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Sapphire Dance News - September 2017

This month seems to filled with new beginnings. As students and faculty get in the swing of a new academic year, Sapphire begins new sessions of Junior Ballroom, a new season of Upper Level Classes, a new semester of Blacksburg Group Classes, a new collaboration with Moss Arts Center, and more. This is not to say that we’re feeling at all “out with the old”: we’ve got a favorite Dance Party Theme back on the agenda, the return of Karen Jaffe and Tate DiChiazza, and old friends at Friday Night beginner workshops.

  1. Junior Ballroom Fall Session Begins This Friday, Sept 8 - read more

  2. This Month’s Dance Party: Black & White Ball - adding a little old time glam this Saturday, Sept 9 - read more

  3. Upper Level Workshops for September now at 6 & 7pm - read more

  4. Fall Sampler: FREE Intro Lesson on Wednesday, Sept 20 - read more

  5. “Tango in the Cube” at the Moss Arts Center on Sept 22 - read more

  6. Cheaper Than A’s so cheap it’s free on Sept 22 - read more

  7. Weekend of Argentine Tango with Karen and Tate, Sept 29 - Oct 1 - read more


Calendar GraphicDates to Remember:

Friday, September 8 - Junior Ballroom Fall Session starts
Saturday, September 9 - Black and White Ball with Viennese Waltz Lesson
Wednesday, September 20 - Fall Sampler: FREE Intro Lesson at the Blacksburg Community Center
Friday, September 22 - CTAM Beginner Workshop - FREE for Food Truck Rodeo
Monday, September 25 -West Coast Swing - Whips begins
Friday-Sunday, September 29-October 1 - Argentine Tango with Karen and Tate
Tuesday & Wednesday, October 3 & 4 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Saturday, October 14- Summer Sizzle Dance Party with Salsa Lesson
Monday, Oct 23 -Quickstep - More Good Things begins

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Dance Party1 - Junior Ballroom Fall Session Begins This Friday, Sept 8

Junior Ballroom Dance PartySapphire Ballroom loves to share the pleasure of partner dancing with the next generations, but these young people need an environment where they can be comfortable learning and enjoy the company of other teens. They need a class just for them.

Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire teaches 12-18 year olds a variety of dance styles, social skills, etiquette, poise, and confidence on the dance floor (and beyond).

We spend 10 weeks with them focusing on 2 different dance styles, teaching them to dance those styles socially by the end of the session. Then, we have a dance party for all the current students, their friends, and their families. Everyone involved, including the staff that get the pleasure of working with the teens, have a blast all along the way.

This upcoming session will meet on Fridays at 5-6pm starting September 8 and will go through November 17 (missing one week in October). Even if you miss a few classes, joining in is still totally worth it. We start from the beginning and move at the pace of the group, always with repetition and review.

Junior Ballroom Salsa PerformanceEnrollment is $115 per student and includes the dance party. We do offer a sibling discount. More details are available at

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the program.

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Upper Level Mondays2 - This Month’s Dance Party: Black & White Ball - adding a little old time glam this Saturday, Sept 9


“What is a Black and White Ball?” you might wonder. Well, according to Wikipedia, it was a masquerade ball thrown by Truman Capote on November 28, 1966, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and commonly cited as the pinnacle event of New York’s social history. Since then, it has been recreated time and time again, focusing on kitschy-cool and fancy dress, all in black and white, with as much sparkle as you can muster.

So, dress up like the high society of New York in the sixties and come to dance the night away. Even if you don’t feel ready for the Plaza, throw on your fanciest black and white, whatever it may be, and join Debbi for a high-class Viennese Waltz lesson at 7:30. You'll feel rich and famous….rich in friends and famous on the dance floor. : )

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Group Classes3 - Upper Level Workshops for September now at 6pm & 7pm

This month, Upper Level Mondays are featuring some of the Sapphire Staff favorites. I know, it sounds selfish, but we think you’ll enjoy these dances as much as we do!

WaltzFor long-time dancers and those ready to dive into the deep end, on Mondays, Sept 11 &18, at 6:00 (whoa - that’s earlier than usual!), we’ve got two Silver workshops: Waltz and then Fox Trot. Both of these classes require Level 2 experience in their respective dances, but some exposure to Silver Smooth would also be helpful.

For more mellow dancers or anyone who has not yet tried an Upper Level Workshop, on Monday, Sept 11, at 7:00, come out for a Rumba workshop all about Cuban Walks: open, closed and everything in between.

SwingAnother great opportunity for newer dancers, on Sept 18, at 7:00 East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop are going to meet and the proverbial sparks are gonna fly.

Wrapping up the month, on Sept 25 at 6:00p, SalsaWest Coast Swing Whips (a 4-week class) will be starting, and at 7:00p, Salsa is gonna “Shine, Baby, Shine.”

All workshops require Level 2 experience in the subject, or equivalent experience. Find specific details at

PS - if you are wondering where Quickstep is….Check the 4-week classes - we have it coming back in October!

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Group Classes4 - Fall Sampler: FREE Intro Lesson on Wednesday, Sept 20

Fall SmaplerIt’s that time again! Time to kick off another set of beginner friendly, community building group classes at the Blacksburg Community Center.

The Fall session begins Wednesday, September 20, with an absolutely FREE workshop: the Fall Sampler. We introduce and teach a few dance styles, answer questions about the upcoming classes, demonstrate any of the styles you want to see, and just generally have a grand time. You will also receive an $8 off coupon just for showing up! This can be used toward any Fall group class. If you want to sign up in advance for multiple classes you can receive $8 off each one. All told, you can get up to $48 off your dancing in Blacksburg. Not too bad, eh?

Check out our full line-up at There are many cool styles to choose from and some built-in “Class by Requests” for classes to continue on to the second level. Perfect for new dancers this Fall: Level 1 Polka (just in time for all those fall festivals) and Level 1 Waltz.

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Sapphire Special Event5 - “Tango in the Cube” at the Moss Arts Center on Friday, Sept 22

Sapphire is so excited to be teaching a beginner lesson at the Moss Arts Center in the Cube immediately following their season opener by Tango Beunos Aires on September 22. “The Spirit of Argentina ” by Tango Beunos Aires features an orchestra and dancers, and promises to be a captivating, alluring, playful, and authentic representation of Tango.

After the performance, Sapphire will have the pleasure of teaching this beautiful dance to anyone interested in a friendly lesson designed to introduce beginners to social Tango dancing. You do not have to come to the show to join the lesson, but if you want to guarantee your spot in the lesson, register through the Moss Center box office. More details are available at the link below.

This event is perfect for whetting your appetite for a weekend full of Argentine Tango with Karen and Tate the very next weekend!

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Sapphire Special Event6 - Cheaper-Than-A-Movie Beginner Workshop’s so cheap it’s free on September 22!

CTAMFriday Night beginner workshops at Sapphire are always a great way to try out partner dancing. They are fun, informative, and relaxed, giving new dancers a chance to try multiple styles and teachers, with no commitment. And here's another reason to get dancing: on Friday, Sept 22, the workshop is free!

That Friday, Downtown Christiansburg, Inc, is hosting the 2017 Food Truck Rodeo, a raucous, food-fest which takes over most of Main Street in the downtown area. Parking will be tricky, but the food will be awesome. So come out, grab a bite, and head into Sapphire Ballroom for an adventurous end to an awesome evening. Everyone gets into the Friday Night Beginner Workshop for free. Grab a friend or come on your own.

This social hobby is a great way to get out and get moving on any Friday night, even better when you can pair it with food from the Rodeo. All dances are taught in a beginner friendly workshop format that will have you moving comfortably on the dance floor in no time at all, with no long-term commitment.

These beginner workshops happen almost every week. To see what’s going to be taught and when, check out the webpage:

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Sapphire Special Event7 - Weekend of Argentine Tango with Karen and Tate, Sept 29 - Oct 1

Karen and TateWe have been anticipating the return of Karen Jaffe and Tate DiChiaza pretty much since the end of their last visit and it is finally here!

We are thrilled to have all the details ready to share! There is a lot going on, so grab your calendar and make plans for a jam-packed weekend with something for everyone! Be sure to check out our website for a complete line-up and registration: In addition to all you see below we have private lesson slots available as well. Sign up for yours soon!

In the Sapphire studio in Christiansburg, Friday night brings the “Path to Tango” workshop from 7-8:30pm. Tate and Karen will delve deeply into the fundamentals of Argentine Tango - walking, posture, embrace, connection, and musicality - in a relaxed, friendly environment. This is perfect for beginners ready to be swept up in this dynamic dance as well as a wonderful and always beneficial refresher for experienced dancers.

From 2:30-4:00pm, take the “Next Steps” with Karen and Tate as they explore Navigation: interesting, musical, circular or changes of directions….. never a dull moment! This class is more a beginner/intermediate level class. Prior experience with Tango is encouraged but if you come Friday night as a novice and still want more, you are welcome to join us!

From 4:30-6:00pm, experienced dancers will be diving into Barridas. We will explore the techniques to execute simple barridas that feel good.

Wait...that’s not all. We saved the most festive and intriguing event for last: “A Taste of Argentina.” Experience Argentine Tango in this multimedia performance, including live dancing. Enjoy wonderful Argentine wine and South American treats from Beliveau Estate Winery as you watch the evolution of this beautiful and mysterious dance and culture unfold before you! After the presentation, stick around for a reception and dance party.

Be sure to check out our website for a complete line-up and registration:

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Thanks for reading, we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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