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Sapphire Dance News - January 2018

2018 has a nice ring! Hello to you all in this brand new year. We hope you have had enjoyable holidays with family and friends… Now, are you ready to jump back into dancing?!?!

The new year is brimming with dance opportunities starting with the first Friday Night (Cheaper-Than-A-Movie) Beginner Workshop of the year this Friday, January 5. There is a ton of stuff listed below: what do you expect when you're starting a new year full of new possibilities and great options for dancing? It's all there to help keep you in the loop and your dance calendar up to date.

Check out the list below to see what appeals to you, and as always, Happy Dancing!

Autumn Dance  
  1. Valentine’s Day Gift Package Special - most of our packages are on sale, just in time to treat your sweetheart! - read more

  2. Upper Level Mondays are hitting the ground running - read more

  3. Winter Luau Dance Party, Saturday, January 13 - read more

  4. High Powered West Coast Swing, 4-Week Class starting Monday January 15 - read more

  5. Winter/Spring Sampler: your chance for a free taste of the Group Class offerings in Blacksburg - Tuesday, January 16 - read more

  6. January/February Group Classes in Blacksburg: swinging, smooth, or sassy: it’s your choice - Tuesdays & Wednesdays, starting January 30 & 31 - read more

  7. Monthly Milongas, Argentine Tango Dance Parties on third Fridays - read more

  8. Save the Date for two excellent dance weekends featuring Tate & Karen (March) and Alyssa Gillespie (April) - read more


Calendar GraphicDates to Remember:

Friday, January 5 - CTAM Beginner Workshops resume their regular schedule
Saturday, January 13 - Winter Luau Dance Party with Bachata Lesson
Monday, January 15 - High Powered West Coast Swing begins
Tuesday, January 16 - Winter Sampler for Blacksburg Group Classes
Friday, January 19 - January Milonga
Friday, January 26 - New Junior Ballroom - TWEENs session begins
Tuesday & Wednesday, January 30 & 31 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Saturday, February 10 - Winter Blues Dance Party with West Coast Swing Lesson
Monday, February 12 - The last day we promise to be available to fulfill Gift Card Orders for Valentine's Day
Monday, February 12 - High Powered Viennese Waltz begins
Friday, February 16 - Monthly Milonga
Friday, March 2 - Junior Ballroom TEEN Session starts
Friday, March 2 - Junior Ballroom TWEEN Session starts

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Upper Level Mondays1 - Valentine’s Day Gift Package Special - most of our packages are on sale just in time to surprise your sweetheart!

PresentsThis Valentine’s Day is your chance to do something really special for your special someone. Whether you want to treat your spouse, your best friend, family member, or yourself, we are offering a great deal on Gift Packages that will get you on the dance floor, having great time, and save some money!

Most of our packages are on sale so there is something for everyone. For the hesitant toe-tappers, you might try one of the Friday Night Beginner Workshop Packages: priced as low at $25 for a single and $45 for a couple. For someone more likely to dive into the deep end, look at the Sapphire Samplers, where they can try several of Sapphire’s different programs and get 15 hours of instruction for one low price.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time even *thinking* about dancing or if you have been dancing with us for years, you can take advantage of this great deal.

We would loooove to be a part of your Valentine’s Day. ;^) But act soon - sale ends on Valentine’s Day.

Check out the options at

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Group Classes2 - Upper Level Mondays are hitting the ground running

WaltzFor the first week of 2018, we are mixing things up in Upper Level Workshops, and trying something new. For the 7pm class we are doing Waltz - Sadie Hawkins Style: Where the leaders follow and the followers lead.

This switch-up is an awesome way to gain insight on how to be better in your regular role, and is sure to be hoot, causing multiple identity crises and more than a little laughter on the way! You will at the very least leave with some greater appreciation of your partner.

At 8:00, the Waltzing is will continue with a challenging workshop on Syncopations. Don’t worry - you’re welcome to return to your regular role for this one. Come to one or come to both!

Starting Monday, January 15, the 7pm time will be rocking with a 4-week class on West Coast Swing (see below). Meanwhile, the 8pm slot will feature a fun variety of “Country Western” dances: Nightclub 2-Step, Cha Cha, Country Two-Step, and ending with more Nightclub 2-Step.

Check out the schedule for January and February here: And watch for a 4-week Viennese Waltz class in Feburary!

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Dance Party3 - Winter Luau Dance Party - Saturday, January 13

LuauLuau Dancing There's no better way to knock off the cold than with a Luau! Join Sapphire as we conjure up all that is warm and tropical for the first dance of the year on Saturday, January 13. Throw on a Hawaiian shirt over your long-johns, grab your winter coat and come escape the ugly winter temperatures.

Join in for Debbi’s Bachata lesson at 7:30 and you’ll start peeling off those extra layers before you know it. If you are new to Bachata, be sure to get there for the beginning of the lesson where you’ll learn the basics. If you are looking to spice up your Bachata, hang in there until the end where we will try to knock your woolen socks off.

LessonWe look forward to seeing you there! Check out what other dance parties are coming in 2018 at

Want to see more excellent pictures from one of our previous Winter Luaus? Check out Sapphire's Facebook photo album.

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Upper Level Mondays4 - High Powered West Coast Swing, 4-Week Class starting Monday January 15

West CoastBack by popular demand, High Powered West Coast Swing is hitting the Monday night schedule for four weeks in a row starting Monday, January 15, at 7pm. This class will delve into stylized basics and musicality, both topics requested by your fellow students, and more.

High Powered classes are designed with the goal of taking your dance up a level. The focus is usually split between technique and types of patterns, drills for yourself and dancing with a partner. We try to dig in a little and give you tools to make your dance fundamentally better, making all your patterns, old and new, work like magic.

If that sounds like what you are looking for in West Coast, be sure to join us!

If you would like to see a High Powered Series in another style down the road let us know that, too. Check out this 4 week class and all of our group classes, in Blacksburg and in Christiansburg, at

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Sapphire Upper Level Monday5 - Winter/Spring Sampler: your chance for a free taste of the spring Group Class offerings in Blacksburg - Tuesday, January 16

Winter SamplerWant to see what 4-week group classes are being in offered in Blacksburg this semester? Well, we are excited to show you! Join long-time teachers Debbi and Lane at the Sapphire Winter Sampler on Tuesday, January 16, 7:15pm, at the Blacksburg Community Center.

It’s a fantstic chance to hear all about upcoming classes, catch a few mini-lessons (the group will help choose the styles!), and see demos of any dance style that you want. It’s a super fun hour of dancing and learning about the classes Sapphire has to offer.

BlacksburgAnd, if a free hour of fun is not incentive enough to come and dance with us we give you $8 off as many group classes as you want to sign up for that night. Pretty sweet deal, if we do say so ourselves!

If you are nervous about trying dance, this is a great way to give it try with absolutely no obligation. Read below to see information about the classes starting in January.

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Sapphire Upper Level Monday6 - January/February Group Classes in Blacksburg: swinging, smooth, or sassy: it’s your choice - Tuesdays & Wednesdays, starting January 30 & 31

Every semester, Sapphire tries to give you the best, most exciting schedule of Group Classes that we can manage. Recently, we’ve been hearing a call for Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, more Dips & Tricks - and all of those classes are on the schedule! In addition, there are some classic, beginner-friendly options like a beginning Swing class, Nightclub 2-Step, and Cha Cha. The session of the year is starting in just a few weeks: some classes more relaxed, some more challenging. Some styles are fast, some slow. They each offer something different, but all offer four weeks of fun no matter what you choose!

Here’s a quick summary of styles, to help you find your best options.

SwingIf you’re a first-time dancer, try one of these classes:
Swing - fast, peppy, and exciting, this class includes both Triple Time and Single Time rhythms, letting you dance to almost any upbeat song. You’re sure to have fun while burning calories, improving balance, and learning to groove.
Nightclub 2-Step - graceful and romantic, this dance is perfect for those slow songs that deserve something more than the stand and sway that we all did in high school.
Cha ChaCha Cha - fast and flirty, Cha Cha is a fun dance that works fabulously with many kinds of dance music including Latin pop, country, contemporary and classic rock. Thisdance turns a little less than Swing, but it’s just as energetic and exciting.

If you’ve danced before, try any of the above to add to your repertoire or one of these classes for a bit more challenge:
WaltzDips and Tricks in Fox Trot and Waltz - approachable and fun dips and tricks to jazz up your smooth styles. Level 2 experience in Waltz and Fox Trot requested.
Argentine Tango - passionate and intriguing, Argentine Tango is wildly popular around the world, embracing music and creativity as well as connection and flair. Previous dance experience encouraged, but not required.

Find all the details, times, dates, etc. at

If the schedule overwhelms you, and it might, it’s a lot….come to the Winter/Spring Sampler (details above) and we will help you sort it out.

Registration details are available at

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Sapphire Upper Level Monday7 - Monthly Milongas, Argentine Tango Dance Parties on third Fridays

Milonga FeetAs the love of Argentine Tango continues to grow in our area, we want to give it more fuel to continue on! While Tango is featured at Sapphire Dance Parties, it is mixed with the many other styles that we dance and you don’t get to experience the unique social dance party structure of a true Milonga.

There are many neat elements to a milonga and you can find a very nice detailed description by Karen Jaffee on the FAQ section on her website,

There will not be a lesson at these events, just social dancing! There will be a staff member there that you can feel free to ask any questions that you have, but in general this will be a place to just dance the Tango that you know and have fun exploring this amazing dance.

The monthly Milongas will be held on the 3rd Friday of the month at 8:30 (after Sapphire’s Friday Night Beginner Workshop) and will last about 2 hours.

They are $5 a person. The first one of the year is Friday, January 19. Come see what it’s all about.

If you are looking for learning opportunities, we’ve got those, too! Lane will be teaching a 4-week group class perfect for beginners at the Blacksburg Community Center starting on Tuesday, January 30, at 8:15. If you’re already familiar with the Basics, join us on Monday, February 26, 7pm, for a workshop on decorative walking. This will be just after the February Milonga (February 16, 8:30pm), so you’ll hear a reminder closer to the date.

We have Karen and Tate coming back the third weekend in March, and what better way to start or continuing learning but from these amazing dancers and teachers. Details coming soon!

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Sapphire Upper Level Monday8 - Save the Date for two excellent dance weekends featuring Tate & Karen (March) and Alyssa Gillespie (April)

Karen and TateAs you may already know, Sapphire loves to bring in coaches periodically throughout the year. It helps everyone, staff and student, stay inspired, stay current, and continue to improve in this crazy, fun, dynamic world of social dancing!

We have TWO, not one, but TWO dates we are excited to announce.

First we are welcoming Karen Jaffee and Tate DiChiazza back to the NRV for more Argentine Tango the weekend of March 16-18. Details are in the works, but we plan to have opportunities for all levels, including workshops and private lessons. Check out this improvised performance to a non-Tango song:

AlyssaAnd then in April we have the a talented Aylssa Gillespie coming Saturday the 14th to share her love of West Coast Swing with us. We hope to offer at least 2 workshops as well as times for private lessons. Here is Alyssa at her latest All Star Jack and Jill competitions:

Mark your calendars, stay tuned for details, and let us know if you have requests. Wow! What a Spring!

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Thanks for reading, we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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