Main Street in Christiansburg unless specified otherwise.


Friday Night Beginner Workshops (CTAM) - every Friday this month except May 24, 7:00pm
Come learn the basics of some pretty exciting dances without any commitment. No partner or previous experience needed.

Group Classes

Wedding Series: Rumba - Saturdays starting May 4, 10:30am
This class is tailor-made for couples getting ready for their wedding dance, but it's great for other couples as well.

Group Classes

DCI Wine & Artisans Festival - Saturday, May 4, 12-7:00pm
Drop by our booth at the Wine & Artisans Festival in downtown Christiansburg. We’ll also be teaching at 1:45 and 3:45 pm. We’d love to see your smiling faces! Located on Hickok and College Streets.

Upper Level

Rumba Workshop - Monday, May 6, 7:00pm
Come on down and add some flair to your Rumba game. Level 2 prerequisite.

Upper Level

Quickstep 4 week class - starting Monday, May 6, 8:00pm
How about we speed things up with this beautiful, elegant, and fast paced dance. We will be skipping Memorial Day Weekend. Level 3 Foxtrot prerequisite.

Group Classes

Summer Sweethearts - Wednesdays, starting May 8, 8:00pm
Ready to try something new? How about dance? More specifically Rumba and Carolina Shag. No prior experience required. Want to get $10 off? Ask us how!

Dance Party

Black and White Ball - Saturday, May 11, 7:30pm
Join us for a night of classic fun. We’ll start with a Viennese Waltz pre-dance lesson. Dressing to theme is always appreciated but not required.

Upper Level

Junior Ballroom Spring Dance - Sunday, May 12, 3:00pm
Grab your kids and come check out this teens-oriented dance party.

Upper Level

West Coast Swing Workshop - Monday, May 13, 8pm
Who said too much of a good thing is bad? Come and join us as we take another look at a studio favorite! Level 2 West Coast Swing prerequisite.

Dance Party

Senior Social Dance Party - Sunday, May 19, 3:00pm
Intended for ages 55+, but no one is checking IDs at the door.


Upper Level

Single Time Swing - Monday, May 20, 7:00pm
Fast and fabulous, this workshop will get your groove on track.

Upper Level

Summer Sampler - Tuesday, May 21, 8:00pm
Come out and get a free lesson plus a preview of summer dance classes. Held at Blacksburg Community Center.

Upper Level

Fox Trot Workshop - Thursday, May 23, 7:00pm
Who’s ready to get down to that Fox Trot sound? Join us for some funky Fox Trot moves that will take advantage of the best opportunities the music has to offer. Level 2 Fox Trot prerequisite.


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Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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