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Sapphire Dance News - February 2018

Whether it is the fact that Spring is getting closer by the day, or that you are a romantic and love Valentine's Day, or just that you have looked at our schedule and seen all the fun things we have planned for you… it's time to get excited about February!

Here's a few more reasons to love this month. February group classes in Blacksburg are starting (bare with me here) the last week of January. One of the most popular dances of the year is this month: the Winter Blues Dance Party with a lesson on West Coast Swing, and a nod or two to Valentine's Day. The Monthly Milonga will happen on Friday, February 16. And we have several lesson packages discounted to help share the love for Valentine's Day: you don’t need a Valentine to take advantage of these awesome deals.

Plus, more details are set and registration is opening soon for Karen and Tate’s Argentine Tango weekend in March. Alyssa Gillispie will also be visiting April 14 for workshops, private lessons, and a pre-dance lesson (more details coming in next month’s newsletter). Sapphire is a happenin’ spot this Spring!

  1. Valentine’s Day Gift Package Special - most of our packages are on sale just in time to treat yourself or surprise your sweetheart! - read more

  2. Winter Blues Dance Party - Saturday, February 10 - read more

  3. Upper Level Mondays are showing their romantic side - read more

  4. Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire - Two Totally Terrific Classes for Teens and Tweens start March 2 - read more

  5. Karen and Tate return for more Argentine Tango in March - read more


Calendar GraphicDates to Remember:

Tuesday & Wednesday, January 30 & 31 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Saturday, February 10 - Winter Blues Dance Party with West Coast Swing Lesson
Monday, February 12 - The last day we promise to be available to fulfill Gift Card Orders in time for Valentine's Day
Monday, February 12 - High Powered Viennese Waltz begins
Friday, February 16 - Monthly Milonga
Friday, March 2 - Junior Ballroom TWEEN Session starts
Friday, March 2 - Junior Ballroom TEEN Session starts
Saturday, March 10 - Silver Screen Dance Party with American Tango Lesson
Monday, March 12 - Beyond the Routine: Rumba begins
Tuesday & Wednesday, March 13 & 14 - Blacksburg Group Classes begin
Friday-Sunday, March 16-18 - Argentine Tango with Tate and Karen
Friday, March 16 - Monthly Milonga

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Upper Level Mondays1 - Valentine’s Day Gift Package Special - most of our packages are on sale just in time to surprise your sweetheart!

PresentsThis Valentine’s Day is your chance to do something really special for your special someone. Whether you want to treat your spouse, your best friend, your family, or even (maybe especially) yourself, we are offering a great deal on Gift Packages. Sapphire Gift Packages feature lesson combinations that will get your giftee on the dance floor, having great time, and enjoying a hobby that is good for your brain, body, and soul.

Most of our packages are on sale, so there is something for everyone. For the hesitant toe-tappers, try one of the Friday Night Beginner Workshop Packages, on sale for as low as $45 for a couple. For someone more likely to dive into the deep end, look at the Sapphire Samplers where they can try several of Sapphire’s different programs and get 15 hours of instruction for one low price.

It doesn’t matter if this is their first time even thinking about dancing or if they have been dancing for years: you can take advantage of this great deal. And if you want to buy a gift for yourself? Go for it! You deserve it.

We would loooove to be a part of your Valentine’s Day. ;^) But act soon - sale ends on Valentine’s Day. And if you need the gift cards in your hands on Valentine's Day, we need to know ahead of time!

Check out the options at

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Group Classes2 - Winter Blues Dance Party - Saturday, February 10

Winter BluesJust like parents who love all their children equally, we love all our monthly Dance Parties. But it’s fun to brag on why each one is special in its own way!

Winter BluesWinter Blues has historically brought out the most people, and new people at that! Why? People love the pre-dance lesson at 7:30: West Coast Swing. This awesome and somewhat challenging dance has a “moth to the flame” effect on many dancers and we can totally see why. Its music ranges from classic blues to top 40 hits, it embraces musicality and self expression, and it looks really, really cool. Lane can’t wait to teach a lesson, starting with basics, and showing something snazzy at the end for more experienced dancers.

Winter BluesAnother reason this dance could be so popular is it that it’s the perfect time to pull out that favorite, broken-in pair of blue jeans and not feel underdressed at all! Whether it’s your jeans or something else, join us in wearing blue!

Don’t miss this special dance on February 10th and check out the other well-loved dance parties coming this spring at

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Group Classes3 - Upper Level Mondays are showing their romantic side

This month, Upper Level Mondays feature dances of romance, embracing Latin styles starting on the 12th, with two smoothly elegant dances filling in the gaps.

February 5 wraps up the Country dance series by revisiting the lovely Nightclub 2-Step at 8pm.

February 12 offers Rumba, the orginal dance of Luuuuuve, at 7pm.

On February 19, look your best with Bachata - Combs at 7pm.

And February 26, get passionate about Argentine Tango -Decorative Walks at 7pm.

Meanwhile, channel your inner disney prince and princess while twirling around the dance floor in High Powered Viennese Waltz , a four-week class starting on February 12 at 8pm.

Let your love grow along with your skills, every Monday.

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Dance Party4 - Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire - Two Totally Terrific Classes for Teens and Tweens start March 2

In an era where smart phones and social media seem to set the standards for how we interact, and teens are better at texting than speaking, ballroom classes are a truly awesome way to get your kid away from that device and interacting with their peers.

Lately, I’ve been reading article after article about the benefits of Ballroom dancing for teens and tweens. What they say always seems to boil down to a few key points:

Social Skills - Partner dance classes help teen and tweens build social awareness and confidence because they are having face-to-face interactions with their peers constantly during class. Asking their partner to dance, talking while practicing, working through a new move together: all of these things build communication skills.

Coordination - Ballroom dancing is a sport, and like most sports, it helps build body awareness and coordination. Asking your feet to move in one direction, while your arms do something else, is all part of the fun. Unlike most sports, ballroom dancing does not have to involve competition and very rarely risks injury. In fact, at Sapphire, competition is not part of the program and we’ve never had a kid get seriously injured during class (a few toes have been stepped on, but that’s it).

Life skill - Partner dancing ability is something your teen will be able to draw on for the rest of their life. Many colleges, including Virginia Tech, have ballroom, swing, or latin dance clubs, which provide a great social outlet for students. Even into adulthood, partner dance will continue to be there for your child as a source of healthy, social activity.

Cognitive Ability - the People’s Pharmacy just released another podcast highlighting ballroom dancing as promoting neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to make new connections while learning) in seniors. Well, guess what? What’s good for the elders is good for the youngsters. Learning any new skill makes learning others easier. Ballroom dancing has a unique combination of movement, memory, and rhythmic challenges that really get those juices flowing.

Fun - Well, are you convinced? I am - ballroom dancing is good for everyone, but offers extra benefits to teens and tweens. But what’s the best reason to get involved? It offers all those things above and still manages to be fun. Just fun. These kids come bounding through our doors once a week and what follows is an hour of smiles, laughter, and dancing.

If you want to get your child involved, get out your calendar and mark down these dates:

  • Sunday, February 18, 3:00pm - Winter Dance Party - open to everyone! Come see what the current classes have been working on and learn just a little dancing, too. Free, no registration required: a great way to check things out before trying a class.
  • Friday, March 2, 4:00pm - New Tweens class starts - intended for ages 10-13 (but can flex based on enthusiasm)
  • Friday, March 2, 5:00pm - New Teens class starts - intended for ages 12-18 (but can flex based on experience)

Each session will include a Swing Dance style - this spinning, up-beat dance is sure to get some of their energy out! - and another style based on the class's interest.

Find all the details, including costs, discounts, and pertinent dates are available at

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5 - Karen and Tate return for more Argentine Tango in March

Karen and TateWe feel very fortunate to be hosting our lovely Tango teachers so soon after their visits last fall. Seeing the growth that repeated exposure to their teaching brings is just thrilling.

We will kick off the weekend in the way that has become our tradition: with a beginner-friendly workshop, “The Path to Tango,” on Friday night from 7 to 8:30. If you have never tried this dance before, this class will introduce you to several essential motions and concepts of Argentine Tango. Experienced Tango dancers will learn new ways to look at and execute these concepts, as well as getting the chance to continue to improve their dancing at a fundamental level that will impact all of their dancing.

New this year - at 8:30pm we will host a Milonga! Karen and Tate will give us some “how to’s” on the unique etiquette and structure of this social dance to get us started, then we turn the lights down and enjoy dancing together!

On Saturday, we will offer 2 workshops. The first one, from 2:30-4:00pm, will be for dancers who have some previous experience or attended the Friday class. We are still talking about specific topics, but it doesn’t matter what they choose: they always give us fresh ways to look at this dynamic dance. The second class will be from 4:30-6:00pm and will be invitation-only. Want to be invited? Talk to a Sapphire instructor and we will see if it is right for you!

All weekend, Friday through Sunday morning, both Karen and Tate will be available for private lessons. They can also be available for semi-privates, if you wish to coordinate your own group. Just let us know what you are looking for!

See pictures from their last visit on Sapphire's Facebook page.

Initial details available at

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Thanks for reading, we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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