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Sapphire Ballroom News - November 2019
A Smorgasbord of Dance

SeptemberIt has started. With the end of October begins the “season of eatin’.” Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every weekend in between: they all conspire to fill your belly with luscious treats … with drawbacks. What can you do to battle the onslaught of edible temptations? Find something equally satisfying and sweet, without the caloric backlash. You know what I’m thinking, right? It’s time to indulge your happy feet and partake in a smorgasbord of dance this month.

Sweet Shoe Sale
A Feast of Swing with Eddie + Adela
More Ways to Spice Your Dance Routine
Totally Awesome Bubblicious Dance Mix

For those of you who are enjoying the Sapphire Stories - they will be back! I still have a few more to share. But this newsletter was getting overfull, so I decided it was time to back away from the table.

Skip to the list of upcoming classes, workshops, and parties for September.

Sweet Shoe Sale

Shoes!This will be quick, then you can get to the good stuff, like Eddie + Adela, and Spice, and events.

But you need to know, we’re going to have a flash sale. Well, flashy for us.

It’s going to be short and sweet, like this article, and the shoes will sell fast. So, put it on you calendar, but then take a breath, because it doesn’t start for a few weeks. But it only lasts for 15 days!

December 1-15, 2019, all merchandise and select Gift Packages will be 20% off. Make plans to come check out our selection of yummy shoes, handy shoe bags, and enticing gift packages, and treat yourself or someone you love to that delectable “I’m wearing new dance shoes” feeling.

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Eddie + Adela Come back Saturday, November 9, for a Feast of Swing

Eddie + AdelaThis very cool, gonna be so much fun and satisfying, event has been in the works pretty much since their last visit in February.

That time, many of us danced all afternoon in their fun, humor-filled workshops (3:30pm & 4:30pm) and then we packed the house at the dance party (7:30pm) for another lesson, this one much more beginner friendly. Want to see? Here are the pictures from February, 2019.

Well, it’s time for another day of West Coast Swing with a menu of lessons prepared for many levels and tastes... and the details are finally available!

For those of you who already consider yourself a “Westie,” you don’t want to miss this opportunity to experience Eddie + Adela’s warm and heartening teaching style while improving your craft.
For those of you wondering what all the West Coast Swing hype is about, here’s your chance to join in a lesson and then stay for the Vinyl Vibe Dance Party, getting to use some of those new skills you’ve built.
No matter how experienced a dancer you are (or are not), this is an awesome event we know you will adore.

Find details on our website or even more on Facebook. We have a few private lesson slots left, so grab yours quickly! And please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Sapphire instructor or to Eddie and Adela to answer any questions you might have.

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Add Some Spice to your Dance Routine

spiceFall is full of spices – pumpkin spice, chai, and mulling mix are all popular additions to drinks and baked goods as the jackets come out and the leaves start to change. We’ve all heard that “Variety is the very spice of life” (noted by William Cowper) and nowhere is that more true than out on the ballroom floor: variety in dance styles, music, lesson styles, shoes, teachers… It’s all deliciously spicy!

It’s easy to find variety in social dancing, and taking advantage of the many styles out there is one of the best ways to have fun and kick your skills up a notch.

Variety in Music and Styles
Two of the easiest places to spot variety are in the music and styles of dance. Sometimes several styles of dance can fit an individual piece of music and different dancers may hear one style more strongly than another. While it’s easier to lump a genre of music into one dance style (i.e. the steady glide of Hustle fits a lot of 70’s or 80’s pop), what can often be more fun is identifying the opportunities to pair your favorite styles with unexpected musical pieces. For example, the pop song High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco ( is a fun American Tango and the country classic “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin ( is a surprisingly good Fox Trot.

It’s also fun to see how learning a style that’s different than one of your favorites can introduce a new element to your dancing. For example, mastering the quick turns often found in Salsa can help you feel more comfortable trying faster-paced East Coast or Single Time Swing songs. Or, perhaps you’re ready to enhance your musicality in Fox Trot. Focusing on a similar aspect of improvisation during West Coast swing can help you learn to stretch those breaks or really take advantage of a series of quick runs in the music.

A Variety of Formats
We all learn differently, so thank goodness there are a wide variety of ways to learn and practice ballroom dance. From socially-engaging group classes, to preview or intensive workshops, and one-on-one instruction there are several formats for learning from a professional. You can even learn a new style or a fancy step from a partner as you spin the night away during one of the region’s many social dances. Changing partners during all of these activities means you can learn faster to clearly communicate with your partner as a leader and a follower.

Variety of Teachers
Sometimes verbally hearing the same message told a different way is needed to make all the pieces click together. One instructor may use a handy saying like aligning “your nose and your toes,” while another may focus on the upper body rotation required to communicate or respond to the same alignment with your partner. You may be surprised to find how much better a partnership can feel after focusing on a slightly different aspect of the same move. Taking lessons from a variety of instructors also means you’ll receive different perspectives on a style and have access to a wider variety of moves.

Variety of Shoes
Comfort is essential in making social dance fun, and sometimes that means finding just the right shoes. From sparkling, strappy high-heels and snazzy, spit-shined lace-ups for a Latin-themed night to sensible practice sandals and trusty, broken-in wingtips for an intensive 2-hour workshop, it can be fun to match your shoes to your mood, outfit, or favorite dance. While many people choose to invest in dance shoes once they’ve been taking lessons for a while, many street shoes are also suitable for social dancing. As long as they don’t flop off your feet and the sole allows you to spin freely on the floor, give them a try!

Whether it’s refreshing a style you haven’t worked on in a while or simply trying out a favorite move to a new song, consider adding a little spice to your dance routine this month.

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Totally Awesome Bubblicious Mixed Tape (Dance Playlist)
Contributed by Liz

I was listening to the radio in my car and Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield came on. What a blast from the past, and a good, if fast, Cha Cha as well. That got me thinking, what other songs from that period of my life (the 80’s) are also great for dancing to? Here’s a list of great songs that have stood the test of time for me and my dancing sensibilities. (FYI - Michael Jackson is not in this list because he should have a list of his own, and that may happen at a later date.)

Jessie's Girl

Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl - Cha Cha

I’ll admit he was one of my teen heartthrobs. I have a type. Tall, dark hair, and pale skin. Oh wait, isn’t that Dracula?
Some other good cha cha’s to consider are Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Eurythmics and Simple Minds, Don't You (Forget About Me). Don’t You is still one of my favorite songs to date. I see Judd Nelson doing his fist pump. If you don’t know of the Breakfast Club or this song, you should fix that.

Save A Prayer

Duran Duran - Save A Prayer - Rumba

How can you mention the 80’s and not think of Duran Duran? Almost as good are Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper and Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.

Wake Me Up

Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Single Time Swing

Get out your white T-shirt with black letters, your fluorescent socks and shorts and head for the club.

Love Shack

The B-52's - Love Shack - East Coast Swing

This little ditty by the B-52’s is always a favorite and an excellent East Coast Swing. If you stop dancing long enough to watch the video, you can see a cameo by RuPaul. Want more? Check out The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed.



Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax - Hustle

This is on my quintessential 80’s hit list. I adore this song. The pounding synth and the message that goes with that pounding-- Relax.

Isla Bonita

Madonna - La Isla Bonita - Samba

There she is, one of the great icons from the 80’s and my fashion favorite until the 90’s.

The 80’s brought us the hair band and was the era of the power ballad. Wailing guitars and guys with better hair than me, exclaiming their undying love. Well, at least until the next super model walks in.

Scorpions - Still Loving You - Nightclub 2-Step

Journey - Open Arms - Waltz
This is the classic that sets the tone and level that all power ballads should try to reach.

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Viennese Waltz
This song was included on a mix tape I received, and I loved the tape and the song.

These are just a few of the songs I thought of. If I left one of your favorites off this list, you should give it a listen and then start dancing.

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Calendar Graphic

Coming Events:

Events are hosted at the Sapphire Studio on Main Street in Christiansburg unless otherwise specified.


Friday Night Beginner Workshops - every Friday this month except Nov. 29 (Thanksgiving), 7:00pm
A great way to spend your Friday evening! Learn the basics of some of our most popular dances without any commitment. No previous experience needed. Singles welcome.

Upper Level

Paso Doblé Workshop: a Beginner-Friendly Sequence - Monday, 11/04, 7:00pm
A sequence, with just a little spice, that will get you halfway around the dance floor. Repeat as often as you like.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Paso Doblé or previous Tango experience

Upper Level Swing and Latin Dance Class for Teens - Friday, 11/08, 5:00pm
In this fun, light-hearted class just for teenagers (18 and under), students will learn to glide across the dance floor and twirl with their partner to incredible music, both current and classic.
Upper Level

West Coast Swing with Eddie + Adela - Saturday, 11/09, 3:30-5:30pm, 7:30-11:00pm
Join us as we learn, laugh, and dance with these two awesome people. Private lessons, afternoon workshops, then the dance party and pre-dance lesson. Details available on-line and on Facebook!

Dance Party

Vinyl Vibe Dance Party w/ Eddie and Adela - Saturday, 11/09, 7:30pm
Once upon a time, some of the best music ever created was produced on records (aka Vinyl). Dig out your retro best and join our talented special guests Eddie and Adela for a totally far out lesson in West Coast Swing. Everyone is welcome: beginners, experts, singles, groups, and everything in between.

Upper Level

Paso Doblé Workshop: Amping Up - Monday, 11/11, 7:00pm
Now that you can Appel like the best, you’re ready for a bit more fire in your dance. Again, you will learn a sequence that will cover 1-2 walls and leave you ready to conquer the dance floor.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Paso Doblé or previous Paso workshop

Upper Level

Level 2 Waltz - Tuesday 11/12, 6:15pm
Time for another turn around the dance floor. Prerequisite: Level 1 Waltz or equivalent experience. Held at Blacksburg Community Center.

Upper Level

Learn to Rumba, 4 Week Class for Beginners - Tuesday, 11/12, 7:15pm
The dance of love, Rumba is a beautiful, romantic Latin dance style that will bring out your inner heart-throb! Held at Blacksburg Community Center.

Upper Level

Intro to Bolero, 4 Week Class for Dancers - Wednesday, 11/13, 6:15pm
A unique and beautiful combination of Latin and Smooth dance styles, Bolero is perfect for those super slow songs. Previous Latin dance experience is beneficial. Held at Blacksburg Community Center.

Upper Level

Level 2 Polka - Wednesday 11/13, 7:15pm
This dance just won’t quit, and neither will we, as we get down-right fancy in our polka steps.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Polka. Held at Blacksburg Community Center.

Upper Level

Swing Dance for Beginners, 4-Week Class - Wednesday, 11/13, 8:15pm
Get ready to dance the night away to groovy rock n' roll and up-beat blues with this hip, happy dance. Your evening will be filled with exciting twists and turns sure to get your toes tapping. Held at Blacksburg Community Center.

Special Event Christmas Market Flashmob Practice - Sunday, 11/17, 3:00-5:00pm
Sapphire is joining forces with the Town of Christiansburg and the Christiansburg Christmas Market to put on a Flashmob before the Christmas Parade on Dec 13. You should join in!
Upper Level

East Coast Swing Workshop: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart - Monday, 11/18, 7:00pm
It’s about time we broke your swing, don’t you think? Don’t worry, we’ll fix it again.
Prerequisite: Level 2 East Coast Swing

Upper Level

West Coast Swing Workshop: Eddie + Adela Review - Monday, 11/18, 8:00pm
We’ll be polishing the moves Eddie and Adela brought to us during the workshops earlier in the month.
Prerequisite: Eddie + Adela Workshop or Level 2 West Coast Swing

Special Event Christmas Market Flashmob Practice - Sunday, 11/24, 3:00-5:00pm
Sapphire is joining forces with the Town of Christiansburg and the Christiansburg Christmas Market to put on a Flashmob before the Christmas Parade on Dec 13. You should join in!
Upper Level

Waltz Workshop: Simultaneous Spins - Monday, 11/25, 7:00pm
They say that the couple that spins together, stays together. But sometimes you have to find your own spin-filled path and then come back, ready to dance together.
Prerequisite: Level 2 Waltz

Upper Level

Paso Doblé Workshop: Amped Up - Monday, 11/25, 8:00pm
Now that you can Appel like the best, you’re ready for a bit more fire in your dance. Again, you will learn a sequence that will cover 1-2 walls and leave you ready to conquer the dance floor.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Paso Doblé or previous Paso workshop

Sweet Shoe Sale (See above!) - December 1-15, 2019

All merchandise and select Gift Packages will be 20% off. Make plans to come check out our selection of yummy shoes, handy shoe bags, and enticing gift packages, and treat yourself or someone you love to that delectable “I’m wearing new dance shoes” feeling.

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Thanks for reading; we hope you found something you liked. Until we see you again, happy dancing!

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