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West Coast Swing with Eddie + Adela
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DecemberWe hope you had a chance to check out Sapphire's Spring schedule of classes and begin planning how to add a little dancing to your life this year. If you have been following our Blacksburg Group classes and also have read the “About Town” (produced by the Town of Blacksburg), you might notice some inconsistencies. We want to take this opportunity while we have your attention to clear up any confusion. We do NOT have any classes starting on Jan 30 & 31, but do have new classes coming in February. We have all the February classes in the Coming Events section at the end of this newsletter. Please check there or on our website, for up-to-date information about group classes this season, including February's Class-By-Request subjects.

It's a great time to share your love of dance this Valentine's Day. Bring a friend to a dance party, introduce them to the Friday Night Beginner Workshops, sign up together for a group class, or give them a gift card: all great ways to share the love this year!

Read on to find out how Eddie + Adela = a super fun day of workshops, plus a pre-dance lesson for EVERYONE at the Winter Blues Dance Party. As always, we will play a huge variety of music so that you can dance all your favorite styles through out the evening. Take a look at the article below for an discussion of the styles that we teach at our studio. So many dances, so little time.

Thanks for reading and dance on!

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Eddie + Adela, Saturday, February 9: A Day of Lessons, Workshops, and a Bluesy Dance Party!

Eddie and AdelaThis event has been in the works pretty much since their last visit in October. In fact, there were people walking off the dance floor last time asking when we could have them back. Well, we have been cooking up another day of learning and fun geared towards many levels, this time adding an opportunity for brand new beginners... and the details are finally available!

For those of you who already consider yourself a “Westie,” you don’t want to miss this opportunity to continue improving your craft. For those of you wondering what all the West Coast Swing hype is about, here’s your chance to join in a lesson and stay for the Winter Blues Dance Party, getting be a part oEddie and Adelaf the "learning side" and the "social side" of dancing. No matter how experinced a dancer you are (or are not), this is an awesome event we know you will love.

Find details on our website at or on Facebook at We have a limited number of private lesson slots, so grab yours quickly! And please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Sapphire instructor or to Eddie and Adela to answer any questions you might have.

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Ballroom Dancing you say?
Tell me more...

Fred and GingerIn our last newsletter, we spent some time talking about teaching philosophies and goals for you guys as dancers. We want to continue “introducing” ourselves, this time by looking at the many dance styles we teach and why.

When you hear “Ballroom Dancing,” I am sure an image pops into your head. A guy in a tux and lady in a gown twirling around the floor? Maybe you have flashbacks to cotillion. Or do you see Johnny Castle, from Dirty Dancing, dancing the Mambo and Cha Cha by day and free-styling in the staff quarters at night?

JohnnyWhile most of those images are at least partially correct, the term “Ballroom Dancing” can mean a great many of things. Ballroom Dance is an umbrella term that incompases many dances including Latin, Swing, Ballroom (in a more specific way), and other styles. We teach about 22 styles at our studio. I say “about” because there are some we don’t teach on a regular basis such as Polka... It’s incredibly fun, but not many people ask for it. Until Oktoberfest rolls around and then we are happy to deliver! Rather than listing each and every dance we teach, I’d rather talk about why we embrace so many.

Real dancers at SapphireReally, all the styles have way more in common than not. They all rely on certain techniques and skills that make up communication in partner dance. They are also social and have room for improvisation, which makes each and every dance a unique experience. There is a leader and a follower, though these roles are not completely straight forward, especially at higher levels. Each dance is an expression of the music; and this is where they start to have their own personality and look since each dance is designed for a different group of music. This is just for starters...

Of course you are going to have favorites, maybe due to the music or the type of movement you gravitate towards. But, because of the reasons mentioned above, the things that make you good at Waltz can also make you good at Carolina Shag! In fact, branching out and widening your scope can help you improve your favorite styles. In trying something different you may also be surprised to find a new interest. For instance, you might not care for Country music but realize that you love dancing Country Two-Step anyway.

We love variety and hope you will too. I hope you will try a style or two that may have been off your radar, for whatever reason. One great way to sample several styles is to come out to a few of the Friday Night “Cheaper Than A Movie” Workshops which rotate through 13 different styles (details). Or come to one of Sapphire's 2nd Saturday Dance Parties where we dance many of our popular dance styles and the instructors are always happy to introduce you to something new (details).

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Coming Events:

Events are hosted at the Sapphire Studio on Main Street in Christiansburg unless specified otherwise.


Friday Night Beginner Workshops (CTAM) - Every Friday in February, 7:00pm
Come learn the basics of some pretty exciting dances without any commitment, every Friday this month. New styles featured every week!

Upper Level

Waltz Intermediate Workshop - Monday, Feb 4, 7pm
Come and live out your Fred Astaire fantasy with this classic and elegant dance. Previous Level 2 Waltz required.

Group Classes

Eddie and Adela: West Coast Swing Workshops and Private Lessons - Saturday, Feb 9
Come and take a private lesson or attend the workshops with a couple of award-winning dancers. Previous WCS experience required to attend the workshops, but no expereince necessary to join in the Dance Party.

Dance Party

Winter Blues Dance Party - Saturday, 2/9, 7:30 PM
Let’s kick those Winter Blues with an amazing pre-dance lesson with Eddie and Adela! We’ll be dancing West Coast Swing and rocking the night away.

Upper Level

East Coast Swing Intermediate Workshop - Monday, Feb 11, 7:00pm
Step up your East Coast Swing knowledge with this one night class sure to get you reeling and rocking. Previous Level 2 East Coast Swing required.


Monthly Milonga - Friday, Feb 15, 8:30pm
A monthly dance party hosted by Blacksburg Tango dedicated solely to Argentine Tango.

Upper Level

Intro to Bolero, a 4-week class for established dancers - Monday, Feb 18, 7:00pm
Featuring Latin moves with Smooth styling, this beautiful and unique dance is truly an experience. Level 2 Rumba, Cha Cha, or Salsa knowledge is required.

Upper Level

West Coast Swing Intermediate Workshop - Monday, Feb 18, 8:00 PM
Gettin’ a little groovy on a Monday night.
Previous Level 2 prerequisite required.

Group Classes

Learn to Rumba, a 4-Week Class for beginners - Tuesday, Feb 19, 6:15pm
This sweet, romantic dance is so much fun and easy to learn! No previous experience or partner required. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Group Classes

Level 2 Swing, 4-Week Class - Tuesday, Feb 19, 7:15pm
Couldn’t get enough of Level 1 Swing? Come and learn even more tips and tricks in this Level 2 class. Knowledge of Level 1 Swing required. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Group Classes

Level 2 Lindy Hop, 4-Week Class - Wednesday, Feb 20, 6:15pm
Ready to step up your Lindy Hop knowledge? Then this is the class for you. Knowledge of Level 1 Lindy Hop is required. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Group Classes

Intro to American Tango, a 4-week class great for beginners - Wednesday, Feb 20, 7:15pm
Have you ever wondered what it was like to dance like Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Come and get a taste with our Level 1 class. No previous experience required. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Group Classes

Salsa and Merengue, a 4-week class perfect for ambitious beginners- Wednesday, Feb 20, 8:15pm
Warm up the dance floor with these fun and high energy dances. No previous experience required. Taught at Blacksburg Community Center.

Upper Level

Rumba Intermediate Workshop - Monday, Feb 25, 8:00 PM
Time to brush up on this romantic favorite? We’ve got you covered.
Previous Level 2 prerequisite required.


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Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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