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Winter Blues


Winter Blues Dance Party this
Saturday, January 14

Come shake off the cold and kick the Winter Blues to the curb. It's time to Dance Party!

Long winter evenings are the perfect time to spend inside dancing with friends. Join us as we stir up some warmth to kick the new year off right! (Details and registration.)

The pre-dance lesson will be a quirky combination of Line Dance and Partner Dance, possibly featuring a Waltz Line/Partner Dance or maybe a Cha Cha Mixer. Additionally, the set list for the evening will feature all our favorite partner dances with an emphasis on music that also works for Line Dances. Line Dancer, meet Partner Dancer. Partner Dancer, meet Line Dancer. There's space on the floor for all of us!

Dustin and LisaTo give you a taste of how this works, here's a sample of the music we'll be playing on Saturday. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

If you're interested in joining the Line Dance Workshops with Dustin Betts, there is still space for you. Check out the details here, and sign up today!

You can find our library of playlists on our YouTube Channel at


11:59 CST

11:59 (Central Standard Time)
by The Railers

Partner Dance: Nice, slow-but-spunky Cha Cha

Line Dance: 1159 - a 4-wall beginner but challenging dance with lots of "&," which is why it works so well as a Cha Cha, too

All Shook Up

All Shook Up
by Whissell

Partner Dance: Triple or Double Time Swing. A bit more gritty than the version most of us know, this version still has all the bouncy, swingy fun of the orginal.

Line Dance: All Shook Up by DUSTIN BETTS!! Woot! We're hoping this is one of the dances he teaches Saturday afternoon.

Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights

Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights
by Robynn Shayne

Partner Dance: a lovely, medium speed Country Two-Step

Line Dance: Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights, another beginner dance, that (bizarrely) works really well to slow-ish Salsas, so expect to see this dance on other songs as well.

Die a Happy Man

Die A Happy Man
by Rhett Thomas

Partner Dance: A fabulous Bolero or extra slow International Rumba

Line Dance: Die A Happy Man, an intermediate "WCS Style" Line dance. If you don't Bolero, feel free to watch the line dancers on this one - it's so pretty.


by Pitbull featuring John Ryan

Partner Dance: Samba is my first choice, but also a good Merengue

Line Dance: Ah Si! This super easy and fun dance was orginally choreographed to Levantando Las Manos by El Simbolo, but it's so fun, we dance it to lots of things. If you want, you can probably pick this one up on the floor.

I Think Therefore I Am

I Think Therefore I Am
by Billie Eilish

Partner Dance: West Coast Swing

Line Dance: Call My Bluff. This intermediate, 2-wall dance is another Dustin Betts creation!

Neon Moon

Neon Moon
by Brooks and Dunn

Partner Dance: Rumba

Line Dance: El Paso, a partner-style line dance based on Cha Cha rhythm. This line dance is one of several that combines the world of lead-follow with choreography.

Otra Vez

Otra Vez
by Prince Royce

Partner Dance: Bachata

Line Dance: The Barn Dance (Full name = "Dick and Geneva's Western Barn Dance") Like El Paso, this line dance is done with a partner in a circle, and is commonly done as a mixer. Also like El Paso, this dance provides a framework that meshes beautifully with lead-follow Bachata.


by Iggy Azalea featuring Jennifer Hudson

Partner Dance: Cha Cha, slow but sassy

Line Dance: Know Trouble, beginner-friendly and fun - anyone who does Cha Cha can pick up this dance on the fly.


spacerHere's a few more options coming soon...

Line Dance

Line Dancing With Lisa
Take a night to explore your own fun

Can't make it this weekend? Or want to review what you learned with Dustin? Come dance with us on Tuesday, Jan 17 at 7pm, for beginner-level Line Dance . Or join us on Monday, Jan 23 at 8pm, more challenging material.


Silver Waltz and Fox

Monday-night What's Next Classes will hit Silver Waltz and Fox Trot hard this month.




Friday Beginner Workshops are on fire with Salsa during January. We'll switch to Waltz on February 3.


Date Night Dance Class

Need a spectactular date idea for Valentine's Day? Tango.



Sapphire's group classes and workshops are always small, low stress, and fun. They are a great way to meet other people who have also decided to learn to dance, as well as get to know our teaching staff. It doesn't take any long-term investment to get started, no special clothing or shoes - just something comfortable to wear and a sense of adventure. So, take the plunge and try it out.

All classes (in person or online) require registration by noon the day the class starts. We are happy to add late-comers if we can, but classes may be cancelled or rescheduled if registration is low.

Five ways to register, just choose one and we'll take care of the rest:
1 - reply to this email;
2 - register and pay at the same time at our online store at;
3 - talk to your favorite Sapphire Staff member;
4 - give us a ring at 540-382-8782;
5 - Blacksburg Group classes are best registered through the Blacksburg Community Center webpage.

Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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