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~ 2024 ~


Tango To Go - A playlist to take with you

Three things coming in June you need to know about


Time to Get Your May On!


Come boogie with us this Saturday! Plus a watery playlist for spring


You asked for it; you got it: L1 Country Two-Step


March, Tango, and Swing into Spring plus Marches for March

Valentine's Day and Deep Dive Dance Styles


West Coast Swing and Tango 4-Group Classes plus What's the difference between a workshop and a group class

Kick The Winter Blues Dance Party plus a few ideas for the Playlist


~ 2023 ~


Top Tips for Dancing in the Wild plus Our Spin on Gift-Giving


Diving Deep on Monday Nights

Step out with your dance family


Outdoor Dance Party and Swing Lesson


Let me take you dancing...

Whatcha doin' this weekend?


Outdoor Dance Party and Swing Lesson


Get your groove back

Dance Therapy By Rae Burgess, LPC, LCMHC


May Schedule Highlights

What to expect at the Groovy Movie Dance Party


What to Expect at a Groovy Movies Dance Party (includes a short playlist)

Swing By For An Afternoon of Fun


You Deserve a Break

Swing into Spring


Celebrate Your Love of Dance


Line Dance Extra Funness

Dance Your Blue Away



~ 2022 ~

December 2022 - Dance through your Holidays Playlist - Read on!

December 2022 - Three Beginner Workshops coming up - Read on!

December 2022 - It's the Holidays - Read on!

November 2022 - Find warmth on the dance floor - Read on!

October 2022 - It's Classic - Read on!

September 2022 - It's Classic - Read on!

August 2022 - More Summer Fun - Read on!

July 2022 - On The Road to Dance - Read on!

June 2022 - Let's Get Started - Read on!

May 2022 - "May" I have this Dance? Read on!

April 2022 - That is the question, isn't it? Read on!

March 2022 - Some People March to a Different Drummer others polka) Read on!

February 2022 - Sweet ideas for celebrating with your special someone Read on!

~ 2021 ~

December 2021 - Preview 2022 - Read on!

November 2021 - Relax with us - Read on!

October 2021 - Getting Back in the Swing - Read on!

September 2021 - Dance All Night - Read on!

August 2021 - The Scoop on Groups - Read on!

July 2021 - Splash-o-Rama - Read on!

June 2021 - Take a Break - Read on!

May 2021 - May the Fourth be With You - Read on!

April 2021 - Keep On Keeping On - Read on!

March 2021 - Adventures in Dancing - Read on!

February 2021 - Sweet Ideas for Special Occasions - Read on!

January 2021 - Beat the Winter Blues - Read on!


~ 2020 ~


December 2020 - Let's Celebrate

Read on!


November 2020 - Time for Family Fun

Read on!


October 2020 - Opening up a little more

Read on!


September 2020 - Line Up for Dance Time

Read on!


August 2020 - August Just Got a Lot Cooler

Read on!


July 2020 - Closer to "normal"?

Read on!


June 2020 - Sweet, sweet summertime

Read on!


May 2020 - Hello Dancers - Past, Furture, and Present

Read on!


April 2020 - Get moving to keep going!

Read on!


March 2020 - Turning over old leaves and finding treasure underneath

Read on!


February 2020 - Love = Dance

Read on!


January 2020 - Looking Forward

Read on!


~ 2019


December 2019 - JOY

Read on!


November 2019 - A Smorgasbord of Dance

Read on!


October 2019 - Finding Better Balance

Read on!


September 2019

Read on!


August 2019

Read on!


July 2019

Read on!


June 2019

Read on!


May 2019

Read on!


April 2019

Read on!


March 2019

Read on!


February 2019

Read on!


January 2019

Read on!




December 2018

Read on!


November 2018

Read on!


October 2018



September 2018



August 2018



July 2018



June 2018



May 2018



April 2018



March 2018



February 2018



January 2018





December 2017

JulyWe are officially in the holiday season where parties are abundant, shopping is a must, and good times and memories are what it’s really all about. At Sapphire, we have planned a holiday party for you packed full of festive cheer, have prepared gift packages to make your shopping EASY, and have so many opportunities to create good memories and have a good time. Whether you’re looking to celebrate or to fill out your gift list, make dance part of your holidays! Read More...


November 2017

JulyTimes, they are a changin’ the temperatures and leaves continue to drop, you can feel “change” in the air. While we at Sapphire are always trying to mix things up and put a fresh, new spin on your dancing, ultimately the wonder of social dance never changes. We are so thankful to be in a business that is all about having a good time, enjoying movement and music coming together, and connecting to those around you. Read on to see what new things will come with this wonderful new season, but remember that dance, which is as old as time, is always there for you to enjoy! Read More...


October 2017

JulyThis slightly early email comes to you brimming with excitement and anticipation as we prepare for Karen and Tate to rock our world with their love and knowledge of Argentine Tango! Glad to have one more chance to lay out the details of the very special event, we are also want to share details regarding a brand-spankin’-new set of group classes in Blacksburg, a very special STAR WARS Dance Party in October, and what is up with the Tweens’ classes. Please keep reading to find more information... Read More...


September 2017

JulyThis month seems to be filled with new beginnings. As students and faculty get in the swing of a new academic year, Sapphire begins new sessions of Junior Ballroom, a new season of Upper Level Classes, a new semester of Blacksburg Group Classes, a new collaboration with Moss Arts Center, and more. This is not to say that we’re feeling at all “out with the old”: we’ve got a favorite Dance Party Theme back on the agenda, the return of Karen Jaffe and Tate DiChiazza, and old friends at Friday Night beginner workshops. Read More...


August 2017


Is it just me, or is the summer FLYING by! Don’t let this summer eclipse you (hehe)....get out of those summertime shadows and get dancing. We still have one more set of Blacksburg Group Classes, lots of great, upper level workshops and classes, and two more social dances before summer is officially over. The solar eclipse should not be the only epic thing you experience this month...experience dance! Read More...


July 2017


Summertime may mean beaches, barbeques, fireworks, and pool time for most people, but for dancers… Well, we think of Carolina Shag! Be sure to check out the details of the Back to the Beach Dance Party below, where you can get your fix of this classic swing style, the perfect addition to all those summertime events. Read More...


June 2017

Dance ShoesHappy June Folks!
Our monthly newsletter is coming to you with info concerning our new classes, workshops, and events as well as some food for thought on dance shoes. We try to get as much crammed into one email as possible so you don’t miss out...but we don’t want you to be overwhelmed either. Check out our table of contents and Dates to Remember to navigate through and see what pertains to you.


May 2017

Wedding funAlright folks, we are entering wedding, cruise, outdoor festival (etc) season. And you know what that means… dancing! Whether you are the bride and groom, mother or father of the bride or groom, or just friends of the bride and groom, you don’t want to get caught on the sidelines wishing you had taken some dancing lessons. We have all kinds of simple moves to fit almost any dance style. We also have all kinds of classes to fit almost any schedule or budget. Read on to learn some of the many ways to get ready for all the summertime dancing-fun coming just around the corner! Read More...


April 2017

New Year = New OpportunitiesAhhh, April….how we love thee! (No foolin’!) You bring warmer weather, put some extra “spring” in our steps, and sprout so many fresh opportunities to dance. This month, Sapphire has an exciting line-up of beginner friendly, Level 1 group classes in Blacksburg, perfect if you are looking to try something new. Plus several intermediate/advanced group classes are also available to push you into new, higher levels. Add in a fun dance party and a guest instructor, and this month has dancing popping up everywhere. Read More...


March 2017

New Year = New OpportunitiesIf sunny days and warm temperatures are making you feel lucky, you’re not alone. But even if the weather goes south (what? Snow this weekend?!), we’re fortunate enough to share a passion for indoor fun that won't let you down. See below for all the excellent chances to dance available to you this month. PS - The Summer Class Schedule is under way. With any luck, it will be ready for you by the next newsletter. Read More...


February 2017

PrognosticatorThe verdict came in... Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter. But hey, we are okay with that. We will be keeping warm *indoors* and having lot’s of fun dancing.

Look below for multiple awesome, weather-free ways to fill the rest of your winter! Read More...


January 2017

New Year = New OpportunitiesAre you enjoying that fresh, invigorating feeling a new year brings? We hope you are - the possibilities are endless... We have some really exciting additions to our schedule like a Lindy Hop routine, a new version of Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire designed for the tween in your life, and a sweet way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with or without a partner: Sapphire’s second ever Wine Tasting and Dance Party...Read More...




December 2016

FallThis is your official holiday newsletter with your guide to dancing for the last of the year. We are a little early sending out the December newsletter to let you know about an awesome holiday sale that you don’t want to miss out on!

We hope each of you has a blessed and merry holiday season filled with lot’s of love….and hopefully some dancing, out and about or just around the Christmas tree.…Read More...


November 2016

FallWe hope this email finds you all invigorated by this beautiful season and the all possibilities that lay ahead! With the holidays around the corner, we are looking forward to all the festivities surrounding that. Plus, exciting classes and events are on the way in 2017. Catch the highlights and last “hoorahs” of this year as well as a taste of what the new year has in store for you by reading on…Read More...


October 2016

Dance of LeavesIt’s Fall, y’all, and we are sending out our October Newsletter a little early to help you get the jump on the season’s dancing. Polka seems to be the theme this month: there are no less than FOUR opportunities to learn Polka during October. It’s almost like there’s a tradition linking Polka with October celebrations…Read More...


September 2016

Dance of LeavesIt's usually sad this time of year to see summer go, but after this brutally hot one and after seeing all that this fall has to offer on the dancing front, we are ready to usher summer out the door and say “helloooooo” to fall. Labor Day can’t come too soon! We are canceling our regular Friday Night ....Read More...


August 2016

summerWe’ve been having some “hot fun in the summertime” and hope you have, too. Between an Dirty Dancing Weekends up at Mountain Lake Lodge, a smooth 4-week class on Silver Waltz, and a fantastic set of Group Classes in Blacksburg, this July has flown by!Check out what August has to offer including Junior Ballroom @ Sapphire, as well as another High Power Dance class on Mondays... Read More...


July 2016

It is officially summer! Isn't it funny how by the time it's officially summer, summer feels like it's halfway done? Make the most of your summertime by adding some dancing to it. You can dance some Carolina Shag during your beach trip, do a little Swing at your neighbor's BBQ, or glide around the dance floor with Ballroom style on your cruise. .... Read More...


June 2016

New YearThe month of May came and went so fast, it's hard to believe it’s June!! Group Classes will be back in session starting Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s time for our Summer Sizzle Dance Party, and we are cleaning out our closets with a sale. We hope June slows down a little bit so we can smell the roses...and dance in the sand...... Read More...


May 2016

New YearDid you know that the United Kingdom celebrates the month of May as National Smile Month? We think that’s awesome... and appropriate! Everyone is smiling around here having just come off an awesome weekend with Sam & Denise Miller, anticipating a really fun (and brand new to Sapphire) dance party this weekend, and gearing up for... Read More...


April 2016

New YearApril is turning out to be an amazing, awesome, astronomically astonishing month. We are psyched about this month because it holds so many incredible events, not the least of which is a visit from Sam & Denise Miller! In addition to all the joys that come with spring-time, ... Read More...


March 2016

New YearLet's welcome March as it “comes in like a lion” as long as it includes lots of dancing! February had us dodging the weather, but now we’ve made up almost all of our canceled classes. As we continue through the end of winter weather (yay, the end is in sight!), keep up the dancing and... Read More...


February 2016

New YearKaren is coming! Karen is coming! We are counting down to this weekend when we will finally have the pleasure of dancing with Karen Jaffe as she shares her love of Argentine Tango in Workshops, private lessons, and dance party (practilonga). Right now, the weather looks clear this weekend, so make plans to join us for a lovely time dancing with friends... Read More...


January 2016

New YearHappy New Year! It’s exciting to be writing to you in a brand new year with lots of possibility….and lot’s of dancing. We already have some really great things on the calendar for this year and many other things are in the works. If there is something you would like to see on the schedule, there is no better time to let us know than now. We wish you all happiness, health, and great dancing in 2016!... Read More...



December 2015

The holiday buzz is in full effect!  The studio is decorated and ready to go for our December Dance Party:  the Peppermint Ball on Saturday, December 12 (more details below).  Also another important date to remember is Friday, December 11, when Christiansburg is having a holiday farmers market starting at 4pm and a Christmas parade at 7pm.  We will not be having our Friday night “Cheaper-Than-Movie” beginner workshop ... Read More...


November 2015

It’s fall ya’ll! We tried to think of way to incorporate a Pumpkin Spice something into our fall offerings but, alas, it couldn’t be done. But, we do have dance parties, group classes, and a performance from our Junior Ballroom Club for you this November. Maybe you can bring the Pumpkin Spice? ... Read More...


October 2015

Now back to October with all the pumpkins, goblins, and colorful leaves. The Monster Bash Dance Party is a great way to usher in the fall season. Check below for more information on that and more. Monster Bash Dance Party, this Saturday, Oct 10 Swing & Night Club 2-Step Rounding Out .... Read more...


September 2015

It seems like we are always saying this, but this time we mean it…..This is an incredibly, wonderfully eventful month! September is a month full of dance opportunities culminating with Karen Jaffe joining us for an entire weekend of Argentine Tango September 25-27. Be sure to check out the details below and on our website because we will be sharing Main Street with the delicious Food Truck Rodeo, and we’ve made special arrangements for parking for our students...and then come dancing! Read more...


August 2015

We’ve been having some “hot fun in the summertime” and hope you have too. Between an exhilarating visit from Sam and Denise, a smooth 4-week class on Carolina Shag Pivots, and running our new Teen Dance Camps, this July has flown by! Check out what August has to offer, along with a few announcements for the Fall... Read more...


July 2015

Happy Independence Day to all our dancers out there! We have lot’s of fun things to keep you dancing through the summer… some sad news regarding our Performing Arts program… and lots of GOOD news with new teen programs, the Millers visiting this month, and a Dance Party to celebrate living in America! Keep reading for more information….and as always, keep dancing! Read more...


June 2015

As we head toward the end of May, and summer starts ramping up, we have a calendar brimming with fun events for you to sample! Carolina Shag plays a starring role in the summer line-up along with lots of old friends and new faces. We hope all of you, our wonderful dance community, are enjoying the brand new events, and as well as the ... Read more...


April 2015

It’s officially Spring and we have a fresh new line-up of Upper Level Workshops popping up on Monday nights, another crop of group classes beginning in Blacksburg ripe for the picking as well as our ever cheerful and refreshing Friday Night Beginner Workshops for our blossoming new dancers. There's something for everyone during this vibrant time of year, so full of possibility! ... Read more...


March 2015

The weather in March may be unpredictable, but the warm feelings that dancing brings is always a sure thing. As usual, we have fun classes, dances, events and dancing tidbits to keep you going this month. And if you are dreaming of summer time (and we totally understand), you can look forward to a summer special we are cooking up: $10 off all group classes for any full time student! But don’t wait until then to get the dancing started!... Read more...


February 2015

We are so excited: our 2nd Saturday Dance Party this month is going to fall on Valentines Day! That’s Amore is the theme and Viennese Waltz is our pre-dance lesson. Whether you are feeling like a romantic evening for you and your sweetie or you are looking for a place to mingle with friends, our Dance Parties are always great for meeting people, hanging out, and having fun... Read more...


January 2015

The first Sapphire Dance News of 2015 is here! We hope it finds all of you happy and healthy while wrapping up the holiday season. We also hope that you have lots be thankful for in this past year and lots to look forward to in the year ahead. You can find some of the highlights of our 2014 in the December GroupMail. We are looking forward to another year to make memories of dancing, learning, friends, and community. See ya dancing!!! Read more...



December 2014

As this year is winding down we are having one last surge of events! Mark your calendars for our early December happenings. Then things studio-happenings will quiet down as the holiday season kicks into high gear. But, remember, you don't have to stop dancing over the holidays! We are available for your private and semi private lessons and impromptu, create-your-own, ... Read More...


November 2014

Happy Halloween everyone! And Happy November, too! We had a “spook-tacular” time at our October Dance Party and were very impressed with the costumes this year. Check out the pictures from our Monster Bash on our Facebook page. We also want to give a shout out to Old Man Kelly & The Streetsweepers, for putting on a great show for us dancers. There will be pictures up soon from that one, too. :^)
October was awesome; let’s see if November can keep up the pace! Read More...


October 2014

Fall is in the air! The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing, and we are gearing up for Fall schedule packed with treats and a few cool tricks. With new classes in Giles, live music, guest instructors, and more, we have lots of fun stuff to “spice” up this exciting season. There’s no better time to start dancing than right now as we head into to colder days. Plan to keep cabin fever at bay by burning up the dance floor this Fall! ... Read More...


September 2014

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for … ice cream! And dancing!! We can’t think of any better combination to say farewell to summer and welcome to students returning to town. It’s also a great excuse for kicking up our heels. Find details below about our Ice Cream Social on September 6th and lots of other fun events for this Fall... Read More...


August 2014

We made it to 10 years! Thank you to all that participated in our 10th Anniversary Showcase, those who celebrated with us at our Dance Party, and most of all, we want to thank every person who has come through our doors and made teaching dance a true pleasure these many years. Here’s to many more! Let's keep the floor crowded as we head into the end of the summer with these awesome, upcoming opportunities... Read More...


July 2014

We are taking long, deep breaths coming off the whirlwind month of June. The first ever Sapphire Dance Center Recital went off beautifully: both the performers and folks in the audience have been saying how much they enjoyed the show. The first, and hopefully annual, Shaggin’ @ Sapphire Carolina Shag weekend, was also a hit.... Read More...


June 2014

It’s June and that's exciting! Brides and grooms are learning their wedding dances; the Silver Waltz class is starting; the most radically awesome dance party of the year is right around the corner; and to top it all off, it's time for the very first Shaggin’ @ Sapphire: your chance to immerse yourself in the "swing of the south." Keep reading for information on this and more. Read More...


May 2014

How does ballroom news get spread? Through the GRAPEVINE! Get it? Or, through our fun, sometimes cheesy, but always informative newsletter. This is where you can find all the important upcoming dates available at-a-glance with our new “Dates to Remember” feature, details on new additions to our already packed schedule, and other interesting tidbits about the dance community. Oh, and how do hens dance? Read More...


April 2014

Spring has sprung! Thank goodness. And not only do we have “Spring Fever,” we have “Miller Mania,” too. These are afflictions we don’t want to recover from! 1. Lucky Draw Dance Party - Saturday, April 12. 2. We’re shooting a video and need your help! 3. Sapphires & Diamonds - 10th Anniversary Gala -Read More...


March 2014

As we forge on through the rest of this winter, enjoy the spots of spring here and there, and gear up for all the fun things ahead of us (read below), join us this weekend for our monthly Dance Party, next weekend for more Carolina Shag in Pulaski, and many more dance opportunities in between. Read More...


February 2014

All we can say is “Wow....what a blast we had in January!" First we had the wacky fun of the Winter Luau dance party. Then the Junior Ballroom Kick-Off brought fresh energy to the studio with so many young people enjoying partner dance. Finally, our live-band dance packed the house and had everyone toe-tapping and swinging the night away! If it wasn’t for all the cold weather we might be sorry to see January go. Regardless, February here we come! Read More!


January 2014

2014! Don’t you love the sound of that? It’s a new year with so much possibility. Please keep reading because we have so many fun, new things to tell you about. With new classes popping up, special events with live bands (yes LIVE music for the first time ever!), our new Junior Ballroom program, and so much more, 2014 promises to be an exciting year. We look forward to sharing it with you! Read more...



December 2013

The culmination of 2013 is upon us and we are all about what's coming next! What to give our loved ones for Christmas, what fun and exciting things we want to see in 2014, and what changes a cool, new Junior Ballroom program might bring....Read more...


November 2013

The nights are getting longer which means more time for dancing!  Read on to find the best ways to fill your evenings (and days) with dancing!
1. Gobbler's Gala Dance Party 2. Quickstep Class: Using the Third Dimension 3. Ribbon Cutting for the Sapphire Dance Center (Studio A) 4. December Group Classes in Black.... Read more...


October 2013

Fall is here and we have tricks (cool moves and savvy techniques), and we have treats (fun dances, great offerings, extra giveaways, and holiday ideas), and lots of dancing for you. To get grooving the Sapphire way, check out all that we have going on in October and beyond! 1 - Monster Bash Dance Party   2 - Blacksburg Group Classes - Cha Cha, Tango, and more!   3 - Upper... Read more...


September 2013

August has been a fabulous month!  Group classes, workshops, and social dances - all have been brimming with enthusiasm and fun. Our monthly Dance Party, “Night Groove”, was packed out with a high energy crowd which made for great evening of dance: check out these pictures!  We hate to see August and the end of Summer go, but we are falling all over ourselves (gracefully of course) with excitement for what's to come... Read more...


August 2013

Our heads are spinning faster than a Viennese Waltzer, we’ve got so much happening at Sapphire these days!  Read below to hear about all the exciting changes for Sapphire Ballroom and check out all of our offerings, old and new. 1. Sapphire is expanding! 2. Merengue Variations: Smokin' .... Read more...


July 2013

Jumpin' Jeepers, it's July!
As the Summer heats up, so is the dancing at Sapphire.  Check below to find all your up upcoming dance opportunities and read the story of one of our newly devoted students. Read more...


June 2013

Do you know about our “Super 7s, Awesome 8s” deal?  It happens when the stars align to allow us to have a Dance JAM on the 7th of the month and a Dance Party on 8th.  Two awesome social dances, two nights in a row! Read more...



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