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Sapphire Dance News - April 2016

April is turning out to be an amazing, awesome, astronomically astonishing month. We are psyched about this month because it holds so many incredible events, not the least of which is a visit from Sam & Denise Miller! In addition to all the joys that come with spring-time make sure to take advantage of all the joys of dancing. Check below for a run down of what we are excited about. See you on the dance floor!

  1. High Powered West Coast Swing - begins Monday, April 4 - read more

  2. Fresh and New Group Classes in Blacksburg - Tuesday & Wednesday, April 5 & 6 - read more

  3. Silver Screen Soiree - your chance to dance down the red carpet - Saturday, April 9 - read more

  4. Tango and Cha Cha on Monday Nights - read more

  5. It’s Miller Time! - April 30 & May 1 - read more

  6. Junior Ballroom Summer Dance Camps - read more

  7. Sapphire On the Town - read more
            Line Dancing at Mtn Lake Lodge
            Spring Fling benefiting Good Samaritan Hospice
            Blacksburg Children's Chorale


Calendar GraphicDates to remember:

Lots coming up - get out your calendar and take some notes!

Monday, Apr 4 - High Power West Coast Swing begins
Monday, Apr 4 - Tango on Upper Level Mondays
Tuesday & Wednesday, Apr 5 & 6 - Group Classes begin in Blacksburg
Saturday, Apr 9 - Silver Screen Sioree with Tango Lesson
Saturday, Apr 16 - Country Girls' Night Out at Mountain Lake Lodge
Friday, Apr 22 - Spring Fling to Benefit Good Samaritan Hospice
Saturday & Sunday, Apr 30 & May 1 - Sam & Denise Miller return for West Coast Swing, Country Two-Step, and more!
Monday, May 9 - Bachata joins Upper Level Mondays
Saturday, May 14 - Sapphire's first ever Black and White Ball
Wedensday, May 25 - Summer Sampler: Free Intro Lesson

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1 - High Powered West Coast Swing - begins Monday, April 4

Lane dances WCS
Let’s take your West Coast a bit higher, what do you say? If you feel solid on the Sugar Push, Right and Left Side Passes, Tuck Turns, and Whips, this class will be right up your alley. We plan to take your dance up a notch by giving you the tools to change up these basic figures adding more variety. The 4 week class starts THIS Monday, April 4, at 7pm, at Sapphire Ballroom in Christiansburg.

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2 - Fresh and New Group Classes in Blacksburg - Tuesday & Wednesday, April 5 & 6

Spring has sprung and so has a new bouquet of colorful group classes in Blacksburg. When planning our lineup we try to have a blend of Swing, Latin, and Ballroom….some fast, some slow, some more beginner friendly, some more challenging. In April we have for you….drum roll….Carolina Shag (fast, beachy, Swing), Cha Cha (fast, cheeky, Latin) and Fox Trot (slow, classic, Ballroom). Take your pick and find the details at

For our “Class-By-Request” time slots, March’s Hustle and Swing classes are both going to continue to the next level at the Blacksburg Community Center. Level 2 Hustle will keep on spinning on Tuesdays at 8:15pm.
Level 2 Swing will continue to jive and wail on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Looks like the upbeat Swing styles are popular for Spring!

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3 - Silver Screen Soiree - your chance to dance down the red carpet - Saturday, April 9

Lucky DrawYou can feel as special as Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as we roll out the red carpet and shine those’s time for our Silver Screen Soiree! This screen and stage inspired dance features music from favorite shows, classic and contemporary. How many of the tunes will you recognize? : ) We will start the night with one of the most dramatic dances of them all - “The American Tango”, directed by Sapphire Ballroom and starring Luke in his debut as a pre-dance instructor. Come get caught up in the drama, Saturday, April 9, starting at 7:30. This may be the only time Luke gets to teach a pre-dance lesson before he graduates in May, so come out and give him a standing-O.

Bring a snack for the chance to win a prize. See you there!

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4 - Tango and Cha Cha on Upper Level Monday Nights

Cha ChaWant to know what will be featured as One-Night-Upper-Level Workshops at 8pm on Monday nights alongside the “High Powered West Coast Swing” mentioned above? None other than Tango and Cha Cha.

They began last month, but you can still join in. Monday, April 4 will feature American Tango: Turns and Rotations, with only a Level 1 prereq. So if you’ve Tango’ed with us before, come on out! The workshops will continue to increase in level, so check the prerequisites to see if they are right for you.

Be on the lookout for Bachata in May and then a whole new scheduling strategy for the summer! We can’t ruin the surprise and tell you now, you will have to wait and see.

SwingAll the Monday Night Workshops are come as you can (or want), so don’t worry if next week’s workshop sounds too hard, or unappealing - just come to this week’s.

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5 - It’s Miller Time!

One of the most wonderful times of year! The schedule is set and now it’s time to register, Check out the schedule and let us know which workshops you want to sign up for.

While the daytime workshops are geared toward those with some experience, our Miller Mania Dance Party with a Country Two-Step lesson is open to anyone and everyone! Even if you have never danced before, be sure to take advantage of this chance to learn from some world class dancers and teachers right here at your home studio.

Private lessons are already slim pickins (you have to get em’ early!), but there are still spaces available, so let us know if you are interested in one.

Want to know more about Sam & Denise Miller? Or just watch some really cool dancing? Check them out on YouTube at - West Coast Swing - Country Two Step

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6 - Junior Ballroom Summer Dance Camps

LeverageWhile we are currently in our 10 week, Spring Session of Junior Ballroom, we have something different up our sleeve for summer. You may remember our week long Dance Camps from last summer….they are back! We have 3 different weeks to choose from, all including a DJ Dance Party to finish it up on Friday. Oh, the learning, the camaraderie, the fun…...the break from the summer doldrums! Sign your teen up (or refer a teen you know) and get a couple’s admission to our Friday Night Workshops. Why should they have all the fun!

The dates and times are 4:30-6:00, Monday-Friday, June 6-10, June 27- July 1, and July 25-29. Each week will feature different dance styles, so sign up for one, two, or all three!

More details will be coming soon at

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7 - Sapphire On the Town:
Line Dancing at Mtn Lake Lodge
Blacksburg Children's Chorale
Spring Fling benefiting Good Samaritan Hospice

Sapphire is out and about as usual and it just so happens that all three outings involve events that you can attend!

Liz and Debbi will be hosting another fun night at the gorgeous Mountain Lake Lodge kicking up their heels and stomping their feet at the “Country Girls’ Night Out.” Details available on Lodge website.

The next event is really just evidence of Sapphire having been “out and about” in our community. If you are looking for a night of entertainment along with supporting a good cause you can come out on Saturday, April 16, at 1pm to the Village Center at Warm Hearth, Tall Oaks Hall, to see Metaphasia by the Blacksburg Children's Chorale. It is a radical retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses….by some talented young people. Sapphire had the pleasure of helping them out with a few dance moves! It is $10 at the door.

Last in the line-up, but not in the amount of fun to be had, is the Spring Fling benefiting the Good Samaritan Hospice. Lane taught at their New Year’s Eve dance and will be going back to spread more dancing joy on Friday, April 22, with a saucy, fun Salsa Lesson. Details available at

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